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These Women are the Reason You Remember These TV Commercials

We all know it: advertisers tend to hire attractive people for their ad campaigns. And it’s obvious why. Attractive people sell, right? Well, it’s more than just looks. It’s also about finding something that reminds us of the company or product that’s being promoted. There’s a reason you remember the Go Daddy or the AT&T commercials.


Source: Twitter / YouTube

But watching TV these days is nothing like how we used to watch the tube back in the day (which isn’t as far back as it feels). With the advent of DVR, anyone who has the opportunity to fast forward through commercials usually does. Sure, it means skipping all the annoying commercials (how many cars and insurance ads can I possibly see in one sitting?!). But skipping all those commercials also means that you might be missing out on a ridiculously good looking woman.

Speaking of…