Here Comes the Bride – A Look at the Most Expensive Wedding Gowns of All Time

Weddings are significant happenings that celebrate the love between two people, but they are also notably costly. The average American reportedly spends around $1,600 on a wedding dress. These famous faces spared no expense for their perfect gowns.

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Yeah, it’s true, money can’t buy you love – but it sure can buy you a statement wedding gown that is guaranteed to be heart-stopping! Here is a list of the most expensive wedding dresses of all time.

Kim Zolciak’s Wedding Gown By Leanne Marshall

Kim Zolciak was one of the main casts of the famous Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kim Zolciak was able to bear all on this series, explaining to her viewers the different ins and outs of finding love and motherhood. Kim Zolciak tied the knot with Kroy Biermann in 2017, and it was a beautiful wedding ceremony.

Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann.
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Being a social elite, Kim was never going to wear an outdated off-the-rack number from a random designer. Instead, Kim called for the assistance of Leanne Marshal in creating her wedding dress. In the end, the gown came out great with its monetary value at $58,000.

Jessica Biel’s Unique Wedding Gown Designed By Giambattista Valli

With the wedding gown’s price at $100,000, it was the talk of the town at that time. Justin Timberlake getting married to Jessica Biel was something everyone wanted; it was a Hollywood dream come true. There was a time when Justin Timberlake was looking to tie the knot with Cameron Diaz, the wedding didn’t work out, and almost immediately after this experience, he found his soulmate.

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake.
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The Netflix actress made up her mind to opt-in for something different. Giambattista Valli got the contract to design her wedding gown. Giambattista Valli’s work was a pink ruffled gown, the perfect size, and color for a typical Italian wedding.

Princess Diana Showing Royalty in her Wedding Gown

Getting married to Lady Diana Spencer was something everyone in the world anticipated, so when it finally happened, the world went wild. People were eager to see the wedding gown that Lady Diana Spencer would pull off as a classy woman.

Princess Diana poses for an official wedding portrait.
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Crafted by David and Elizabeth Emmanuel, the wedding gown was the talk of the town. The ivory creation was on-trend for the ‘80s. With a budget of $115,000, the wedding gown comprised a 25-foot—long silk train and other classic embodiments. The ceremony was a blast, and so was the gown.

Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Dress By Riccardo Tisci

A wedding dress worth half a million dollars! Well, no doubt the dress was a blast. When Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got together, it was like two different worlds collided. The reality star Kim Kardashian and the rap sensation, Kanye West spared zero expenses on their wedding ceremony. As you would’ve assumed from the cost, the wedding dress was a big part of the ceremony.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
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Riccardo Tisci put the $500,000 into use. Given that the cost of the wedding dress was a serious amount, the unique embroidery was expected. The white gown crafted to fit still looks great on Instagram up until today.

Pippa Middleton Walking Down the Aisle With a Wedding Dress Designed by Giles Deacon

Pippa Middleton is family to the Duchess of Cambridge. Being a member of the family, it was somewhat of a sensation, following her siblings and keeping up with the train of Kate’s wedding dress in her wedding ceremony to the famous Prince William. The ceremony happened in 2011. Pippa kept the train going when she married James Matthews, about six years after Kate’s wedding.

Pippa Middleton and James Matthews
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In several ways, Pippa’s dress was similar to Kate’s; both were uniquely beautiful. The lacey number was Giles Deacon’s craft, costing the couple about $52,000. Considering the wedding dress ended up in the New York Times, it was quite impressive.

Salma Hayek’s Exclusive Wedding Dress Designed by Nicolas Ghesquiere

In 2009, actress Salma Hayek got married to Francois-Henri Pinault. The ceremony spared no expense as the wedding dress was worth $434,000. Salma Hayek is popular and incredibly beautiful, so it’s only right for her wedding dress to cost that much. Nicolas Ghesquiere saw to it that the dress fit perfectly, crafting it with unique embroidery.

Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault sit at a table during their wedding
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The dress was worth every penny spent, as it was the talk of the town during that time. Salma Hayek was a spectacular vision walking down the aisle with a full and well-detailed bodice and voluminous skirt. Ed Norton, the famous song actor, was in attendance, alongside 150 others, as the wedding ceremony was strictly by invitation. It was lavish and classy!

The $30,000 Worth Christina Aguilera Wedding Dress Designed by Christian Lacroix

In the ‘90s, Britney Spears was brought to the limelight; ever since then, she has been riding the wave of success to become a very successful female artist in the movie industry. In 2005, Aguilera found love and got married to Jordan Bratman. The wedding ceremony cost about $2 million.

Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman / Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman
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The thrilling Napa Valley nuptials has lots of OTT elements; Christina Aguilera’s dress was up there among the best in the city. The wedding dress was a little heavy on the ruffles, costing the couple about $30,000. That’s quite a huge price to pay, especially since the couple decided to file for a divorce in 2011.

Helen Rose Taking it Upon Herself to Design Grace Kelly’s Exquisite Wedding Dress

Grace Kelly has gone down in history for several noble accomplishments. Grace Kelly was a Hollywood starlet who was much appreciated for her outstanding performances in different movies. She became romantically involved with the famous Prince Rainier III of Monaco, and in 1956, the two decided to walk down the aisle.

A portrait of Helen Rose on her wedding day.
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Helen Rose crafted Kelly’s wedding gown, and because of its outstanding embroidery, the wedding dress grew to become as famous as Grace Kelly over the years. The dress served as an inspiration to countless weddings for years, including Kate Middleton’s wedding gown. Grace Kelly was the epitome of beauty, and so was her wedding gown. A timeless classic whose worth is about $60,000.

Oscar de la Renta’s Finesse on Amal Clooney’s Wedding Dress

Even though George Clooney had once been in a relationship in the ‘80s for a very long time, it appeared like he was never going to get married again after the devastating divorce. However, this mindset changed when he met Amal, a famous human rights attorney with outstanding beauty.

Amal Clooney is having her dress fitted.
Source: Vogue

George and Amal sped up the whole courting process and decided to tie the knot in 2014. The ceremony happened in Venice, Italy. The event was star-studded, ticking all boxes. The former Batman star and Warner Bros. and AT&T’s CEOs were even in attendance. However, the former Batman star wasn’t the center of attraction in the event; Amal, in her $380,000 wedding dress perfectly designed by Oscar de la Renta.

Meghan Markle’s Givenchy Wedding Dress Went Down in History

With its price at $147,000, Meghan Markle’s dress was the talk of the town. Markel eloped with Prince Harry, and most people likened the relationship to Prince Rainier III and Grace Kelly’s unprecedented pairing. Unfortunately for the two, their relationship didn’t go smoothly. However, their wedding ceremony was a blast!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle walk down the church steps.
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Enlisting the help of Weight Keller, a senior Givenchy designer for her wedding dress, Markle sure wanted a memorable wedding ceremony. Her gown was subtle for the wedding ceremony. It cost $147,000?! For a wedding dress? Well, like most things related to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, their choices are always polarising. Simple but classy!

Alexander McQueen Making Serena Williams’ Gown One of the Best in the World

Ever thought someone would spend $3.5million on a wedding dress? Well, Serena Williams spent that much! The famous tennis player isn’t just a whizz on the court but also off the court, so it’s only fair for her to have accumulated a net worth of over $210 million over the years. Serena Williams wasn’t afraid of spending that much on a wedding dress in 2017 when she got married to Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian.

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian walk on to the dance floor.
Source: Vogue

Serena Williams’ wedding gown was all over major newspapers and tabloids, as well as social media platforms like Facebook. Crafted by Alexander McQueen’s Sarah Burton, the wedding gown had unique embroidery, a feathered dress with an amazing neckline, and the dress is one of the most expensive in the world.

Marie-Chantal Miller’s Wedding Dress Crafted by Valentino

Despite being born in London, Marie-Chantal Miller got married to Pavlos, the Crown Prince of Greece, in 1995. To design her perfect bridal dress, she hired the services of Valentino; this move saw her become a clear vision in white.

Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library/Getty Images

Shockingly, Marie-Chantal Miller’s Wedding Dress cost over $225,000, beating the price of Meghan Markle’s wedding gown. The dress was inspired by vintage style and was worth every penny spent. The smile on the bride’s face when she wore the dress was everything. The front was in the shape of a tulip and represented modesty. It was a gorgeous dress that became very popular.

Victoria Swarovski’s Million Dollar Wedding Dress by Micheal Cinco

Being part of a well-established and famous family like the Swarovskis’, your future is guaranteed. At 22, Victoria Swarovski decided to tie the knot with Werner Mürz. Getting married at that age is seen as absurd as it’s quite early, but it didn’t matter as they didn’t lack anything. The budget for the wedding dress was as high as she had wanted it to be.

Photo by Chris Singer/Johannes Kernmayer/CUEX GmbH/Getty Images

Like any rich young bride, Victoria wasn’t willing to spare any expense on her wedding gown, spending a million dollars on the gorgeous ball gown crafted by Micheal Cinco. The bodice that has well-detailed embellishment was mesmerizing and unique. It represented the family perfectly.

Katie Holmes Setting Standards in the Industry with Her Gorgeous Wedding Dress

Katie Holmes was brought to the limelight with the role of little Joey Potter in the popular hit teen show Dawson’s Creek. If only Katie Holmes knew that she would marry the famous Hollywood actor Tom cruise and welcome a baby girl, Suri. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got married in 2006.

Source: Pinterest

Armani made the best of the $50,000 budget for her wedding dress. The wedding ceremony cost a sum of $3 million. Although the relationship didn’t last forever as it ended in 2012, there are still pictures of the big wedding ceremony. Katie Holmes was looking classy in her ball gown with simple lace detailing and veil at that time.

Beyoncé Looking Stunning in her Exquisite Wedding Dress Designed by Galia Lahav

Galia Lahav made Beyoncé one of the gorgeous ladies in the world on her wedding day by designing a stunning wedding dress worth $150,000 for her. There are only a few celebrities who were able to pull off a secret marriage ceremony. Jay Z and Beyoncé are major hip-hop stars, but for some reason, they decided to tie the knot with very little engagement.

Source: Twitter

The wedding ceremony happened in 2008 in New York, but details of the wedding ceremony are scarce. When the couple decided to renew their vows, we discovered that the wedding dress was from a collection inspired by the famous Queen Victoria.

Victoria Beckham’s Strapless Wedding Dress by Vera Wang Speaks Wonders

Spending $100,000 on her wedding dress showed how happy Victoria Beckham was about the wedding ceremony. She started as a fashion designer and was famous in this field until she met David Beckham in 1999, and she is also popular for her stint as a Spice Girl. Victoria’s fashion style has changed over the years, but one thing was constant, her taste for gorgeous things in life.

Source: Insatgram/@victoriabeckham

Vera Wang did justice to her wedding dress, designing it to look gorgeous even without straps. Victoria’s strapless dress made headlines, not because of the looks, but because Victoria and David sat on the throne to take their wedding pictures.

Chiara Ferragni Rocks a Dress for Almost Half a Million on Her Wedding Day

With a standing price of $420,000, María Grazia Chiuri gave Chiara Ferragni a unique and classy dress. The Italian influencer Chiara Ferragni got married to Judge Fedex of X-Factor in 2018; her followers were really happy she made this decision. The influencer couldn’t help but post several pictures of her wedding, including different views of her impressive outfit.

Source: Vogue

Designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri, the wedding dress was as impressive as everyone expected. Heads rotated as Chiara Ferragni walked down the aisle, dazzling in the amazing outfit. If you can’t rely on a big influencer to give the best on her wedding day, who else can you rely on? The dress was worth the price.

Kate Middleton’s Gorgeous Wedding Gown Designed by Sarah Burton

The union between Kate Middleton and Prince William was a long time coming. The wedding ceremony happened in 2011, and just as expected, the British public was thrilled. Brits weren’t the only ones that experienced the thrilling event; millions around the world also did.

Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Kate Middleton hired Sarah Burton to work on her wedding dress, and she reportedly paid $545,000 for the dress. Indeed, the dress was a showstopper. Whether intended or not, Kate Middleton’s dress became a classic, with lots of brides worldwide choosing the same style for their respective wedding ceremonies. This is a result of Kate Middleton’s influence.

Melania Trump Choosing Dior as Her Wedding Dress Designer

Many said Donald and Melanie Trump would last a year. However, the two have been married for over 14 years. They got married in 2005, and just as you might have presumed, Donald Trump was a little loose with the purse strings. Donald said Yes! Without hesitation to Melania’s wedding dress going for $100,000.

Source: Pinterest

Dior did a perfect job by giving the gown plenty of volume thanks to the accurate amount of duchess satin. Photos of the wedding ceremony remain in Vogue up to this day, especially when the groom, Donald Trump, became a topic of conversation during his reign as president. Vogue also featured the wedding.

Coleen Rooney Showing Class with Her Unique Wedding Dress Designed by Marchesa

Americans might not know Coleen Rooney, but the name is quite popular among the British public. The British public knows her as one of the famous WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends) of footballers. Wayne Rooney and Coleen Rooney have been together since their teenage days.

Source: Twitter

The couple decided to tie the knot in 2005, spending over $4 million, which was, of course, a portion of Wayne Rooney’s hard-earned cash on the wedding ceremony. The event happened in Italy. Part of the over $4 million spent was Coleen’s Wedding dress designed by Marchesa, worth about $392,000. It was a strapless gown with classic embroidery.

Balenciaga Designing a Classic Wedding Dress for Nicole Kidman

Hollywood superstar Nicole Kidman is quite familiar with public relationships. After all, she was in a relationship with the famous Hollywood actor Tom Cruise in 1990, staying with the famous actor for 11 years before the divorce happened. In 2006, Kidman found love again, but this time it was with Keith Urban.

Source: Pinterest

Nicole Kidman decided to wear a Balenciaga creation for her wedding, and just as we would expect, the designer didn’t disappoint. The wedding dress was simple yet elegant, portraying vintage style, topped off with a simple veil. Unlike her contemporaries, Nicole didn’t spend so much on her wedding dress. $20,000 was all the Balenciaga wedding gown was worth.

Catherine Zeta-Jones’s Wedding Dress Perfectly Designed by Christian Lacroix

Catherine Zeta-Jones is a popular Welsh actress who was reported to have broken hearts across the globe when she decided to tie the knot with the popular Hollywood icon Douglas Micheal. The pair eloped in 2000, with Catherine Zeta-Jones walking down the aisle in her simple form-fitting wedding dress by Christian Lacroix.

Source: Reddit

The wedding dress was worth $140,000, but this wasn’t an expense for the two as their net worth is more! Catherine Zeta-Jones looked as classy as Audrey Hepburn and credits to Christian Lacroix, as the wedding dress will never go out of style. The couple spent a lot on the event, and that didn’t seem to be a problem as they both have an estimated net worth of $140,000.

Nicky Hilton Rocking Valentino’s Wedding Dress Design on her Wedding Day

It’s always a big deal whenever a Hilton gets married. Although there are royalties like Kate, Will, Harry, and Meg, the Hilton family is more than royalty; it’s an institution. Paris is yet to say her wedding vows, but her older sister, Nicky Hilton, declared her vows in 2015.

Photo by Neil Mockford/Alex Huckle/GC Images/Getty Images

Nicky opted for Valentino’s hands on her wedding dress, as she wanted something beautiful and dramatic. The pattern of the lace wedding dress was made intricately; this made it a showstopper on the event day. Other brides around the world decided to get something similar to Nicky’s dress as it was elegant! No doubt, $77,000 was quite a bargain.

Jennifer Aniston’s Elegant Wedding Dress by Lawrence Steele

Jennifer Aniston is a successful actress, transforming from a small screen movie actor to a silver screen Hollywood Star. She eloped with the famous Hollywood star Brad Pitt after they started dating in the ‘90s. It was simply a match made in heaven as their love was so natural. Although the marriage didn’t last, the photos will remain evergreen.

Source: Flickr

Jennifer Aniston chose to say her wedding vows in a low-back gown designed by Lawrence Steele. The dress was simple, sleek, and classy; it was worth the $50,000 paid. Jennifer loved her wedding dress and decided that Lawrence Steele should be in charge of her bridesmaid’s dresses designs.

Ivanka Trump Saying Her Wedding Vows in a Wedding Dress Designed by Vera Wang

When your father is the incumbent US president, there’s no such thing as a budget for your wedding; you get to spend as much as you want. Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, tied the knot with Jared Kushner in 2009; this was a long time before Ivanka Trump’s stint in the White House was even a vague thought.

Photo by Brian Marcus/Fred Marcus Photography/Getty Images

Ivanka Trump wore a wedding dress designed by Vera Wang to walk down the aisle, saying her wedding vows, but the gown didn’t cost as much as anyone would’ve presumed. Spending $50,000 on her wedding dress was simply a display of modesty. She showed the attendees that the event wasn’t all about money.

Mariah Carey’s Wedding Dress by Vera Wang, the Perfect Gown!

Mariah Carey, as we all know, doesn’t do anything without a show. She got married to Tommy Mottola, and her wedding dress was superb! The view of the dress from all angles was a sight to behold. Designed by a veteran in the field, Vera Wang, the gown’s neckline was perfect.

Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images

The dress was well equipped with a fitting train, which required the assistance of six people to lift. Vera Wang has been in the wedding gown industry for years, and big celebrities have patronized the designer, from Sharon Stone to Mariah Carey. On the event day, the $25,000 wedding dress stole the show!

Marchesa Designing a Superb Wedding Dress for Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough had Marchesa prepare two wedding dresses for her; both dresses were equally elegant, and who says you need only one wedding dress? Hough wanted some specific designs for her wedding dress; according to her designer, Marchesa, Julianne Hough was actively involved with the entire process of the wedding dress creation.

Source: Pinterest

Marchesa said the bride wanted a separate dress for Borge for their reception and wedding. The ceremonial wedding dress was simply a drop-waist with no straps and a perfect neckline. The dress was simply a Notte. Notte gowns are for brides who desire to look simple and classy, with less embroidery and taffeta. The gown she got was worth the $20,000 Julianne Hough paid.

UFC Fighter Ronda Rousey Looking Sleek in her Wedding Dress by Galia Lahav

Everyone got to see all the romantic pictures of Ronda Rousey on her wedding day as she disclosed all the images on her social media platform; the wedding dress was really beautiful with its worth at $13,000. It was reported that the UFC Fighter had tried on several wedding dresses before finding the one that suited her best.

Source: Facebook

The wedding dress was a body-hugging silhouette actively paired with a flared hem and had a neckline; her designer, Galia Lahav, said it looked like it had been designed with Rousey in mind. “The neckline and harper fitted her perfectly,” the designer said. Immediately she put it on; she knew it was the right choice for her.

The Starlet Gwyneth Paltrow Looking Classy in her Wedding Dress Crafted by Valentino

Gwyneth Paltrow never had the opportunity to organize a wedding ceremony with her ex-husband Chris Martin, so when it came down to getting married to her current husband Brad Falchuk, she was eager to do all she missed in her first wedding. After the uncoupling, the starlet was more than prepared to make her wedding a memorable one.

Source: Pinterest

She went all out, putting on a different outfit for each event. The pièce de reésistance was an elegant dress designed by Valentino. Lace was the entirety of the wedding dress, with a sheer cap sleeve. While the price was not declared, there’s zero doubt that the star spent several grand on her wedding dress.

Chelsea Clinton Making it Easy in Her Simple and Classy Look on her Wedding Day

Over ten years have passed since the veteran starlet Chelsea Clinton walked down the aisle with her husband. When she finally had the opportunity to do that, she employed a veteran designer, Vera Wang, for her wedding dress design. The wedding dress comprised a crystal-encrusted belt, which cost several grand to craft.

Photo by Genevieve de Manio/Getty Images

Chelsea decided not to go too hard on the jewelry, and this was to ensure that the belt shined through the whole dress. A pair of earrings and a tennis bracelet was all she had on. The design Vera Wang used on the wedding dress was quite chic; it was worth $25,000. The dress even matched the bouquet she carried!

Alexandra Lenas Showcasing Her Beauty in her Wedding Dress Designed by Elie Saab Haute Couture

Going at $30,000, Alexandra Lenas’ Gown was one of the best wedding dresses of 2013. The wedding ceremony had a medieval theme, and the bride’s dress, which Elie Saab Haute Couture crafted, fit inaccurately. Lenas got married to Sean Parker in Big Sur, and the couple’s wedding was quite lavish.

Source: Twitter

Photos from the ceremony revealed Alexandra Lenas wearing a long train and perfectly embroidered dress. Pictures of the dress were taken in a forest, adding to the ceremony’s theme and mystical appeal. The couple spent about $4.5 million on the wedding ceremony, quite lavish!

Jessica Simpson in Her “Princess Dress” Looking Elegant on Her Wedding Day

The bride said she had selected a “princess dress” because she is a southern girl at heart. Her wedding dress, a Caroline Herrera dress, was designed with gold embroidery, delicate and intricate. Simpson wanted to look chic, romantic, and ethereal on her wedding day.

Source: Pinterest

The wedding dress turned out to be a champagne-colored gown instead of a white dress, as you would’ve expected. The dress was perfect for her desire, as she wanted something non-traditional. Simpson was in charge of her bridesmaid’s attires, dressing them in a range of colors, from seafoam to blush. The photos she had with her bridesmaids were so beautiful!

Late Whitney Houston’s Elegant Wedding Gown

The wedding gown was so elegant that at an auction, it was sold for $40,000. Whitney Houston’s wedding dress, which she wore for her wedding ceremony, was unique, classy, and simple. The gown comprised four pieces. The first piece was an ivory satin gown coupled with a nylon sleeve and a Carnival-type bodice.

Source: Pinterest

The floor-length wedding dress was perfectly paired with matching sleeves with a satin texture, endowed similarly. The third piece was a beaded cloche hat, a sequin that matched the dress, and the last piece was white silk, sheer, floor-length veil endowed with pearlescent beading. The dress was exquisite!

Nicole Richie Taking Over the Ceremony with her Exquisite Wedding Dress

Nicole Richie’s wedding dress was custom-made by Marchesa, a veteran designer. The top was entirely lace, while the bottom was a simple tulle skirt that gave royalty vibes. Nicole Richie got married to Charlotte Rocker in 2010. The wedding dress Nicole wore for the wedding was worth $20,000.

Source: Pinterest

Essentially, Richie prepared three dresses for her wedding ceremony, and Marchesa designed all those dresses. The first wedding dress comprised a tulle skirt, while the second dress kept the long-sleeved lace top hanging over, with a distinct bottom. The after-dinner gown she wore was different from the one she wore for the reception. She was looking gorgeous all through the event day.

Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy’s Wedding Gown Designed by Veteran Designer Narciso Rodriguez

The designer was happy to secure the deal to design Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy’s wedding dress, so he decided to credit his “big break” to the bride, as she wore his design at her public wedding. Carolyn and Rodriguez both worked at Calvin Klein, and she entrusted Narciso Rodriguez with her wedding dress. The dress was quite elegant.

Source: Pinterest

The $40,000 that the couple paid for the dress wasn’t only for the dress, as a tulle veil and sheer gloves accompanied it. Carolyn was kept under wraps, but fortunately, some of her wedding photos were released. The designer, Rodriguez, also went on to wow the fashion world with his unique fragrances. It’s hard to find negative comments about this dress.

Liza Minelli’s Wedding Dress Crafted to Perfection by Bob Mackie

Veteran designer Bob Mackie crafted Liza Minnelli’s wedding dress. When the couple purchased the wedding dress, it was worth $40,000; it was then put on auction and sold for $6,400. The professional singer wore the gorgeous dress during her wedding ceremony to David Gest; the ceremony happened in 2002.

Source: Reddit

The strapless dress had a boned bodice and tulle overlay. It was equally embellished with iridescent glass, pearl teardrops, and bugle beads. Her name was also embroidered on the wedding dress’ strap. The wedding took place in NYC.

Keira Knightley Worked with Chanel to Create a Gorgeous Dress for Her Wedding

Keira Knightley’s dress was unique, and she decided to re-wear it for her wedding in 2013. She got married to James Righton. She had already showcased the wedding dress in 2006/2008, and she decided to rock it again after six years, though the dressing was not made specifically for wedding ceremonies. It will interest you to know that a dress with this feature went out for only $2,000-$5,000.

Source: Pinterest

The pale pink chiffon dress with no straps was a major part of Knightley’s desire to own something old at her marriage ceremony. Knightley also mentioned that re-wearing her dress was imminent, as she had a great time wearing it for the red carpet and wanted that same feeling on her wedding day.

Tori Spelling’s Lavish Wedding Gown Designed by Badgley Mischka

Tori Spelling wore a lavish wedding dress designed by Badgley Mischka; the wedding dress took center stage at her wedding ceremony to Charlie Shanian in 2004. The couple spent $1 million on the wedding ceremony, and the wedding dress was worth $50,000. The wedding dress was flapper-esque and completely hand-woven. The embroidery took hours.

Photo by Jonathan Alcorn/WireImage/Getty Images

The veil, just as you’d expect, was expensive and well detailed. It comprised of a diamond-encrusted headband and a flower-patterned that was attached firmly to the long veil. The wedding was termed “dreamy.” Mindy Weiss, the famous wedding planner, really did a great job.

Keely Shaye Smith Rocking Richard Tyler’s Design on her Wedding Day

Keely Shaye Smith was quite lavish on her wedding, spending $60,000 on her wedding dress. The journalist’s long white dress had a coat of Irish lace covering it. The sleeves were easily detachable, a classic touch that we hardly see on other wedding dresses.

Source: Pinterest

Richard Tyler designed the wedding dress. The gown was covered with motifs that were pearl-encrusted, as well as hand-crafted, fresh pearls. These fresh pearls are quite different from other pearls simply because they’re less exposed to chipping or flaking due to their thicker coating. Other types of pearls-like saltwater pearls, are larger and have a thinner nacre layer; this simply means they will get damaged easily.

Petra Ecclestone’s princess-like Wedding Dress Going for $140,000

Petra Ecclestone’s wedding ceremony went on for three days. It cost the couple about $15 million, but this wasn’t a problem as her father was the popular Formula 1 megastar, Bernie Ecclestone. Vera Wang crafted the wedding dress, and the ceremony took place in Rome, Castello Orsini-Odescalchi. The location for the wedding was the same as Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Source: Twitter

The bride’s dress was gorgeous, and photos captured her smiling hard on her wedding day. Her father was surprised at the cost of the event; he further tagged it as “absurd.” He also mentioned that he wasn’t aware of how much he had spent until after the wedding.

Sofia Vergara’s Stunning Wedding Gown Designed by Zuhair Murad

Sofia Vergara’s wedding gown was gorgeous. Zuhair Murad had told Vogue that a lot of designers worked on the dress. The wedding gown wowed the fashion audience when it was showcased in the bridal collection in Fall 2016. Vergara’s gown was perfectly embroidered and Baroque-inspired; the lush gown was simply the collection’s highlight.

Source: Pinterest

The Modern Family star’s dress comprised about eleven pounds of sequins, 350 crystals, and approximately 6.6 pounds of pearls. More than 30 atelier workers handled this gown, putting in about 1,600 hours of labor. The dress also had a detachable skirt for the afterparty.

Priyanka Chopra’s Wedding Dress by Ralph Lauren, Classy and Unique!

Veteran actress Priyanka Chopra’s wedding dress cost a whopping sum of $2 million. Ralph Lauren crafted it, and the dress was embroidered manually, taking up to 15 artisans to complete it, investing about 1,800 hours to design the beautiful dress. The dress consisted of up to 2.4 million sequins on the bodice.

Photo by Manoj Verma/Hindustan Times/Getty Images

Alongside the sequins, the dress also had 11,000 Swarovski crystals. Also perfectly embroidered onto the dress were names, phrases, and dates important to the couple. Her husband, Nick Jonas, was a famous singer.

Celine Dion Walking Down the Aisle in Her $25,000 Wedding Dress Designed by Mirella and Steve Gentile

When the popular musician Celine Dion married Rene Angelil, she got dressed in a silk wedding dress, having a long train about twenty-four feet attached to its base. The wedding ceremony took place in 1994. Celine Dion’s wedding dress took approximately 1000 hours to design, and it was a perfect fit for the event.

Photo by Laurence Labat/Sygma/Getty Images

Every pearl embroidered on the wedding dress was hand-sewn. With the gown’s cost at $25,000, we could say it was a fair deal, as it was coupled with a classic headpiece. The singer also wore a tiara weighing about seven pounds, having close to 2000 Austrian crystals attached to it.

Gwen Stefani’s Hot Pink Ombré Wedding Dress Designed by John Galliano

Gwen Stefani wore a hot pink ombré gown on her wedding day. She got married to Gavin Rossdale, and her look haunted the public in the 2000s; she started a hair trend with her wedding ceremony. Due to the recognition she attained, she wore a similar gown in 2017 when she wanted to shoot a music video.

Source: Pinterest / Photo by Thomas Rabsch, WireImage, Getty Images

The gown was worth $15,000 at that time; we wouldn’t call that extravagant, would we? John Galliano was designing for Christian Dior at that time, so a top-notch delivery was expected. The second ensemble was simply an upgraded version of Gwen Stefani’s wedding dress, but this time, orchestrated by Christian Siriano, an outstanding designer.

Lee Min-Jung’s Marchesa Wedding Gown From an Exclusive Collection

Lee Min Jung got married to Lee Byung Heon, a veteran actor. The gown Lee Min Jung wore on her wedding day was from Marchesa’s 2013 wedding gown collection. The wedding dress crafted with lace looked stunning on the bride. The actress chose the same brand as Jessica Alba and Anne Hathaway. It was a good choice.

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Going at $45,000, the wedding dress stole the ceremony at the Shilla Hotel in 2015. The wedding was described as one of the biggest celebrity weddings of the year in Korea. The bride had featured in popular movies like Come Back Mister, Single Lady, and lots more.

Gabrielle Union’s Exquisite Wedding Dress Designed by Professional Designer Dennis Basso

Gabrielle Union wore a dress worth $8,900 on her wedding day; this we would say wasn’t lavish! According to Insider, the bride went shopping for her wedding dress just a few moments before the Met Gala in 2014. The bride wore two dresses. One of the dresses was a ball gown, and she wore this dress walking down the aisle with Dwayne Wade, an NBA player.

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The skirt attached to the dress had a firm slit and other embellishments like pearls and crystals. With the help of her stylist, Jason Bolden, the bride was able to pick the perfect dress for her wedding ceremony.

Hailey Baldwin Rocking Virgil Abloh’s Wedding Dress Design on her Wedding Day

Hailey Baldwin’s wedding dress was worth $130,000, and of course, this cost wasn’t a problem as she was getting married to the famous pop star Justin Bieber. Virgil Abloh is one of the hottest designers in the Hollywood industry, so you should expect class and uniqueness! Baldwin wore three dresses for her wedding, and according to her, her off-white wedding gown was simply a wish come true.

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The strapless gown was crafted using lace, and it featured a shirt, long sleeves, and a long train. The neckline was finessed by her classic veil, which read “TILL DEATH DO US PART” this was one of the event’s highlights.

Karlie Kloss Rocks Dior’s Wedding Dress Design

Karlie Kloss is a supermodel who married Joshua Kushner; sharing photos of her wedding day online with millions of her fans made people happy. The supermodel wore different dresses crafted by a Dior designer, Maria Grazia Chiuri. The second dress Karlie wore was simply a strapless wedding dress.

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The dress Karlie wore was quite affordable, going for $1,000- $3,000. Her wedding took place in October 2018, and that was the first time she wore the dress. The second time she wore the dress was at a star-studded event eight months after her wedding.

Portia de Rossi’s Pale Pink Tulle Gown Designed by Zac Posen

Portia de Rossi’s wedding dress wasn’t white — the bride wore a dreamy, pale pink dress, perfectly crafted by veteran designer Zac Posen. The actress and model got married to Ellen DeGeneres, the popular TV host. Livingly described De Rossi’s wedding gown as a daring one. One of the most daring wedding dresses of all time.

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Portia and Ellen wanted a huge wedding ceremony, but after seeing how costly things have turned out to be, the couple decided to host a small wedding ceremony; only nineteen people were in attendance. Portia’s pink tulle dress had a tuxedo top; this top added a nice finesse to the flirty skirt.

Myolie Wu Walking Down the Aisle In an Exquisite Wedding Dress

The Hong Kong actress walked down the aisle with the love of her life, Philip Lee, who she had been courting for a year before they finally got married. The wedding happened in different locations, including the Sheing Shui Beas River Country Club and Hong Kong’s famous Carlton hotel.

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On her wedding day, Myolie Wu was wearing a fully traditional Cheongsam which was worth $36,000. The dress featured accurate bedding and embroidery, and it took months to make. The dress also has lace sleeves, and she got to change her outfit to a red evening dress without straps.

Audrey Hepburn’s Wedding Dress by the Fontana Sisters, Worth $23,000

The Fontana sisters operate the oldest house of fashion in Rome, and to supervise her wedding design, Audrey Hepburn hired the famous designer, Sorelle Fontana, to design her wedding gown. Hepburn was in Rome, filming the popular movie Roman Holiday, and she was able to find the time between casting, to supervise the wedding dress creation.

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Sorelle Fontana prioritized Hepburn’s Dress simply because of her celebrity status but could pay for the wedding dress, although the bride didn’t get to wear the dress because the wedding was called off. However, luckily, the world still had the opportunity to see the dress as Hepburn gifted it to one of her employees.

Nicole Johnson Spending $10,000 on a Wedding Dress Designed by Julie Vino

Julie Vino mentioned that Nicole Johnson emphasized her wedding not looking traditional. Nicole Johnson decided to go for something different from ball gowns that many other celebrities would like to rock. Instead, the beauty chose a fitting gown with a V-neck.

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The sleeves of the gown were crafted from French lace, and the embroidery was stitched manually. The skirt was also made of chiffon material, and a long train of about five feet was the finesse. The dress was worth the cash paid.

Heather Mills Serving an Excellent Look in her Wedding Dress Designed by Caroline Eavis and Annie Brown

Heather Mills got married to Paul McCartney in 2002. The intimate ceremony happened at Ireland, Castle Leslie. The couple made the wedding dress at zero cost, although it had a net worth of $11,000. They wanted fame only in exchange for crafting such a beautiful piece made from ecru lace.

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Sadly, Heather Mills didn’t take credit for the wedding dress, and Eavis and Brown didn’t get their deserved recognition. The couple received no coverage for crafting the piece, even though it took up to five months to create and had to be elegant in Heather Mills’ eyes.

Dianna Agron’s Wedding Gown Exquisitely Designed by Valentino

Veteran actress, Dianna Agron, wore a wedding dress worth $20,500 for her wedding ceremony, “the wedding dress was nothing but bridal,” a magazine mentioned. The movie star chose a Valentino wedding dress showcased on the runway during a Valentino fashion show in Paris. The nude and sequined gown was perfect for a non-traditional look.

Source: Elle

Rather than a veil, Dianna Agron wore a gorgeous crown of stars. She was able to keep her wedding ceremony under wraps, refusing to allow tabloids to have a look at her ring for nearly a month after the engagement ceremony. Dianna Agron was married to Winston Marshall.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Unique Wedding Piece Designed by Helen Rose

Elizabeth Taylor is a veteran actress regarded as subtle, so people weren’t surprised when they heard that she had up to eight wedding dresses all through her lifetime. The first wedding dress she had was designed by Helen Rose, the customer designer in charge of Grace Kelly’s wedding dress.

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The wedding dress was expensive, and it’s worth being $187,931. However, she didn’t get to pay this cash herself, MGM Studios funded it, and it was inspired by the dress she wore in the popular movie Father of the Bride. The full-skirted dress was endowed with pearls, and it took up to fifteen people to complete it. It was created in three months.

Madonna’s Unique Wedding Dress Designed by Marlene Stewart

A classy bride deserves a unique wedding dress. This was the case of Madonna, as she got a special gown, and the splendid thing about the dress was the veil; it was one-of-a-kind and attached to a black bowler hat. Madonna got married to the popular actor Sean Penn in the ‘80s. The original price of Madonna wedding dress was $80,000, but it got auctioned at $81,250.

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The ivory tulle wedding dress has a perfect neckline, no straps, a boned bodice, and a tulle skirt. The finesse on the bodice was a diagonal pink slash. The knot made people wonder if the bride was the “fashion daring” type. She probably was.

Sarah Ferguson’s Wedding Dress for her Nuptial to Prince Andrew Was Exquisite

The couple wasn’t too lavish on the wedding dress cost, spending only about $45,000. They got married in 1986, and at the wedding ceremony, Ferguson looked gorgeous in her gown composed of heavy beadwork and ivory Duchesse satin. The beadwork comprises waves, bumblebees, anchors and waves, hearts, and thistles.

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A couple of hours after the wedding ceremony, the couple’s photos were already on sale. The beautiful dress was said to have been influenced by Princess Diana’s gown. The long train, about seven feet, had the initials “A&S” intertwined and crafted from silver beads. Losing twenty-six pounds, Ferguson was able to fit in her dress perfectly.

Crystal Harris Stealing the Show in her Classic Wedding Dress Crafted by Romona Keveza Couture

Crystal Harris was a Playboy playmate who got married to Hugh Hefner. Her wedding dress was a strapless, floor-length, mermaid wedding dress; the dress was worth $7,500. However, the shoes that the couple wore weren’t lavish. The wedding dress was opposed to white as it took a soft pink color that went perfectly well with some nice shoes crafted by Aruna Seth.

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Crystal Harris ended up auctioning her wedding dress, donating the proceeds to charity owned by Mary O’Connor, her longtime assistant. Harry’s post concerning the auction explained that Mary O’Connor saved her marriage, preventing a divorce. Sadly, Mary lost her battle with cancer in the end.

Princess Eugenie Getting Married in an Exquisite Wedding Dress Designed by Christopher De Vos and Peter Pilotto

With the cost of the wedding dress at $135,000, we weren’t expecting something basic. Princess Eugenie got a long-sleeved wedding gown that had a low back. The design used for the wedding dress was more like a fashion risk, but the bride has long been known for being fashion daring. In an interview with Vogue, Princess Eugenie mentioned that her dress was something she had longed for.

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She knew the exact designer she needed, as well as the look she desired. The wedding dress was created layer by layer, perfectly scheduling fittings in between these layers.

Queen Letizia Spends $8 Million on her Wedding Dress Designed by Manuel Pertegaz

Manuel Pertegaz got the deal to design the royal wedding dress, which was recorded as the most expensive wedding dress in royal history. The dress was for Queen Letizia when she was getting married to King Felipe. The event happened in 2004, and it was a memorable one. Wondering why the dress was that expensive? Well, the embroidery was made using pure gold!

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It was a flowing white dress, having a long train and a collar. Manuel Pertegaz, at 87, was still able to come up with the beauty. The wedding ceremony took place in Madrid’s Almudena Cathedral. Letizia wasn’t a Queen from birth; she started as a news anchor.