Where Are The Cast and Special Guest Stars of Friends Today?

The iconic NBC sitcom, Friends first premiered in 1994, and fast became one of the most beloved and legendary series of all time. The show ran for 10 seasons and followed the main characters Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey as they navigated their lives, relationships, and careers in New York City.

The show managed to capture the hearts of many fans and has a timeless appeal. Each of the characters had special on-screen chemistry too, which we all watched developed throughout the show. While the main cast members all had special star quality, they were also joined by plenty of famous guest stars throughout the show, which made it even more memorable.

After the sitcom came to a close on May 6, 2004, most of the main cast managed to stay in the spotlight and landed plenty of other roles. In addition, many of the guest stars also continued to make their mark in the industry. So let’s take a look bad at our favorite Friends stars and see where they are today.

Jennifer Aniston Then

Rachel, played by Jennifer Aniston made a dramatic and unforgettable entrance to the show. She turned up to Central Perk in her wedding dress after leaving her fiancé Barry at the altar. We all watched Rachel’s character develop, as she attempted to become independent, break from her father’s wealth and got her first ‘real’ job at Central Perk café.

Photo Credit: Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com

As the show progressed, Rachel became known as the most stylish and fashion-forward members of the cast and landed a job in the fashion business. She also inspired a generation of Rachel-style haircuts and won us all over with her charms. We were also all hooked as we watched her dramatic on-off relationship with Ross, who she later had a daughter with, named Emma.

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