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Storage, Lies, and Lawsuits, Oh My! The Storage Wars Tales

When you think about the concept of Storage Wars – people bidding to buy mostly unseen contents of old storage lockers abandoned by their owners – you would think that it would be an idea that could never work. Who wants to watch such a seemingly mundane transaction? Well, as it turns out, millions of viewers!

Two cast members posing together / five cast members posing together / Four cast members posing together / Storage Wars professional photoshoot with the whole cast / Brandi Passante taking a selfie

Photo by Dan Macmedan, USA Today / Source: Pinterest / Twitter / Facebook / Instagram

In fact, since its debut on A&E in 2010, it became the channel’s top-rated and non-scripted series, with an average of 2.4 million viewers. Not only was Storage Wars a hit, it went on to inspire similar series and an entire subgenre of reality storage locker/auction shows like Storage Hunters, Container Wars, Baggage Battles, and Auction Hunters. As the OG of storage/auction reality TV, Storage Wars has some tricks up their sleeve, so to speak.

This is the behind the scenes of the popular series…