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Fabulous Celebrity Homes: When Money Actually Does Buy Happiness

Wanna see the homes that aren’t even worthy of our dreams? Homes that make our homes look like shacks? These celebrities all have incredible houses that will blow your socks off. And there are even a few whose homes are a lot more modest than you would think. Like Pat Sajak’s, for example. You’ll see…



Source: Joomla Style; Pinterest

Oprah Winfrey, one of the few women billionaires, has more than one home (obviously). A price tag of $50 million would be ridiculous for most people, even celebrities. But for Oprah, it’s totally doable. The house is a castle. Oprah is still dominating, with her magazine, shows, and podcast. Retirement will be a breeze for this amazing woman, and it looks like a place like this can’t be a better place to enjoy it. I wonder how many cleaners she has?