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Hollywood Ink: When Celebs Get Tasteful Tattoos

Did you know that 59 % of women have tattoos compared to 41 % of men in America? Included in the population, of course, are celebrities. We’ve all seen some bad tattoos, but today we want to celebrate the better tattoos that mark the bodies of our favorite actors, actresses, models, and singers.

Sure, there are celebs that share images of their new tats (intimate or not) right away on social media. But then there are the lesser known tattoos that we don’t see in their public appearances. There’s also sometimes a deep meaning behind the ink. Let’s have a look into the body art of Hollywood stars.

Megan Fox – Gilded Butterflies

On Megan Fox’s right shoulder blade, you’ll see her tattoo written in a medieval gothic font that is a famous Shakespearean quote: “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies.” The line came from one of his plays, King Lear.


Source: Allure

The 32-year-old actress made her film debut in Holiday in the Sun, the 2001 movie with the then-popular Olsen twins. But she’s best known for her roles in the Transformers movies.