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Celebrities and Their Go to Starbucks Orders

Just like the rest of us, Celebrities have coffee addictions. Some of us know exactly what we want to order, and others have so many choices to pick from, it takes a bit longer to decide. There are also some people who can’t do caffeine or just don’t like the taste of coffee and have some pretty fancy tea orders. The most popular coffee chain around, or at least the most talked about, would be Starbucks. It is so popular that over thirty stars go-to orders have been documented for our enjoyment.


Photo by Monticello, Shutterstock / Kristin Callahan, Ace, Shutterstock / Source: Pinterest / Pinterest / Pinterest

Some of these celebs go so far as to become ambassadors for specific types of coffee. Ariana Grande tweeted “@Starbucks, you complete me.” and a contestant from the Bachelorette who took a model to get a coffee there. He wasn’t the only celebrity to bring their date to Starbucks. It must be their cheaper option when they aren’t sure where the date will go. Starbucks brings along many fun stories, memories, and just delicious coffee. Keep reading for some celebrity coffee orders and some fun stories.