Growing Up on Growing Pains: Kirk Cameron’s Different Now

Kirk Cameron rose to fame thanks to his leading role in the coming-of-age-sitcom Growing Pains. His sister Candace Cameron starred on Full House, making the Cameron siblings child sitcom stars. Kirk Cameron has found his way back to the spotlight, but it’s not necessarily for his acting chops.

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Instead, people are talking about the controversial comments made by the former child actor. As a religious man, Kirk Cameron puts his faith above all, which can get a little tricky when you’re growing up in Hollywood. Cameron prioritized his religion so much, and it has really rubbed people the wrong way. Other fans have supported him through it all for standing up for what he believes in.

From a child actor to a religious figure, here’s the truth about Kirk Cameron.

Getting Roles Isn’t Easy

As a child star, Kirk Cameron got his education on the set of Growing Pains. He graduated from high school when he was 17. But like many child actors, ever since his popular show ended in 1992, Cameron has had trouble landing mainstream roles.

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For instance, his 2014 film Saving Christmas was a major box office success, but the critics blasted it. This has become a recurring theme: box office success intermingled with hate from critics. He eventually did step back into the spotlight – for his controversial beliefs and opinions.

Who Is Kirk Cameron Married To?

Kirk Cameron walked down the aisle with Chelsea Noble, and the couple has been happily married for 30 years. But he has strong opinions on how wives should behave. In his opinion, the secret to a successful marriage is to have a submissive wife. He says women should always follow their husband’s leads.

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During an interview with The Christian Post, the actor didn’t hold anything back while speaking his mind. He expressed that if each person is “getting their part right,” then there is hope for a real change in the marriage.

Following the Rules

As he continued his conversation with The Christian Post, Cameron admitted that there was actually a set of instructions for marriage set up through the word of God. He claimed that many people didn’t know that they could find these rules.

Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble attend an event.
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Kirk Cameron seems to have followed those marriage instructions since he tied the knot with Chelsea Noble in 1991. But the actor believes the husband also has a part to play in creating a happy home life.

Try Not to Argue

Cameron explained that husbands should try not to argue with their wives. He believes that arguing hurts both parties and can also have a negative effect on the children. Cameron thinks arguing in front of the kids can make it hard for them to form healthy relationships.

Kirk Cameron embraces his wife as she speaks on stage.
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He went on to say that people who believe they are winning an argument will end up being the losers. In his opinion, during an argument, both parties are the losers. It’s a “no-win situation.” I always thought arguments were healthy in a relationship, but maybe that’s why I’m single.

Going on Tour

Most of the time, celebrities who go on tour have tons of screaming fans hoping to see them. People choose to see Kirk Cameron for other reasons. He went on a tour to speak about marriage.

Cameron Kirk and Chelsea Noble are speaking on stage.
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These days, the actor hasn’t been doing much as much acting as you’d expect from a star of his caliber. However, he still draws in crowds due to his marriage experience. His tour was called Love Worth Fighting For, an event that’s designed to “strengthen and encourage your marriage.”

Only Kisses His Wife

Cameron met his soul mate on the set of his hit show Growing Pains. Because of his strong religious beliefs, once the two got together, Cameron refused to participate in any kissing scenes with anyone other than his wife, of course.

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Cameron always made sure Chelsea would be switched in for kissing scenes, even if his character was kissing someone else. The actor simply refused to have physical contact with anyone else on Growing Pains. As you can imagine, this is a huge restriction and wouldn’t fly on most television sets.

His Outlook on Gender Roles

Back in 2014, Cameron’s opinions on what women’s roles should be in marriage were depicted when Saving Christmas came out. He said that a mother and wife’s joy in the home during Christmas is extremely important.

Kirk Cameron speaks on stage.
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Cameron suggested that wives and mothers should decorate their homes however they want and cook whatever meals they choose in order to spread the holiday spirit. On the other side, Cameron also said that husbands should surprise their wives by doing the dishes one night. Men doing the dishes sounds like a good rule to me.

Hollywood Doesn’t Like His Opinions

Cameron is known for his conservative opinions, and people feel like Hollywood doesn’t support the former child actor due to his beliefs. The Growing Pains star said he doesn’t feel any negativity toward the industry and that he is extremely grateful for the opportunities Hollywood gave him.

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He claims that no matter what perspective people have about life, there will always be people who disagree with them. Cameron just accepts that because it’s simply how the world works. Despite his critics, Cameron tries to avoid political debates and focuses on love instead.

Not Landing Mainstream Roles

When The Hollywood Reporter asked Cameron about his views, he admitted that his advice today wouldn’t lead actors to any big mainstream roles, but that’s not a bad thing as far as he’s concerned. He doesn’t know any roles he didn’t get approached for because of who he is.

Kirk Cameron speaks during an event.
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However, Cameron, He’s just grateful that he could stand up for what he believes in, and it led him to play roles that he is passionate about. He always encourages everyone to find other like-minded people and “go make a difference.”

Saving Christmas

Cameron starred as a fictionalized version of himself in his festive 2014 project Saving Christmas. Unfortunately, it was dubbed one of the worst movies ever made and has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 0%. IMDb was a little nicer, giving it a 1.5 out of 10 rating.

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Cameron’s peppy attitude is intended to help his brother Christian, who is struggling to find his Christmas spirit. Thanks to Cameron, his brother learns the true meaning of Christmas. The film was promoted heavily on social media, and despite all the critics, it made $2.8 million at the box office.

The Secret, Underground Hollywood Conservative Society

When pushed to discuss an underground conservative community in Hollywood, Kirk Cameron had a few things to say. First of all, he was unaware that such a group even existed. He then joked and said he didn’t want to say yes and “expose them.”

Kirk Cameron attends an event.
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Cameron noted that if there were an underground conservative society in Hollywood, he understands why they would want to keep it on the down-low. He expressed that high-profile conservatives worry about being discriminated against because of their morals and values… even though Hollywood claims to be a non-discriminatory industry.

Acting Chops Run in the Family

Kirk Cameron wasn’t the only kid in his family with the acting bug. His sister, Candace Cameron Bure, was also a child actress who famously starred as DJ Tanner in the hit sitcom Full House, around the same time her brother was on Growing Pains.

A dated portrait of Kirk Cameron and Candace Cameron Bure.
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Kirk Cameron even guest-starred on a Full House episode as Cousin Steve. Unlike her brother, Candace found more success on the acting front after her child star days, constantly appearing in movies and television shows throughout the year, including the 2016 Full House spin-off, Fuller House.

Crashing Into his Sister

Although he absolutely loves Christmas, the holiday season hasn’t always been nice to Kirk, and in December 2018, he had a bit of an accident with his sister. The unfortunate go-carting accident saw Kirk running over Candace’s hand with his racing cart.

A photo of Candace in the hospital / A picture of Candace during recovery.
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The Cameron family were out for a fun day but ended up with Candace going to the emergency room to check her hand. Her fingers were the size of balloons, but lucky, despite the bumps and bruises, nothing was broken.

Admitting When He’s Wrong

Kirk Cameron was quick to admit his mistake and takes responsibility for crashing into his sister. He took the blame and confessed that he was the driver who tried to cut Candace off and take the lead.

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After the accident, Kirk took his sister to the hospital and stayed with her the entire time. The actress was happy to inform fans that it was just a short trip to the hospital, but nothing was broken, and she was released.

Causing a Storm

Actors and famous celebrities are always only a few controversial comments away from damaging their careers. After all, this is cancel culture we’re living in. However, in 2017, Kirk didn’t hold back. Many people accused the actor of being insensitive toward the victims of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey.

Kirk Cameron speaks during an event.
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He took to social media and asked whether or not we should write off two hurricanes in quick succession as a coincidence or if there was something else going in. Then, Cameron quoted Bible passages referencing God’s power.

Kirk Goes Viral

The social media post from Cameron caused quite a stir on the internet. The post was shared thousands of times. No one was certain about what message he was trying to send, though. People wondered whether Cameron believed that God was creating storms to cause deaths just to teach them humility.

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Others questioned how the hurricanes could be a display of love, given the number of people who lost their lives because of them. The hurricanes devastated the Caribbean and parts of America, so many people didn’t appreciate those comments.

Offensive and Discriminatory?

As we know, it’s very important for people in the public eye to be careful about the things they say, or they might offend people. Not only will they hurt people, but their careers will likely suffer significantly from the backlash. Like I said, cancel culture.

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Cameron did an interview with Piers Morgan in 2012, and there were some controversial quotes that came out of that discussion. Cameron expressed his opinions on same-gender marriage, calling it “destructive to so many of the foundations of society.”

LGBT Community Claps Back

Life for Cameron wasn’t easy for a long while after that interview. People were unhappy with his opinions on the LGBT community and how he viewed it as “unnatural.” There was a ton of backlash from the LGBT community and activists.

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Big celebrities, including Craig Ferguson, Roseanne Barr, and Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson, all had things to say against Kirk Cameron. He was also called out by his Growing Pains co-stars, Alan Thicke and Tracey Gold. Although everyone is entitled to their opinions, people are also entitled to disagree.

Getting on His TV Sister’s Nerves

One of the people who was particularly hurt about Cameron’s opinions on same-gender marriage was his Growing Pains co-star Tracey Gold. She admitted that people flooded her with questions about the world views of her former on-screen brother.

Tracey Gold speaks on stage.
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Gold said that she didn’t feel like it was appropriate to stay silent during that time. She made her opinion very clear, sending the message that love and marriage are for everyone! The opposing opinions led to allegations of a feud between the former castmates.

A Feud

Like Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle’s reported feud, once the media thought there might be a story there, they ran with it. Rumors were flying about Gold and Cameron after they didn’t agree on a very sensitive topic.

Kirk Cameron and Tracey Gold in Growing Pains.
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Gold explained that after not saying anything to the actor for a while, she picked up the phone and called him. She told Cameron that she was asked for her view on the matter. Gold said they were totally fine after that. It’s nice that they respect each other’s opinions and can agree to disagree.

Waiting for a Reboot

In 2016, Kirk’s sister Candace was part of the Fuller House spin-off, and the actor hopes his own sitcom can have a similar reboot. In 2019, Cameron was rumored to be on board for a Growing Pains reboot.

The Cast of Growing Pains pose for a promo shot.
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Kirk Cameron was featured in a few Growing Pains television movies that came out in the early 2000s and is ready to return as Mike Seaver in the future. However, staying true to his beliefs, he’ll probably need to bring his wife Chelsea in for all those romantic kissing scenes.

How Many Children Does Kirk Cameron Have?

Meanwhile, although a Growing Pains reboot has not been confirmed, Cameron has been staying busy with his six children. That’s right, Cameron and Chelsea welcomed six kids into the world, and that’s no easy feat. The TV stars decided to homeschool their children.

A dated picture of Kirk Cameron with his wife and children.
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Initially, the talented parents were skeptical of the idea, but now they are advocates of homeschooling because of the joy they find in teaching their kids. Cameron exclaimed that he has zero regrets about homeschooling and said trying to socialize your kids in normal school is like trying to teach them about nutrition in a candy store.

Homeschooling Was Not an Option

Cameron elaborated on his decision to homeschool their kids when he spoke to thousands of homeschoolers at a convention in Virginia that is regarded as one of the largest homeschool conventions in the country.

An image of Cameron and his wife during a televised interview.
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The actor said that when he was first asked if he would want to homeschool his six children, his reaction was, “Why would I do that?” and “Are you kidding?” He hadn’t even considered it or thought of it as an option. He just didn’t know or care much about the idea.

A Viable Possibility

He also revealed that his impression of homeschooling as an outsider wasn’t really a positive one. But that was mainly out of ignorance. Then, circumstances made him think about it, and he started to consider it as a viable possibility.

An image of Kirk Cameron in a still from his film.
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He told the audience full of interested listeners that what led to his decision was his growing dissatisfaction with regular schools, but there was also a much bigger family issue – the fact that he wasn’t able to spend enough time with his children.

Warming Up to the Idea…

Cameron explained his train of thought. He was concerned that since he and his wife had been working so hard, they didn’t have enough time to spend with the children, and therefore, had no way to discipline them the way they wanted to.

Chelsea and Kirk speak on stage during an event.
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He also went on to voice his disagreement with the way public schools work. In his opinion, the things children are learning in public schools tend to go against their beliefs and what they try to teach them home. It sounds like a pretty good reason to me.

Where Does Kirk Cameron Live?

Ultimately, a friend of his convinced Cameron to take up homeschooling for all of his children. In order to win him over, his friend used something that was a leading force in Cameron’s life: religion.

A photo of an open bible with a Christian cross.
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His argument was basically, “More than knowledge, what your children need is wisdom” – and in his friend’s opinion, that meant knowing who God is, knowing who they are, and knowing why they’re on this earth. That’s pretty deep. Nevertheless, homeschooling the kids at their Los Angeles  seems to have been a wonderful decision for his family.

Those Words of Wisdom Sealed the Deal

Cameron recalled another piece of advice that came from that same friend. According to an unnamed source, the best thing Cameron could have done was take the kids out of the school system and then take six months off so they could all learn “how to be a family again.”

Kirk Cameron speaks to the camera.
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He did not elaborate on why those six months were necessary, considering they all appear to be one big, happy family. Either way, the Camerons are now homeschooling their kids and love every moment of it.

Homeschooled and Loving It

With six wonderful kids, Cameron knows a lot about raising children. During a 2018 interview, Cameron expressed concern for the behavior of this generation, claiming that young people today are facing many different problems than what he had to deal with as a teenager.

A portrait of Kirk Cameron.
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The main change is, of course, the rise of technology and the importance of social media in a child’s life. Cameron said that the kids of today have difficulties discerning right from wrong. Also, he declared that the definition of “morality” in a teenagers’ world has become somewhat elusive; they don’t know what a “normal” marriage looks like.

Kirk Cameron: Connect

He wanted to share his parental experience with struggling parents, so in 2018 Cameron came out with a documentary called “Kirk Cameron: Connect.” The actor uses his first-hand experience as a father of six children, four of whom are adopted, to help guide other parents.

Kirk Cameron speaks in the trailer of his documentary.
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Since most teenagers these days have virtual friends, who are basically strangers but have an immense influence on a child’s life, it’s sometimes difficult for a parent to understand that. The movie’s goal is to expose parents to the dangers of social media and make them more aware of the issues surrounding it.

The Perfect Couple

Many people find it difficult to believe that Kirk Cameron has stayed faithful to his wife while still being an active member in Hollywood and showbiz. After all, we know so many celebrities who have succumbed to their temptations and been open about their infidelity, so why was Cameron any different?

A portrait of Chelsea Noble and Kirk Cameron.
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There are a few celebrities who take their marriages very seriously, and Kirk Cameron is certainly one of them. There is no evidence that the actor ever cheated on his wife, and he even wrote about how others may avoid falling into that trap.

More Movie Projects

As we know, Cameron’s religion had an immense effect on his life, both personally and professionally. After his time on Growing Pains, he went on to mostly play religious roles. Besides his Christmas movie, he played Cameron “Buck” Williams in the 2000s Left Behind, a straight-to-TV religious movie series. And in 2008, he played the lead in Fireproof.

Kirk Cameron walks the street.
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Although his work was panned by critics, the movies did relatively well at the box office. In fact, Fireproof was the highest-grossing independent film of 2008, making Kirk Cameron one of the most prominent public Christian figures.

Growing Pains Backstage Drama

Throughout the years, it appears his outspoken opinion has raised a few eyebrows. An early incident was reported back in 1990 while on the set of Growing Pains. Life on the set of the sitcom can become tricky, and since Cameron was adamant about staying true to his religious values, he didn’t want the show to portray certain materials on screen.

Kirk Cameron and Julie McCullough in Growing Pains / Julie McCullough attends an event.
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Cameron reportedly got actress Julie McCullough fired from the show when he heard she once modeled for Playboy Magazine. This is all alleged, however. For his part, Cameron always denied these claims.


In 2017, Kirk Cameron’s most recent film, Extraordinary, came out. It’s a story of a married couple who made their relationship work against all odds, like Cameron’s real life. Although the actor didn’t play the lead role, it seems he takes on projects that line up with his values and beliefs.

A publicity still for the film.
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Unfortunately, the movie was not exactly successful, and many people haven’t even heard of it. However, Cameron continues to remain true to himself and will follow his beliefs at whatever cost. Religion is clearly more important to him than movie success.

That Cozy Feeling

When speaking to his sister about their time on Growing Pains and Full House, Kirk Cameron said he felt that there was one big reason those shows were loved by the audience. He felt as though viewers could tune in to each of those shows because of the family dynamics.

Jeremy Miller, Candace Cameron Bure, and Kirk Cameron in Growing Pains.
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Cameron explained that people love watching shows that give them a sense of comfort. I mean, I still get that feeling when I turn on Full House today. It takes me back to a simpler time. The families on-screen may not be the same as the audiences’ families, but there is nothing wrong with that!

Part of the Family

Cameron went on to say that the families that he and his sister were part of on TV were the types of families everyone wanted to be a part of. Those wholesome, family-friendly storylines portrayed on screen were just what people enjoyed. Cameron continues to get comments about it to this day.

A family portrait of the Cameron family.
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Cameron said that people tend to talk to him about his show and say they wish they had the same role models Mike Seaver had. Fans also told him that they wish their parents loved them the way Maggie and Jason Seaver loved their kids.

Never Abandoned

Cameron believes that people just want to be part of a family that will never abandon them, especially in times of need. He said that it was unrealistic that family issues get resolved or wrapped up in just 30 minutes, the way they did on Growing Pains and Full House.

The Cast of Growing Pains in a publicity shot.
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But the heartwarming part is that the families in the sitcoms always stuck together, and Cameron thinks that’s what people yearn for in real life. Since “perfect” family dynamics don’t really exist, people get that comfort from the shows.

A Second Family

The chemistry audiences saw on Growing Pains was more than just acting in Cameron’s opinion. He explained how on the set of Growing Pains, there was a tight-knit group of actors who lived the bonds that their characters portrayed on screen.

Former cast members of Growing Pains attend an event.
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Cameron also viewed his Growing Pains co-stars as a “second family” to him, just like his sister’s experience on Full House. The actor even admitted that Joanna Kerns and Alan Thicke truly felt like a second set of parents to him.

Teaming Up With Famous Friends

But Cameron doesn’t live in his child star heyday and continues to create new content. The actor is working on a new show on Trinity Broadcasting Network, where you watch him team up with some friends he’s made in show business throughout the years.

Jerry Seinfeld and Jessica Seinfeld attend an event.
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Cameron invited some of his famous friends on to his talk show, called One on One with Kirk Cameron, where they discuss their unique lives. This isn’t just an ordinary talk show, though, and Cameron said he was inspired by a beloved comedian.

Inspired by an Iconic Comedian

One on One with Kirk Cameron was inspired by the one and only Jerry Steinfeld. Cameron said he loved what the legendary comedian did with his talk show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, and wanted to add some of those elements into his own show.

An image of Jerry Seinfeld at home.
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Cameron’s goal is to show different perspectives and allow you to see a whole new side of the celebrity guest he brings in. The actor was inspired by the way Seinfeld gets his guests to let their guards down and wanted to do the same.

Some Healthy Competition

There is a chilled-out atmosphere in Cameron’s show, but it’s not just about getting stars to open up. The actor also adds some fun and introduces some type of competition and gets amazing reactions from his guests.

A portrait of Kirk Cameron.
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Cameron and friends go against each other in one-on-one competitions in each episode before they sit down and have those laid-back conversations. During these discussions, Cameron and co. talk about how important faith and family are in their lives.

No More Fighting

Cameron feels like the media today is filled with way too much negativity and wants his show to go in a whole different direction. The actor said that whenever you turn on the news, “everybody is fighting over something,” and it’s everywhere you look.

A picture of Kirk Cameron.
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Stories circulate on social media where people seem to be against each other all the time. This show is stepping away from all that and instead introduces friendly competition where things don’t get too heated.

Positive Vibes Only

There are countless social issues going on in the world, and some are tough to ignore, but Cameron wants to steer clear of that. He just wants to talk with his guests and hopes to be positive.

Kirk Cameron poses for the press.
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Cameron hopes that is his new show is refreshing for viewers instead of watching the same type of content over and over again. The first season premiered in 2019, so you can watch the whole thing right now. He has some quite interesting discussions, I must say.

Celebrity Guests

Over his years in Hollywood, Kirk Cameron certainly made some famous friends and is counting on them to come help make his show a success. There is no word on Season Two yet, but as we know, the cancelation of shows and delayed filming schedules have been common because of the 2020 pandemic.

A photo of Jeremy Miller and Tracey Gold.
Photo by Bobby Bank/Getty Images

But meanwhile, his sister appeared on Season One, and so did his former Growing Pains castmates, Jeremy Miller and Tracey Gold. Some other famous guests include the Benham Brothers, Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty, and filmmaking siblings, the Kendrick brothers.

Fun but Serious

Although Cameron has been trying to keep the messages on his show positive, he has still tackled some heavier issues that his guests have faced. Most of these stories have a happy ending, and it really shows you how vulnerable people can be.

Kirk Cameron attends an event.
Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images

Some of his celebrity guests overcame huge personal struggles, and Cameron spoke with them about how they came through to the other side. Cameron discusses a range of issues with his guests, such as body image and addiction problems and what it was like growing up in Hollywood.

Religion at the Heart of It

While good-natured fun is an element of Cameron’s show, another important topic is how the guests relate to their religion. The show even touched on some examples from Cameron’s own life and how religion can help people improve their day-to-day life and overcome struggles.

A picture of Kirk Cameron and his sister.
Source: YouTube

So yeah, once the competition is out of the way, the show makes room for heart-to-heart discussions between Cameron and his guests. Although light-hearted, the conversations tend to get a little deep, and they discuss more serious life issues.

He Loves His Fans

Cameron is wasting no time bringing new stuff to his fans, but he also makes sure to give back to those who follow and support him. The actor even attended the book launch of one of his fans in September 2019, when he was told how much she loved and appreciated him.

Kirk Cameron speaks on stage.
Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Claire Centrella’s Trapped in My Body in My Own Words tells the story of her daughter, who had to deal with serious physical challenges but still made time for everyone. Claire’s daughter passed away about 20 years ago now, but she was a huge Kirk Cameron fan!

Be Your Child’s Role Model

During an interview with The Post, Cameron shared his tips for parenting and how to connect better with one’s children. The actor explained that the first thing all parents should try is to be the best role model for their kids to look up to.

A dated portrait of Cameron and Noble.
Photo by SGranitz/WireImage/Getty Images

Cameron believes parents should be “confident” and “wholehearted” and the kind of “Christian you want your children to become.” Leading by example is just one piece of advice he shares with parents who aim to raise their children with faith.

Keep a Strong Relationship

Cameron’s next parenting tip is to make sure you always keep in contact with your kids. He warns parents that kids can go astray, so they should always try to keep a relationship with them to leave the lines of communication open.

Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble smile at the media.
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Cameron believes that in cases where kids go astray, their relationship with their mom and dad is “usually broken.” Cameron suggests that if the relationship is “healthy and strong,” the bond between the parents and child will also be, making it less likely for the child to go astray.

Sense of Identity

The last tip Cameron wants to share with parents in the modern world is to make sure they know what their identity is as a Christian. He wonders if people these days define themselves by their nationality, talent, gender, or looks.

Kirk Cameron speaks on stage.
Photo by Gabriel Grams/Getty Images

Cameron believes that keeping faith as your main sense of identity is important; it can never be taken away from you, and you will always know who you are. He tells parents to always keep that message strong in the home to ensure their kids don’t lose who they are.

Enjoys Christian Films

Cameron is quite familiar with Christian movies, and during an interview with The Christian Post, he was asked what he thought about a new project. Overcomer is a movie featuring Priscilla Shirer, and it focuses on the concept of losing one’s identity.

A portrait of Kirk Cameron.
Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images

The story surrounds a high school basketball coach who has to change paths due to the loss of his town’s largest manufacturing plant. The coach switched to a different sport, and that really got viewers to take a good look at themselves on the inside.

Who Are We?!

The movie had quite an impact on Cameron. He loved the message. He says people try to move to desirable locations like California all the time to try and find themselves after dealing with some sort of identity crisis.

A still from the film.
Source: Copyright: Sony Pictures

Cameron expressed how he enjoyed the movie because it opened up a conversation between parents and children about what really defines people deep down. I mean, it’s all about identity, which is one of Cameron’s parenting tips to help keep your kids close.

We All Struggle With It

The idea of struggling to figure out who you are is certainly not something that just happens in movies. It happens in real life all the time. Cameron believes that we all struggle with it for a few reasons. Social media forces people to look at their own self-worth by how many millions of followers they have.

A publicity still for the film.
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He thinks people are getting their morals and values from social media instead of taking a biblical worldview. Unfortunately, people are forming their identities based on the people they follow on Instagram.