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Captured on Camera – Memorable Moments at Disney Parks

Real life can actually be stranger than fiction sometimes. Disney parks across the world are considered to be centers of fun and fairy tales. Millions of visitors from across the globe visit these fascinating parks every single day, immersing themselves in this fantasy world and meeting their favorite characters from beloved stories.

However, while they relive their fantasy fairy tales, visitors to these parks have also ended up capturing some very interesting as well as strange moments in Disneyland. Here are a few of them!

Police Intervention!

We seem to forget that those who entertain us by dressing up as our favorite Disney characters actually are people who have lives outside this fantasy world, and those lives may not be as rosy as the characters’ they portray every day.


Source: Kiwi Report

This picture would have caused a lot of little boys and girls deep concern. Parents would have had an interesting time explaining to their children why the lovely Snow White and cute little Mickey Mouse were being handcuffed and dragged away by the police.