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Scientists Made A Creepy Discovery On This Australian Island

Science has come a long way in recent years. We’ve made so much progress and so many discoveries as a species, with scientific breakthroughs and ground-breaking research coming thick and fast. We’ve discovered and identified countless species, mapped out the entire world, plunged to the depths of the oceans, and more. And yet, there’s still so much we don’t know about our own planet; nevertheless, so many secrets hiding away, just waiting to be discovered.

Scientists estimate that there are still countless species out there we’ve not even met yet, as well as so much of the world’s oceans and waters that have not been explored, so many jungles, forests, and other natural landscapes that could be hiding all kinds of fascinating secrets. You never know when and where one of those secrets might be discovered next, and when a group of scientists explored this Australian island, they made an unusual and creepy discovery.

The Lord Howe Islands

Many people dream of spending some time on a private island, and if you saw pictures of the Lord Howe Island Group, which is part of Australia, you might think it looks like a paradise.


Source: Facebook.com

The islands are renowned for their beautiful beaches, dramatic scenery, and coral reefs, but one of them had been hiding a skin-crawling secret for almost a century, and scientists were about to find out exactly what was going on.