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40 Fascinating and Lesser Known Facts About the Land of the Rising Sun – Japan

Japan, the island nation in the Pacific Ocean, has over 125 million people. The country is packed full of high-rises, grand palaces, lustrous mountainous national parks, and countless shrines and temples. Japan may be seen as just a modern, Westernized country known for introducing sushi to the world. But the country has a lot more to offer. The country isn’t just full of rich history, it also has its fair share of unique idiosyncrasies.

Japan is truly one of a kind and anyone who visits can attest to that. Did you know that there are cafes in which you can pay to cuddle with someone? And did you know that about the village of dolls? Yeah, probably not. That’s why we’re here – to fill you in on all things Japan (the interesting things). So whether you plan on visiting one day, or if you would rather admire the country from afar via articles like this, these are some interesting facts about Japan that might change the way you previously thought about the country.

There are More Seniors than Children

It’s actually an unfortunate fact, but Japan actually has a big problem due to its lack of childbirth. The Japanese people don’t have time or money to raise families in their society in these times. The result is that there are more seniors than children. And Japan’s population is aging rapidly. In 2012, there were more than 50,000 centenarians (people over the age of 100).


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The estimate is that by 2,100, the elderly population of Tokyo (people older than 65) will equal the working age population (those between 15 and 64). And they actually sell more adult diapers than children’s diapers?