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Defying All Odds: Hollywood’s Longest Marriages

Back in Hollywood’s golden era, the “Hollywood marriage” meant high society marriage between stars in the movie industry. It was all about the glitz and the glamor. But these days, a Hollywood marriage comes with a whole different vibe, and it’s a lot more negative. Now, celebrity marriages are expected to be short, likely ending in divorce. And fans and the media alike are quick to point their fingers as them.


Source: Photos by S_Bukley, Kathy Hutchins, DFree, Eugene Powers / Shutterstock / Photo by Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock

But despite the long-standing belief that Hollywood marriages and relationships don’t last, there are famous couples who defy the odds. We just don’t hear about them as much. Maybe because they just don’t make so much noise, or perhaps the secret to their longevity is keeping their personal lives as private as possible. The point is: not all Hollywood relationships are doomed to fail.

This is a list (in order) of the longest Hollywood marriages yet. Let’s start from the bottom!