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The Songs that Stayed at No.1 the Longest…in History

You’ve seen the lists of the best songs. But this one is a bit different. This is a list of songs that stayed at No.1 for the longest time. All the songs were taken from Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart Achievements. And some songs will surprise you.  We’re going to go through the list and give you some unknown facts about each song so that you can have something to add at your next social event.

We’re going to begin from the shortest-running and get to the record-breaking longest-running songs at #1 at the end.

“Billie Jean”- Michael Jackson (7 weeks)

The date “Billie Jean” reached No.1 was on March 5, 1983. There are quite a few unknown facts about Michael Jackson’s hit single. Did you know that He performed his first moonwalk when he sang the song on the TV show Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever? And here’s another crazy fact about the song’s origin…


Michael Jackson said he came up with the idea while driving his Rolls-Royce down a highway. He was so absorbed by the song that he didn’t even notice his car had caught fire! A guy passing on a motorcycle warned him and essentially saved his life.