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You’d Be Surprised Which Amazing Cars Are Actually Plummeting in Value

It’s important to do some research before buying a car. A major issue among most first-time buyers is the tendency to overlook its depreciation rate. There is no shortage of otherwise great cars that just seem to be going through the natural process of reduction in value. It’s really just a question of are you in the buying or selling market? If you’re looking to buy, these models are well worth their new prices. But you should take into consideration the accumulating depreciation rate. And then again, you might be looking to sell your car. In that case, it might be a bit discouraging to know that your car isn’t nearly as valuable as it once was. But then again, regardless of how cars will inevitably go down in value, there’s always a market for them. And there will always be someone ready to buy. So that said – is your car on this list?

Jaguar XF

Jaguar is one of those brands associated with luxury, and the XF is no exception. The base version of the XF model started at $50,000, but many buyers opted for the $60,000 version to get some extra features.


Source: KBB

This was back in 2009, though, and while Jaguars are more or less considered “good buys” in terms of their depreciation value, these days you can pick up a 2009/10 model for about $15,000 (even less). So if you’re looking for luxury on a budget – here’s your answer.