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There’s More to Terry Bradshaw Than Just Football and Sport Casting

The man, the legend – Terry Bradshaw led the Pittsburgh Steelers to not one, not two, but four Super Bowl victories in the heyday of his NFL career. He was THE guy back in the ‘70s, yet his fame extended far beyond the football field. In fact, early on in his NFL career, Bradshaw displayed a knack for show business. It didn’t take long for him to begin making appearances in TV shows and movies, including The Cannonball Run and Failure to Launch (where he played Matthew McConaughey’s father).


Photo by Bei/Shutterstock

Once his NFL career came to an end, Bradshaw remained in the football arena by working as an analyst and as part of Fox NFL Sunday since 1994. Bradshaw has been a celebrity for half a century, and so many think they know all there is to know about the athlete-turned-broadcaster. But, trust me, there’s a lot more to the man than meets the eye.