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40 Mind-Blowing Facts from Behind-The-Scenes of The Amazing Race

When it comes to reality TV, The Amazing Race stands out as one of the most unique and exciting shows of them all. Running since 2001, this CBS show pits eleven teams of two against each other in a thrilling race around the globe!

Usually, the race is split up into 12 parts, with teams having to solve mysteries, navigate unknown areas, ask locals for help, perform all kinds of challenges, and fly, drive, or ride their way from country to country with very limited money, time, and resources.


Source: cbs.com

Over the course of the show, teams are gradually eliminated, leading to a jaw-dropping finale in which the final team left standing wins a whopping $1 million prize! It’s a really exciting show, proving hugely popular with fans and running for over 30 seasons already, as well as being exported to other countries around the globe!

Read on to learn 40 fascinating behind-the-scenes facts you never knew about The Amazing Race.