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10 Makeup and Beauty Tips for Older Women

From our tutorials, we all can confirm that makeup can transform. This makes one wonder if it can make you look younger. I would say yes if done with the right tools and the right tips. You do not need to be an expert to pull this off as there are a few things that would make you look 10 years younger.

1. Stop the Use of Powder

The use of powder is to coat and mattify our faces. This is why powder is best for people who have oily faces. However, as we grow older, the rate of oil production reduces drastically. Adding powder to an oil-less face makes it dry and dusty look which in turn makes one look older rather than younger.


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It is advisable to use a setting spray in place of powder. A setting spray will help keep your makeup intact. An important tip is to add an extra layer of moisturizers on dry parts of your skin before applying makeup. This would help eliminate fine lines on your face. Also use liquid foundation, cream brushes, and bronzers.