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Breaking News: These TV Reporters Make A lot More Than you Think

We always see their faces plastered on our screen. Sometimes we even watch them during dinner. We receive the latest stories and breaking news through their mouth. We expect TV reporters convey trustworthy, sincere, and reliable stories no matter what the topic. They are a big part of all our lives, purely because we want to know what’s happening in the world.


Source: thewrap.com

We see these reporters as composed, and even trendy, but in actuality, TV reporters are under a significant amount of stress because they are responsible for delivering the news to the world. Their lives aren’t as glamorous as they appear. They work a ton of hours, do serious research, and have to deal with exhaustive criticism. On top of all that, they have to work even harder to get loyal viewers who trust them. There is undoubtedly more to reporters than a pretty face on TV. Off the screen, these people work under a tremendous amount of pressure to make sure they are giving us accurate news. All this hard work pays off with the amount of money they earn each year. Here are some reporters and their annual salaries , their paycheck will amaze you.