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T-Shirt Time! Jersey Shore: It’s Been 10 Years, and Things Have Changed

Whether you loved it or hated the reality show ‘Jersey Shore,’ you can’t deny that the show was a pop culture phenomenon. There were those who loved it and couldn’t get enough, those who hated it, and then there were those who secretly watched it because it became a guilty pleasure.


Source: Elite Daily

The show that revealed the lives of these nine “guidos and meatballs” began in 2009 and lasted for 6 seasons. The gang, who were basically trouble magnets, quickly became the most recognized people in America. From fighting in clubs to being arrested, this group knew how to let loose. They also started a reunion show last year called ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation,’ and it is already in the middle of the third season! It might be ten years since this show was my guilty pleasure, but this new reunion show can still be called that.
Let’s take a look at where the reality show stars are now and what they’re doing…