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Top Ten Vloggers You Should Watch on YouTube

The following is a top ten countdown of vloggers with the highest views and subscription on YouTube across the world. These vloggers have specialized in different areas and have proven to the best in whatever they do. This list will give a challenge to upcoming vloggers on the standards set for them as well as some of the most covered topics on YouTube.

PewDiePie- King of YouTube

The world only knows him as PewDiePie, and very little is known of him. The Swedish vlogger has many followers despite his secret personality which has made many people a little intense. Even with a secretive life, he still attracts much attention on YouTube more than any other person in the world. The 28year old from Gothenburg, Sweden has his current residence in Brighton (East Sussex) in the United Kingdom and has been active since 2010. Initially, he was known for video game streams, but that has since changed and how he rants about a variety of online things. He has the highest number of subscribers estimated to be more than 64million. Much of his videos go for less than 10-20minutes and have been known to trend for 3-5 months. His YouTube channel now offers more top ten counts on different topics than any other, and this is what makes him the undisputed king of YouTube.