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Actors Who Mastered New Skills to Get Into Character

When it comes to acting, going over the script is probably the easiest bit. The real challenge is learning the ins and outs of your character, including their exceptional skills. Even though many movies include stuntmen and sound dubbing, its actors still need to go to great lengths to make the film more realistic.

Liu Yifei / Jacob Elordi / Joseph Gordon-Levitt / Adrien Brody

Photo by Axelle, Bauer-Griffin, FilmMagic / JP Yim, Fendi / Rich Fury / David Lefranc, Gamma-Rapho, Getty Images

Actors spend months learning how to surf, how to wield a sword, how to ice skate, how to hold their breath for a terrifyingly long amount of time…In other words, actors don’t just play their characters,they ultimately become them.

Here are some surprising skills actors had to master to get into character.