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Real-Life ‘The Goonies’: Archaeologists Discover 14,000-Year-Old Treasure

Professional archaeologists rarely spend their time digging land based on stories and speculation, but this team of experts that excavated this virtually unreachable spot near the Canadian Coast had no solid reason to dig below the pine trees and layers of mud. They acted on a hunch and unraveled something that went down to be the most significant discoveries in the archaeological history of North America. Read on to know more:

Amidst the Great Bear Rainforest

Away from the Canadian coast, within the Great Bear Rainforest, a group of expert archaeologists was trying to test the authenticity of a folktale. They had no idea what they were really looking for, and they were knee-deep in cold mud.


Source: (Hakai Institute)

This was the first time any team had ventured here to look for something, because, well, nobody really thought they’d find anything. However, this enthusiastic lot believed that the world never ceases to amaze us, and they weren’t wrong.