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The Powerful Women of 007: Where Are They Now?

When I was just 10 years old, I remember sitting in front of the T.V. for hours watching annual cable marathons of back to back 007 episodes. Each action-packed story had a little bit of everything, and when I went to school the next day, everyone would talk about 007. You would think that I’m some old man talking about my time watching Bond in the 80s, but the funny part is that this was 2005 and the 007 saga was still as popular to children as it was in the 80s. I would run around my house pointing my fingers at the wall, hearing the iconic soundtrack running through my head. I would sit in class daydreaming that I could save the day and have my own romantic moment with a girl at school. It would take me a long time to understand that women don’t need saving, and this article showcases the women of 007. What role did they play in society? Did they enjoy their time in the movie, and what are they doing now? We also put in some motivating quotes from Brainy Quote.com for the little boys and girls who want to know what it means to succeed and be strong.

Lois Maxwell

Louis Maxwell actually lobbied very aggressively to get the part when she auditioned for the very first James Bond film “ Dr. No ,” (1962.) Maxwell played the role of Miss Money Penny who was secretary of the famous “M.”


Source: imagemag.co

The reason she needed the role so badly is that she needed to fund her sick husbands’ medical bills. Her career with the trilogy stretched to 14 movies, she would go on to act in many shows, and her last film before passing in 2007 was the 2001 thriller “ The Fourth Angel ” alongside Jeremy Irons.