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This 13-Year-Old Built A House in His Backyard All by Himself

Luke Thill was just another 13-year-old boy living in Dubuque, Iowa, when just like any other adolescent boy, he wanted to do something to cure his boredom. He had a lot of energy but couldn’t think of an avenue to harness it to good effect. That’s when one summer, he finally decided to give the video games rest and build a house in his backyard instead, in the bid to do something productive. What ensued, however, was something he hadn’t imagined.

All by Himself

Even though Luke’s parents are very caring and cooperative, they decided to let Luke work on this project on his own. His father knew that this was a chance for Luke to do some real-life work and really put his talents to use.



“It teaches important life lessons,” his father said. But how did a young man, with no knowledge of construction build a house all by himself?