Wedding Photobombs That Newlyweds Will Never Forget

When you finally get engaged to the love of your life and start planning your wedding, most couples want everything to be absolutely perfect. So they pool all their efforts into planning everything impeccably. From the picture-perfect ceremony to the seating plan and the best band, everything has to be accounted for. However, let’s face it, when the big day finally arrives, there are still things that are out of your control.

For these newlyweds, they wanted to make their day unforgettable, and capture their most cherished moments on camera. Still, you never know when something unexpected will happen, or if someone will have a sudden urge to rush over and photobomb your perfect moment. So let’s take a closer look at some of the most outrageous photobombs ever to surface online. We’re sure that these photobombs are so legendary, that the newlyweds will never ever forget them.

Ain’t No Wedding High Enough

Sometimes with wedding photobombs, it’s all about perspective. While this happy couple might think that they are the victim of this photobomb, this adorable chipmunk was probably really caught up in his own moment in nature.


So perhaps this newlywed couple are in fact, guilty of stealing the spotlight from the chipmunk. Maybe he was just about to start his rendition of ‘Aint No Mountain High Enough’. Who says the newlyweds have to always be the center of attention anyway!

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