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7 Uniquely Decorated Gowns Made by a Talented French Designer

Have you ever wondered if fairy tales do come true? Once in a blue moon, the real world collides with the wonders of the Neverland through things that we can barely imagine. In those rarities, our world is presented with specific persons that can transform fantasies into realities. One of these unique individuals is a French designer named Sylvie Facon. She is a true artist gifted with an exceptional mind and creative skills. Facon has amazed everyone in the fashion world and even impressed people without fashion interest by creating fairytale-evoking dresses. Below are the 7 uniquely decorated gowns that will make you believe that fairy tales really do come true.

Stunning Gown Adorned with Book Spines

Do you love books that even if they are old and tattered, you couldn’t let yourself throw them in the trash bin? If yes, then you’d probably mesmerized by this book spine inspired gown, made by Sylvie Facon. With the help of a costume designer, Morgane Grosdemange, Facon sewed this book spine detailed gown.


Source: imgur.com

Literary and book lovers will surely adore Facon’s gown. This long dress is created using the spines of old books. Facon took about 250 hours to finish this book-spine gown, and his efforts seem to have paid off when one sees her masterpiece. She assured everyone that she only utilized book spines that had already fallen off from dilapidated and old books.