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Why do Dogs do What they do? And How You Can Understand Them

Too many people who don’t own one, a dog can seem like a nuisance or just another cute furry animal. Maybe some people like dogs, but feel like they don’t have what it takes to train them. People get dogs for many different reasons too! Some for therapy, others for working purposes such as herding, police work, search and rescue, and gatekeeping, with many others getting dogs as a status symbol. Some get a small dog to keep at home and just to have something to pet, other individuals like to get big dogs because they see themselves as big and healthy too, or vice versa as well.


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However, the truth is that although some dogs may have more instinctual strengths than others, all dogs share the same body language. Moreover, they understand each other very well too. It’s this language that decides every dog’s status in the pack, and they inherited from their first ancestor, the Wolf. We listed the top 50 most common canine body languages so you can understand your companion better, and speak to them better as well. Enjoy!