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White-Knuckle Driving: The Most Dangerous Roads in the World

Some things are just better kept at a distance. A safe distance. These roads that you’re about to see may look breathtaking, but they will take your breath away if you’re stuck driving on them. It’s only after you reach relative safety that you realize that you’ve been holding your breath for the entire drive.

These roads are so dangerous that driving on them is a risk that many are just not willing to take. But that’s if you’re aware of them ahead of time. What if you’re traveling and come across these roads by chance? Are you going to turn back? Or are you going to suck it up and hold your breath while making your way through the heart-stopping heights and hazards, feeling as vulnerable as a human can feel?

From the US to China to Pakistan, these are the world’s most dangerous highways and paths that require sheer bravery to pass through them. One question remains: would you drive on them?

China: Guoliang Tunnel Road

China is full of unbelievable sights, both natural and human-made. And some of those places are truly breathtaking. Consider the famous Tunnel Road in Henan Province that goes through the caves of the mountain and can make your heart beat a million times a second.



This terror of a road was built within a steep mountain ridge with barely any space between the wall and the cliff. Amazingly, the road was built by only 13 people and has been utilized for only about 40 years!

Bolivia: Yungas Road

This road is known for its danger, acknowledged by adrenaline junkies around the world. With a remarkable death toll of around 300 people, this road is no joke. Most of those deaths occurred by travelers coming from La Paz, Bolivia heading to Corocio. The road is 43 miles long and not for the weak-stomached.


Source: editorchoice

The road was recently upgraded – the path was replaced with a modern and smoother road. It was about time because even minor bumps would knock people off! Remember folks, safety first. Take another route!

The next road should not be open to the public!