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40 Animal Hybrids That Require a Double Take

Animals stick to their own kind, in general, when mating whether they are felines, canines, from the avian family or even cold-blooded family. Now imagine what happens when animals crossbreed. Often this happens naturally in the wild but sometimes science purposely intervenes. Sometimes the results are amazing and you get “super” animals which take on the best characteristics of each animal. The flip side is that sometimes you don’t. The following shows images of the most interesting animals from all corners of the earth and ocean that you will ever see in your lifetime.

1. Zorse: When Black Beauty Mixes With Stripes

As you can imagine, without even looking at the picture, a “zorse” is a mixture of a horse and a zebra. They’re extremely beautiful to look at.


Source: nytimes.com

These were actually originally bred in the nineteenth century by none other than Charles Darwin but these days they are exceptionally rare as they are either infertile or sterile. Perhaps that is a sign that they shouldn’t interbreed.