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The Queen of Gossip and Controversy: Wendy Williams

Ever since her early days as a radio host and DJ, Wendy Williams was never one to shy away from drama. The New York native really made a name for herself with a successful, long-running TV show and other business endeavors. Despite becoming a household name, Wendy Williams certainly had her share of struggles as she worked her way up.

Wendy Williams posing excitedly at a celebration with a flower wreath around her head / Wendy, Kevin, and Kevin Jr posing together on the red carpet / Wendy Williams holding up her book in a book store in front of the shelves / Wendy Williams crying during an interview / Kevin and Wendy Williams sitting together in a booth during an event / Wendy Williams posing with Mickey and Minnie Mouse

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Unfortunately, her problems didn’t disappear after she reached the top. Between health complications and a very messy, public divorce, 2019 wasn’t an easy year for the talk show host. Other than dealing with pain and heartbreak, Williams always seems to be dealing with some kind of controversy. Here are some fascinating facts about Wendy Williams and how a New York radio DJ became the self-proclaimed “Queen of All Media.”