Why Cameron Crowe Was Warned Not to Hire Tom Cruise

Every Jerry Maguire fan can easily recall the first time they heard the lines “You had me at hello,” or “Show me the money.” These lines first surfaced nearly three decades ago, when award-winning director Cameron Crowe released one of the most quotable comedy-dramas in history.

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Featuring Tom Cruise as a disgruntled sports agent who ends up being fired for speaking his truth, Jerry Maguire was actually based on a real-life sports agent who was dealing with similar issues. But when Crowe worked on casting people for the movie, he was warned about a certain someone.

Here are some little-known facts about this iconic comedy, drama, and sports movie all bundled into one.

The Movie Is Loosely Based on Actual Sports Agents

In a documentary showcasing the making of the film, director Cameron Crowe talks about how the inspiration for the movie came from several different avenues. Some were related to his personal life and others to the world of real sports agents.

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Among them was Leigh Steinberg, a notable sports agent who played a large role in inspiring the lead character played by Tom Cruise. Cameron spent about a year and a half following the agent wherever he went. Leigh’s most famous clients include Troy Aikman (from the Dallas Cowboys who also made a cameo in the movie).

One of Leigh Steinberg’s Clients Inspired the “Show Me the Money” Line

In the documentary mentioned above, Cameron Crowe proceeds to talk about one of Leigh Steinberg’s clients, an athlete named Tim McDonald. Crowe recalls an interview he did with the former football player, which led to one of the movie’s most memorable lines.

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“He was there with his buddy and his buddy was watching CNN Moneyline and McDonald had one eye on Moneyline, too, and he just said, ‘I have gotten my butt kicked for five years. My contract is finally up, and I have told my agent one thing: Show me the money.’”

That Sentence Led to the Creation of Rod Tidwell

When Cameron heard Tim blurt out that line, he thought, well, the guy is a bit greedy. But after hanging out with him a bit more, he realized that Tim wasn’t greedy at all. “He’s just got a few more years left where he can get paid for what he does and he had a family that was supported,” he explained, “and I just thought, That’s a hero, you know? A guy who is, on the surface, in the desperate pursuit of cash but, in fact, what is greed if greed is paying for the people you love and allowing them to survive?”

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Crowe then reveals that Tim’s sentence, which became one of the most recognizable lines in the movie, ultimately led to the creation of the character Rod Tidwell who becomes Jerry Maguire’s client after getting fired. The character of Rod also earned the actor who played him, Cuba Gooding Jr. an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

A Disney Memo Inspired Jerry Maguire’s Mission Statement

Jerry Maguire was fired after speaking his truth in his “mission statement.” After suffering a mild moral crisis, the agent told his co-workers that it was time to emphasize personal relationships over making money.

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For this statement, Cameron was inspired by an actual memo written by Jeffrey Katzenberg when he worked as the head of Disney. As it turns out, Jeffrey was dissatisfied with Disney’s “box-office driven mentality.” Eventually, Jeffrey ended up leaving Disney to create DreamWorks with David Geffen and Steven Spielberg.

Tom Cruise and Cameron Crowe’s Secret

Unlike Jeffrey Katzenberg, Jerry Maguire’s exit happened a lot quicker after releasing his mission statement. The character of Bob Sugar, played by Jay Mohr, decides to announce his firing at a restaurant full of people in order to avoid an uncomfortable scene.

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Still, Jerry managed to create quite a scene at the agency when he rushes back to contact his clients and falls flat on his butt on the way to the office. As it turns out, this wasn’t part of the script. According to Crowe, the director suggested the trip to Tom Cruise at the last moment, without letting anyone else know. This resulted in the completely natural reaction of everyone around him.

Cameron Crowe Had Tom Hanks in Mind

It’s impossible to imagine anyone else but Tom Cruise in the role of Jerry Maguire. However, when Cameron created the title character, he had a different name in mind – Tom Hanks. On the Dan Patrick Show back in 2017, the film creator shared that he was set on casting Hanks.

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By the time Cameron finished working on the character, Tom Hanks was busy working on his directorial debut, the 1996 musical comedy, That Thing You Do! Thankfully, Tom Hanks’ busy schedule was a blessing in disguise, for it left an opening for Cruise to step in.

They Warned Him About Tom Cruise

Fun fact – Before deciding on Tom Cruise, Cameron Crowe was given a few warnings about the star. Some people who had worked with Cruise before told Crowe that the actor might try to take control of the movie’s production.

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After working with Cruise, Crowe said that the warnings he was given couldn’t have been further from the truth. Apart from Cruise, Crowe hired many unknown actors, including Jonathan Lipnicki, who was just five years old when he won over the crowd with his debut role as Ray Boyd.

Renée Zellweger Thought It Was a Typo

Another memorable quote from the film belongs to little Jonathan Lipnicki’s on-screen mom, Dorothy Boyd (Renée Zellweger). After Cruise’s character, Jerry Maguire, professes his feelings for his estranged wife, saying she completes him, Dorothy silences him by responding: “You had me at ‘Hello.'”

A still of Renée Zellweger and Tom Cruise in a romantic scene.
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It’s one of the movie’s most romantic moments, but at first, Zellweger didn’t know what to think of it. She told Newsday: “Cameron had me say it a few different ways. It’s so funny because when I read it, I didn’t get it — I thought it was a typo somehow. I kept looking at it. It was the one thing in the script that I was looking at going, ‘Is that right? Can that be right? How is that right?’ I thought, ‘Is there a better way to say that? Am I not getting it? I just don’t know how to do it.”

Paula Abdul Choreographed the Dance

Another noteworthy moment from the movie was the incredible dance that athlete Rod Tidwell does after waking up from his concussion (something that doctors wouldn’t usually recommend).

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This exciting scene was achieved with the help of famous choreographer Paula Abdul, a pop star and American Idol judge who is also known for choreographing other films such as Coming to America (1988). When discussing the dance, Abdul said that she had met Cuba Gooding Jr. before and had cast him in a commercial for Bugle Boy.

Cameron Crowe’s Mom Makes a Cameo

Someone who is normally cast in Crowe’s movies is his dear mom, Alice Marie Crowe, who also appears in the film Almost Famous as a guidance counselor who talks Elaine (Frances McDormand) into letting William (Patrick Fugit) follow Stillwater (the band) on tour.

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In Jerry Maguire, Crowe’s mom plays a woman who takes part in a support group for divorced women, hosted by Dorothy’s sister, Laurel, who tells the rest that she “finally got in touch with her anger.” That’s the first step towards healing, no?

Jonathan Lipnicki’s Quotes Still Haunt Him

20 years later, people still shout Jerry Maguire’s quotes at Jonathan Lipnicki when they see him on the streets. According to the actor, he often hears the quote “The human head weighs eight pounds.” “God bless the people that do this,” he chuckled, “but judging by the grin on their faces, they think that they are the first person who ever told me those quotes.”

A still of Lipnicki in a scene from the film.
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They usually get it wrong too and say 10 pounds instead of eight. But Lipnicki is perfectly fine with the silly interactions; he said he knows how much the movie means to viewers. “I kind of just laugh,” he said of his reaction to his well-meaning fans; “I’m super grateful for everything to do with the movie. It’s cool that they like it.”

The Production Designer Put a Lot of Thought Into the Colors

Jerry Maguire was shot in four months, and the filming spread across more than 70 locations all around Los Angeles, as well as in Phoenix, Arizona. Production designer Stephen Lineweaver was tasked with setting the mood for each scene.

A still from a scene.
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He put a lot of thought into the choices of film’s color palette, which is, according to the designer, “a big part of what I do in terms of deciding what the design concept of a film is.” Stephen chose a contrasting palette that related to the field of sports advertising. Therefore, he went for “the saturation of the orange basketball, the yellow jersey, the green football field,” he explained.

Suits Are Jerry Maguire’s Power

Costume designer Betsy Heimann also put a lot of thought into the outfits she chose. “For sports agents like Jerry Maguire, their expensive suits are their shield, their armor, she noted; “They’re totally contained in their clothing.”

A closeup of Tom Cruise in a still from the film.
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However, as Jerry’s life begins to slip away, so does the fancy façade of his suit. “First, the tie loosens,” Betsy explained, “then, it comes off. Then the shirt is untucked, then the sleeves are rolled up. Then the shirt is off and he’s wearing a T-shirt.”

They Were Looking for Pro Players

As for the casting of the athletes, thousands of extras were required for the football scenes of Jerry Maguire, which were shot on the campus of Arizona University. The football and stunt coordinator of the movie, Allan Graf, had to cast his very own football team.

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Graf held an open audition that attracted more than 200 potential players. He ended up selecting 38. “We were looking for the pro player who was a little bit better than the college player, and most of these guys had some kind of pro experience,” Graf noted, adding that they had just one week of practice before cameras began to roll.

Cuba Gooding Jr. Had to Get Into Prime Shape

Along with his assistant coach, Mark Ellis, Graf had to train not only the movie team, but also the lead player – Rod Tidwell, played by Cuba Gooding Jr. Cuba played some football in high school, but he had to whip him into some serious shape before the filming began.

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“Cuba was already a great athlete, which certainly helped, ” Graf revealed. “He caught on real well and started looking like a wide receiver. And he took some real hits, not only in practice but also during filming.” Gooding studied how the players walked from a to z, from huddle to line, how they got up after they got hit, and how they put the ball down. He certainly did some rigorous training and research.

He Drove His Teammates Crazy

According to Gooding, he drove his teammates mad by following their every move. “I drove my teammates crazy because I’d stare at every little thing they did. I wanted to find a way to show audiences the little things that they can’t see from the stands,” he shared.

A still of Gooding Jr. in a scene from the film.
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For the game between the Cowboys and the Cardinals, the filmmakers had to attract around 15,000 Arizonans who were willing to spend eight hours watching Cuba Gooding Jr., Tom Cruise, and the rest of the movie team run across the field. At a certain point, the audience went wild when Tom Cruise busted out some spontaneous dance moves on the field.

Music Provided the Film’s Emotional Landscape

The music in the background really provided the emotional landscape in which the tale played out. Cameron Crowe, who formally worked as a journalist for Rolling Stone, approached two of his longtime associates to help with the compilation of the film’s soundtrack.

A dated portrait of the band Heart.
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One of them was Nancy Wilson, singer\songwriter and part of the ’60s and ’70s famous band Heart. She was responsible for the movie’s theme song “We Meet Again,” as well as “Sandy.” Apart from being co-workers, Nancy Wilson is also Crowe’s wife.

Two Guys Against the World

One of the things that really prompted the movie Jerry Maguire (other than sports agent Leigh Steinberg and his client Tim McDonald), was Crowe’s 1992 film, Singles, which ended up being a total flop. After the movie failed, the director felt like he got a glimpse of who his true friends were. Those feelings fed into Jerry Maguire.

A still of Gooding Jr. and Tom Cruise in a scene.
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“I originally wanted to do a movie that was about how you would arrive at your greatest success through incredible failure,” he said of Jerry Maguire’s script. Then, he stumbled upon a newspaper photo of Leigh and his client, Tim. “They were two guys of very different sizes and loud shirts. But they were clearly two guys against the world,” he explained.

Connie Britton Was Too Tall for Tom Cruise

Many women came to audition for the roles of Dorothy Boyd, Jonathan Lipnicki’s on-screen mom, and Tom Cruise’s love interest (played by Renée Zellweger). Actress Connie Britton was one of them and she genuinely believed she had nailed the audition.

Connie Britton attends an event.
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However, there was one more actress that the casting directors wanted to see, and that was Renée Zellweger. Ultimately, Zellweger got the part. Later, Britton was quoted joking that she probably didn’t get the role because she was simply too tall for Tom Cruise.

The First Moment Zellweger Met Cruise

Renée Zellweger, who, at the time of the film, was relatively unknown in the business, auditioned for the part of Dorothy a total of three times over the space of four weeks. At her final reading, Tom Cruise appeared. According to Crowe, that made all the difference.

A still of Cruise and Zellweger, staring into each other’s eyes.
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Cameron Crowe videotaped that final audition and said that Cruise’s reaction to Zellweger was great, “in that great way that Spencer Tracy regards Katharine Hepburn.” He said that their chemistry was undeniable, and it was clear as daylight that Zellweger should get the role. “It was all there in the first moment,” he recalled.

Cuba Gooding Jr. Won Them Over by Stripping

Cuba Gooding Jr. absolutely nailed the role of Rod Tidwell, the athlete who works closely under the guidance of sports agent Jerry Maguire. So, how did Gooding get the role in the first place? While he acted well, there was something else that made him stand out from the rest.

A dated photo of Cuba Gooding Jr.
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Gooding took Cruise and Crowe by surprise during his audition and won them over by reading out the lines for the locker room scene with nothing but his birthday suit on (as was written in the script). It was that, his acting, and his high school football background that really made him the most suitable one of them all!

Leigh Steinberg Wasn’t the Only Inspiration

Turns out, Leigh Steinberg wasn’t the only inspiration for the movie. It was a combination of several of the director’s experiences. Cameron Crowe explained: “We built Jerry from our combined experiences, and then I made it a personal story, masquerading as a mainstream movie. Jerry came from a lot of different fictional places.”

A still of Tom Cruise in a scene from the film.
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However, Leigh did help Crowe a lot. “[He] opened a lot of doors,” he said. “Another guy was his somewhat nemesis, Drew Rosenhaus. He was kind of like a Bob Sugar, but the whole idea of putting a focus on personal attention to your clients, that came from conversations with Jim [Brooks].”

Tom Cruise Made a Few Changes

Tom Cruise and Cameron Crowe met at an after-party and had a pleasant conversation, exchanging things like “let’s work on something together someday, yeah?” After that meetup, Cruise went on to become a huge star in the business, and when he started working with Crowe on Jerry Maguire, he asked to make some changes.

Tom Cruise sits behind a desk in a movie still.
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For example, one of Cruise’s ideas was in Cuba Gooding’s dance scene. When Gooding boogies after getting up from the near concussion on the playing field, Cruise wonders, where is Jerry Maguire? “I just want to be invested at that moment so that I can build on it towards the end of the movie,” he explained. He convinced Crowe to put his character on the sidelines.

Cameron Crowe Couldn’t Get Billy Wilder to Act in the Film

In the movie, Jerry Maguire’s mentor Dicky Fox appears here and there throughout the film and offers his pearls of wisdom, usually in complete contrast to what Jerry was going through at the time. The actor responsible for Dicky’s signature pep talk was Jared Jussim, who wasn’t an actor at all but worked as the head of business affairs at the production studio.

A dated picture of Billy Wilder.
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Crowe actually wanted someone else for the part – Billy Wilder, one of Hollywood’s legendary directors whose movie The Apartment inspired a lot of Jerry Maguire’s script. But the man turned him down. Oh well, things still turned out for the best.

Wilder Was a No Show

The story of Wilder’s rejection was a bit messy. As it turns out, he agreed to play Dicky after meeting up with Cameron Crowe, but then, was a no-show on his first day on the set of the film. Cruise, who had been really excited to work with Wilder, headed straight to the director’s office with Crowe to get back to the set.

A photo of Billy Wilder.
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However, when they met up with him, Wilder appeared as if he were more interested in casting Tom Cruise in a film of his own than participating in Jerry Maguire. The director even shot them a puzzled look when he brought up the movie, claiming that he didn’t remember having ever met Crowe in the first place.

Even though Wilder passed on the opportunity, Crowe got a book out of the whole ordeal. In 1999, he got the Hollywood icon’s okay to write a book titled “Conversations with Wilder.”

Renee Zellweger Had Something About Her

Other actresses who read for the part of Dorothy, Jerry’s love interest, were Gwyneth Paltrow, Connie Britton, and Mira Sorvino. Britton even got to the point of screen-testing for the part. But the search for Renee could have ended very differently if Zellweger’s audition hadn’t been so bad. Crowe explained:

Source: Moviestillsdb.com/ Copyright: TriStar Pictures

“Halfway through this process, the casting director, Gail Levin said, ‘there’s this girl from Texas that I want you to meet. Her name is Renee Zellweger. She hasn’t done much, but she’s got… something. She may not be right for this, but you’re going to want to work with her.'”

She Came in and Was Wonderful

“Renee came in and was wonderful,” Crowe recalled. “We brought her back in immediately, so Jim could see her too.” But on the second day she came in, she was sad. Her dog was sick or something and it really took a toll on her.

A movie still of Zellweger.
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“It was a good reading, but I remember she left the room, and somebody took a call, and the subject changed. And we never really talked about Renee. It was good, but it didn’t light the fire that I think we thought it might. Renee knew it, too. She was sad, and so we continued our search.” Later on, as they whittled down the candidates, they brought Renee back. The second they saw her and Cruise in front of the camera together, they realized she was the one.

Jonathan Lipnicki Was Actually a Last-Second Replacement

Jerry Maguire was forced to re-cast the role of Dorothy’s son about two or three weeks into filming. The person they had cast suddenly announced in one of the scenes, “I don’t want to do this.” Cameron was strict about hiring a non-kid actor for the role, so they did, but that kid still ended up quitting. They were pretty nice about it, and Cruise made sure he understood it was all okay and that no one was mad.

A promotional portrait of Lipnicki in Jerry Maguire.
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But they still needed a new kid, and − lo and behold! − in came Jonathan Lipnicki. He walked into Tom’s trailer for his audition and was over the moon to be acting with him. “I’ve been a fan of yours my entire life!” he said (he was six at the time).

The Guy Who Fake Cries While Firing Maguire Was Based on a Real Story

As Crowe pointed out several times, “I made Jerry Maguire a personal story, masquerading as a mainstream movie.” He surely did. For example, the scene where Jerry is fired by a young athlete as she bawls her eyes out and then takes another call while still with Jerry on the line is based on an actual event that went down with an actress who auditioned for one of Crowe’s films.

An image of Crowe speaking on stage.
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“That came in a call I had with an actress who was disconnecting herself from a part that she had taken in one of our movies. So, that was from my own life. She called up, weeping, and then another call came in, and she was like, [cheerful] ‘hello?’ And I said, it’s still me. She’s like, ‘oh, I feel so bad.’ I just remembered being alone late at night in the office, feeling rejected by this actress we really wanted.” Luckily, it found a home in Jerry Maguire.

Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Dad Had to Be Banned From the Set

One painfully awkward encounter between Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding Jr.’s dad led to the latter being banned from the set. The story goes like this – when his dad visited the set of the movie, Cuba Gooding Jr. felt it appropriate to introduce him to his co-star.

A photo of Gooding Jr. with his dad posing for the media.
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“[My dad] gave Tom Cruise a hug and said, ‘I love you man. Now seriously, are you gay or not?’… I almost fainted,” Gooding Jr. recalled. “And thought, please lord let me disappear. Tom just laughed and said ‘no’.”

Then & Now – Tom Cruise

So, whatever happened to the cast of this iconic film? Let’s start with Jerry Maguire himself – Tom Cruise.

Then: Tom was cast for the movie as the displeased sports agent who ditches his job to start a more personal and meaningful business. Other stars who were considered for the part include Alec Baldwin, Johnny Depp, Bruce Willis, and John Travolta.

A portrait of Tom Cruise then / A photo of Tom Cruise today.
Photo by Ke.Mazur, WireImage, Getty Images / Darren Gerrish, WireImage, Getty Images

Now: Tom has since then appeared in numerous other projects. He has starred in the sci-fi thriller, Oblivion, and can also be seen in Edge of Tomorrow. Cruise is also supposed to reprise the part of Ethan Hunt in the fifth Mission: Impossible movie.

Cuba Gooding Jr., Rod Tidwell

Then: Before Cuba Gooding Jr. landed the part of Rod Tidwell, the Arizona Cardinals’ football player and the only one who decides to follow Jerry Maguire on his new journey, the role was nearly snatched by Jamie Foxx.

A portrait of Gooding Jr. then / A photo of Gooding Jr. now.
Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd., Ron Galella Collection, Getty Images / Johnny Nunez, Getty Images

Now: Cuba Gooding Jr. has recently starred in Red Tails and The Butler. He also stars in Machete Kills. Cuba has since gone on to have a successful career, so successful in fact that he has a cameo as himself in the movie Don Jon.

Renee Zellweger, Dorothy Boyd

Then: Several other actresses were considered for the part of Jerry’s love interest, single mother Dorothy Boyd. Originally, the role was written with Winona Ryder in mind to star opposite Tom Hanks. Jennifer Lopez was also offered the role but ended up turning it down.

A photo of Zellweger then / A picture of Zellweger today.
Photo by Jim Smeal, Ron Galella Collection, Getty Images / Dimitrios Kambouris, Getty Images

Now: Renee Zellweger’s career has had its ups and downs. She took a six-year hiatus at one point, but in 2016, she came back to life and starred in the legendary rom-com “Bridget Jones’ Baby,” the third of the Bridget Jones series.

Kelly Preston, Avery Bishop

Then: For the role of Avery, Jerry’s girlfriend who dumps him right after he leaves the role, actresses Meg Ryan and Jennifer Connelly were both in the running. Other stars included Alyssa Milano, Tori Spelling, and Diane Lane, who all auditioned for the part. Eventually, Kelly Preston landed it. At the time, her husband John Travolta was in the running for the role of Jerry.

A picture of Kelly Preston at the Jerry Maguire Premiere / A photo of Kelly Preston attending an event.
Photo by Ron Galella, Ron Galella Collection, Getty Images / Jason Merritt, Getty Images

Now: Kelly Preston starred alongside her husband in the movie Old Dogs and even had a cameo in John Travolta’s other movie, From Paris with Love. Preston also appeared in Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father. Fun fact: Tom Cruise and John Travolta are both members of the Scientology community.

Jerry O’Connell, Frank “Cush” Cushman

Then: Actor Jerry O’Connell, who also starred in Stand by Me and Calendar Girl, landed the part of Frank “Cush” Cushman, a football star on the rise whom Jerry is desperate to have as a client.

A portrait of O'Connell then / A photo of O'Connell now.
Photo by Ron Galella, Ron Galella Collection, Getty Images / Amy Sussman F, Getty Images

Now: Jerry O’Connell went on to star in Scary Movie 5. He also starred in the Veronica Mars feature film. Other than that, O’Connell has starred in Adult Swim’s NTSF: SD: SUV and also made an appearance on the pilot episode of Bryan Fuller’s Mockingbird Lane, which didn’t end up being picked by NBC.

Jay Mohr, Bob Sugar

Then: As previously noted, the story of Jerry Maguire is inspired by real sports agent Leigh Steinberg. Steinberg’s ex-partner, David Dunn, intended on stealing away his colleague’s clients, precisely in the same manner as Bob Sugar, who was played by the comedian Jay Mohr.

A photo of Mohr then / A picture of Mohr today.
Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd., Ron Galella Collection, Getty Images / Michael S. Schwartz, Getty Images

Now: Jay Mohr has since gone on to make an appearance in the comedy, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. The sports fan also hosts his own sports radio show on Fox Sports Radio, and he also has his own podcast – Mohr Stories.

Regina King, Marcee Tidwell

Then: Not many know this, but Janet Jackson also auditioned for the part of Marcee Tidwell; however, her Poetic Justice co-star Regina King landed the role. In the film, Marcee is Rod’s strong-minded wife who clearly wore the pants around the house.

A photo of King then / A portrait of King now.
Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd., Ron Galella Collection, Getty Images / Leon Bennett, WireImage, Getty Images

Now: King has since then appeared in Our Family Reunion (2010). She also became the voice of Riley and Huey Freeman on the animated show The Boondocks. Later, she landed a role on Southland, a drama that ended up being canceled.

Bonnie Hunt, Laurel Boyd

Then: Bonnie Hunt starred as Dorothy’s caring and defensive sister, Laurel Boyd. The actress previously starred with Tom Cruise in Rain Man; however, Cruise didn’t even remember Bonnie Hunt being in that movie. In fact, when he arrived at the set of Jerry Maguire and met with Hunt who told him they worked together in the past, Cruise believed she was joking.

A picture of Bonnie at Jerry Maguire Premiere / A photo of Bonnie today.
Photo by Ron Galella, Ron Galella Collection, Getty Images /  Paul Archuleta, FilmMagic, Getty Images

Now: Bonnie Hunt went on to develop herself in voice acting, doing a lot of fun work for Pixar. She has voiced characters in Cars, Cars 2, the Toy Story franchise, and Monsters University. As for her on-screen appearances, she starred in the 2006 indie film I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With.

Jonathan Lipnicki, Ray Boyd

Then: Jonathan Lipnicki was just six years old when he made his acting debut as Ray in Jerry Maguire. Lipnicki popped up to the set one morning and announced, “The human head weighs eight pounds.” Cameron liked that sentence so much that he ended up writing it into the script.

A portrait of Lipnicki then / A picture of Lipnicki today.
Photo by Mitchell Gerber, Corbis, VCG, Getty Images / Jerod Harris, Getty Images

Now: Jonathan Lipnicki decided to take a break from acting for several years after the movie aired. But after his little hiatus from acting, Lipnicki made a comeback and appeared in For the Love of Money, Tag, and Bad Asses.