Major Hollywood Blunders That Only Die-Hard Fans Would Notice

For every Hollywood blockbuster, there are plenty of behind-the-scenes factors and visual elements involved. Since the goal for every film director is to ensure each scene runs seamlessly into the next, the backdrop, props, and wardrobe are key. It helps make the movie seem more authentic and helps set each scene. That’s why to make a medieval plot or period drama come to life, you would expect the production to have every detail perfected, also making sure the actors are wearing the costumes from those periods.

However, as we reveal all mistakes, even in the glamorous world of Hollywood productions, sometimes everything doesn’t go as smoothly as we expect it to. From wardrobe fails and scenic glitches to random props and surprises on the set, some of these may have slipped under the radar. However, being movie buffs, we’ve brushed up on our movie research, so let’s showcase the worst movie blunders in Hollywood history.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

When you’re wrapped up in a movie, it’s easy to focus on the main characters rather than the extras in the background. However, the extras help set the atmosphere and backdrop for the film. Many extras see it as their time to shine so you would expect them to blend in by wearing the costumes from that era.


In the action movie Raiders of the Lost Ark, most extras blend perfectly into the background tapestry and are dressed appropriately for the movie set in 1936 in Tunisia. Still, if you look a little closer, you’ll spot one extra strolling in the background in his jeans. We have nothing against jeans, it’s just you wouldn’t expect to see that in the 1930s in Tunisia.

My Girl

When My Girl hit the theatres in 1991, it became a movie classic. The feel-good movie transported viewers back to the 1970s and featured some of the biggest names in Hollywood, from Macaulay Culkin and Jamie Lee Curtis to Anna Chlumsky. Looking at this picture takes me back to when I was a kid and wanted to be like her!


While it’s easy to get carried away in this nostalgic 70s movie, there’s just one little snag. When Anna Chlumsky happily showed off her mood ring, it may have seemed like a fashionable ring for the time. Still, the movie was set in 1972 and mood rings weren’t created until 1975, so it’s a little ahead of its time. But hey, we absolutely loved the movie, no one cares about that!


When the epic war movie Braveheart was released in 1991, it opened to critical acclaim. The film was nominated for 10 Oscars (and won five Oscars for best picture, best director, best cinematography, best effects, sound effects editing and best makeup) and grossed $210.4 million in the box offices. Impressive, right?


The main characters, including Mel Gibson, were praised for their performances, and the movie seemed authentic for its time. Since the movie was set in Scotland in 1280, it might have seemed perfectly normal that the Scottish knight and his band of men were rocking kilts. Still, while kilts are a traditional dress in Scotland, they weren’t a thing yet in the 1200s and actually became popular much later.

Ben Hur

When the movie Ben Hur debuted at the box office in 2016, it was filled with potential but didn’t quite live up to the movie hype. It amassed only $94.1 million against the budget of $100 million and drew some negative reviews by critics. I guess not everything can be a huge hit. However, we we don’t succeed in the way we expect, we learn from it and create something much better later on!


Some of the elements that were criticized included poor editing and camerawork. It also featured some historical accuracies, as it was set in the 12th century. So when Judah Ben Hur rode into the scene like a gladiator wearing a Jewish Star of David symbol, that actually wasn’t such a familiar symbol at that time, which only made it less authentic.

Captain America

In 1991, the epic Marvel movie Captain America: The First Avenger became a massive commercial success. It grossed $370 million across the world and was praised by critics. While the film was filled with awesome special effects, there’s one tiny detail that the directors didn’t pick up on.


The movie was set in WW2 and while most scenes were accurate, there is one scene where the soldier Jim Morita, is rocking a pretty futuristic piece of technology. While it’s pretty normal to see people sporting earpieces in today’s age, earpieces wouldn’t have existed in WW2. Then there is our personal theory. First of all, this is Marvel we are talking about and second of all, maybe somebody came back from the future to assist in the war!


When the Western movie Unforgiven first premiered in 1992, it quickly became a blockbuster. While the movie only had a small budget of $14 million, it ended up surpassing expectations. The film was nominated for 4 prestigious awards and managed to gross $159 at the box office. Clint Eastwood’s career in filmmaking and directing soared with the release of this hauntingly unforgettable film.


Still, while it was a huge success, the movie still had some minor faults. Perhaps it was because of the tiny budget, but Gene Hackman strolled in wearing some questionable pants. Since the movie was set in the 1880s, those pants wouldn’t have existed back then. Still, in this case, the production was so good, so we’ll have to forgive those pants.

Forrest Gump

The 1994 iconic movie Forrest Gump regularly tops all the lists of the greatest movies of all time. Starring Tom Hanks, the movie stole the hearts of critics and viewers alike, won a slew of awards and amassed over $677 million worldwide. This movie is ‘Like a box of chocolates‘.


While the success of the movie may be indisputable, there were a few minor snags that only die-hard fans might notice. In one emotional scene, Forrest reunites with his love, Jenny after a long time and ends up meeting his son. There’s just one disconnect as the scene seems to have a traveling ironing board. In one shot it’s upright, and in another it’s horizontal. Maybe they ironed during that scene!

The Informant

When Matt Damon starred in The Informant in 2009, the film surpassed expectations and was a spellbinding success. This one’s a compelling drama movie that you definitely shouldn’t miss. One of the reasons it was such a big commercial hit was because the movie provided the perfect blend of comedic and serious moments. Still, there was just one minor element that the producers overlooked.


The movie was supposed to be set in the 1990s. In one scene when the characters are golfing, one cast member is sporting some pretty awesome Nike spikes. While these might be cool shoes, they most definitely didn’t actually come out until later on. Still, this minor detail didn’t make any dent on the film’s success. I’m sure hardly anyone noticed.

Pulp Fiction

When the US crime movie Pulp Fiction debuted in 1994 it became an instant cult classic and is widely viewed as a cinematic masterpiece. The stars Travolta, Jackson and Thurman were all critically acclaimed for their performances and the movie was nominated for seven Oscars.


The infamous movie was directed by Tarantino and while each scene was filled with action, there was one minor detail that everyone missed. In one infamous shot, Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield try to retrieve a suitcase from Brett’s apartment but are surprised by an assassin who tries to shoot them. Before they even have a chance to dodge the bullets, there are already some bullets in the wall. It’s still an epic scene so we forgive them.


In the year 2000, Russell Crowe stunned everyone with his talented acting and masterfully executed fight scenes on the set of Gladiator. We strongly feel that the movie has such an astounding sweep on the story and is masterful in the storytelling that it makes its storyline appear classic rather than cliched.


And while the action scenes must have been difficult to master, there was just one tiny wardrobe fail that stood out like a sore thumb to some of us. It’s only when Russell fell over, that he debuted his tiny black Lycra shorts to the world. We can totally understand he wanted to protect his modesty, but in Roman times, they didn’t have the luxury of tiny Lycra shorts!


In 2003, the equestrian film Seabiscuit raced into the box office. The movie starred Toby Maguire and portrayed the story of a popular horse racer called Seabiscuit became a media sensation in the time of the Great Depression. The film fared well in the box office and was nominated for a stream of awards. Not many people noticed this small mistake in the movie and if you didn’t, we will update you.


While the heart-warming film was a touching success, it was still ridden with flaws. One of the major snags was that the jockeys all wore strapped helmets. Still, these didn’t exist yet in the 1920s. However since we now know a lot more about safety, we’re kind of glad they chose to wear helmets!

The Wedding Singer

I am sure most of the ladies out there remember this girly movie from 1998, the romantic comedy, The Wedding Singer became a global hit. The stars Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore were praised for their roles and while it had a small budget of just $18 million, the film grossed $100 million in the box office.


Still, while the Wedding Singer was produced in the 90s, it was supposed to be set in the 1980s. So while the 1980s were known for big blowout hairstyles, Drew Barrymore is rocking a short, sleek flicked out hair. This hairstyle was way trendier in the 90s, so it seems like a little 90s snuck into the movie. In my opinion, movies weren’t up to today’s standards when it comes to perfecting the smallest of details.

Catch Me If You Can

In the hit 2002 movie Catch Me If You Can, we were all introduced to the character Brenda, played by Amy Adams. She appeared as a naïve and shy personality, and seemed even more adorable, especially as she also flashing her braces. This movie was a more slow-burning movie than you’d expect, which made it ever more breathtaking!


The movie was supposed to be set in 1963 and was a total box office sensation. Still, fans may not have realized that in the 1960s, there were only wrap-around braces, and these stick-on braces weren’t around till the late 1970s, so these braces were pretty ahead of their time. Can we all take a minute to realize how young Amy is here? Wow!

The Ten Commandments

In the 1956 biblical movie The Ten Commandments, many viewers were mesmerized by one of the main characters, Nefretiri, played by Anne Baxter. I’m sure a lot of you remember, right? And while she looked exquisite in her turquoise sheer blue dress and glamorous jewelry, there were just a few details that we just have to speak about.


As stunning as Nefretiri looked in her sheer dress, many commented on her pretty lacy bra, since it wasn’t exactly true to what they would have worn in Biblical times. The turquoise color of her dress was also a little rich for those times too, but that doesn’t distract from the popularity of the movie, so we’ll just let this one slide.

The Doors

In 1991, the Doors movie exploded onto the box offices. Starring Val Kilmer, the film explored the life of Jim Morrison and his iconic band, The Doors. The movie was set in the 1960s, and throughout the film, Jim rocked some pretty awesome Ray-ban sunglasses. ‘That might have you thinking, what a stylish dude!’


Still, like many other older movies, that was the small glitch. The model of Ray-bans that Val sported in the film was only released in the 1980s. Since Jim Morrison passed away in the 1970s, of course, there’s no way he could have possibly rocked it out in these glasses. Still, when you’re Val Kilmer, you can pretty much get away with anything. I’m sure no one even noticed!

Singing in the Rain

In 1952, the musical-romantic comedy Singing in the Rain leaped onto the silver screen. The movie was dripping in old-school glamor and portrayed Hollywood in the 1920s era. Many viewed it as one of the greatest musicals ever made and it produced some of the catchiest hits of all time. Oh gosh, I remember singing this song every single time I saw rain when I was a kid!


The movie starred some Hollywood legends, like Debbie Reynolds, who was praised for her acting and musical performance. Still, some of her outfits clashed with the 1920s theme. In one scene, she looked glamorous in her pink dress. While it fit her like a glove, this type of dress wasn’t one of the fashion trends that would have been indicative of the 1920s.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

In 1991, the action-adventure movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves had audiences gripped. The big-budget production was also a spellbinding commercial success and amassed around $390.5 million worldwide. I think this one of the most marvelous adaptions of this love story I have ever seen.


This production had quite the budget to create the best film they could! Although this movie had a big budget for their props and their special effects, there was just one small technical detail which everyone missed. The movie is set in 1194 and during one epic shot, Robin is using a telescope to scour the scene. However, telescopes weren’t invented until the 17th century, so this futuristic technology seems a little out of place.

Back to the Future

In 1985, Back to the Future became a sci-fi movie sensation. The first movie in the trilogy became a massive box office hit, won an Academy Award and became the highest-grossing movie of that year, amassing over $381 million. One of the greatest trilogies ever made. If you haven’t seen Back To The Future yet, you either are alien or a time-traveling Tanner who came to the future just so you could see the film.


The time-traveling movie won us all over and transported us between 1985 and 1955, and one of the appeals of the movie is that it paid such attention to detail between each era. There was just one time-traveling glitch. The ES-345 guitar that Marty McFly played in 1955 wasn’t actually invented until 1958.

Pride and Prejudice

In 2005, the movie adaption of the Jane Austin novel, Pride and Prejudice premiered to the world. While the movie strayed a little from the original 19th-century novel, most of these helped improve the storyline. Still, there were a few historical nuances that were a little harder to justify. A romantic and classic novel dating back and based on the 17th century. Really loved and it. One gets to learn intensely about the lifestyle of perception of people in those times.


One of these details was the trendy rubber boots that Kiera Knightley wore in the period drama. Keira played the role of Lizzie, and in a few scenes, she could be spotted in the boots. However, rubber boots weren’t invented until 1852. Luckily though, she hid the boots under a long dress, so we hardly noticed.

Pulp Fiction

The 1994 cult classic Tarantino movie, Pulp Fiction became memorable for a few reasons. While some remember it for its iconic one-liners, such as “Uncomfortable silences. Why do we feel it’s necessary to yak about bullshit in order to be comfortable?”, others remember its signature dance moves. However, a select few people remember it for a totally different reason.


In one classic scene, Butch Coolidge, played by Bruce Willis accidentally exposed himself. During the scene, Butch is seen talking to his girlfriend and drying himself off from the shower. For a split second, he moves his towel to wipe his face and unintentionally gives viewers a sneaky glimpse of his downstairs region.

Pearl Harbor

In 2001, Pearl Harbor was released in theatres as a romantic period drama war movie. The movie and starred the likes of Ben Affleck and Kate Beckinsale and was set in 1941 during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. During these days, the women were very conservative. Their fashion was about creating an hourglass silhouette with masculine details.


As with most historical movies, the production teams invest time on the historic details. Still, there was still one detail that the costume department overlooked. In the film, most of the girls had bare legs. However in the 1940s women would have worn nylon stockings, or draw lines on the back of their legs as nylon wasn’t in such great supply.

Django Unchained

In 2012, Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained became a box office success. The movie opened to critical acclaim and featured a star-studded cast like Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio and Samuel L Jackson. |This movie attracted a lot of criticism regarding the action and small details in the way the actors carry themselves. Well, not every product can be perfect!


However, in the movie, Jamie Fox oozes style and rocks some very cool shades. There was just one snag. The movie was set in Texas in 1858, before the onset of the American Civil War. In 1858, people wouldn’t have had the luxury of modern sunglasses to shade them from the sun’s rays. Still, the shades add to his character, so we’ll let them off.


In 2004, the political thriller movie, Spartan debuted in theatres. The movie featured plenty of big industry names, from Val Kilmer to Kristen Bell, so unsurprisingly, it was opened to commercial success. True, I watched it just because of the big actors staring in it! The satisfaction in ‘Spartan’ is watching the characters gradually define themselves and the plot gradually emerge like your face in a steamy mirror. It’s exciting!


Still, Kristen Bell became the victim of another Hollywood wardrobe malfunction. Kristen plays the daughter of the President who goes missing. In one epic scene, she is punched by another character, but the punch is so harsh that it ends up exposing her skin. Still, maybe this was just for added effect.

Schindler’s List

When the movie Schindler’s List premiered in the box office, the poignant WW2 movie was nominated for 12 awards and grossed $322 million worldwide. Well, that’s understandable. I personally think this movie was extremely moving and insightful! The movie followed the life of the wonderful Oskar Schindler, who managed to save the lives of thousands of Polish-Jewish refugees during the Holocaust.


The film was critically acclaimed for many reasons and became an iconic classic. However, there was just one minor detail that the movie didn’t quite portray. The female refugees in the movie all have clean-shaven legs. However, in the time it was considered normal to have unshaven legs. Still, this minor detail doesn’t distract from the powerful impact of this movie.


In 2014, the romantic movie Pompeii premiered to the world. The movie was set in the Roman era and was inspired by the eruption of the volcano Mount Vesuvius in 79 A D. So we can totally understand that when the Roman civilization was being threatened by a volcano, their fashion choices weren’t the first thing on anyone’s minds.


However, there was one fashion choice that stood out in the movie. This was the fact that the generals wore bold purple garments. However, this wasn’t so historically accurate. In those days the Generals wouldn’t have been able to be so bold as to wear purple in front of Nero. Still, they had much more pressing issues like a volcano to deal with so we can let it slip.

Where Eagles Dare

In 1968, the British WW2 action movie, Where Eagles Dare showed in theatres. The movie featured Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton and fast became an iconic classic. The movie is memorable and a favorite with fans for a few reasons, like catchy phrases. This movie is remembered as a highly entertaining world war II movie with two amazing actors! However, there was one thing that not many fans noticed.


In the movie, one of the main characters, Heidi, which was played by Ingrid Pitt, looked at the image of glamor. However, she also sported a big hairstyle which was very trendy for the 1960s, but not so popular for WW2. It was just a little ahead of its time, that’s all.


The 1984 movie Amadeus is widely regarded as one of the greatest films in cinematic history. The film followed the life of Mozart and received a record-breaking 53 award nominations and managed to win 40 of them. Amadeus was a well-planned production with gorgeous costumes, perfect production designs, and sublime music.


While the movie remained largely true to the historical period, there was still one detail that the costume department missed. This was that the dancers’ outfits are fitted with zippers. However, the movie is set in the 1700s and zippers weren’t invented until 1918. For all we know, this could be some sort of smart stitching. Oh, who am I kidding? Let’s hope that no one else realized this while watching the movie.


In 2004, the movie Troy was another chart-busting commercial success. The epic action film was inspired by Homer’s great Iliad and was gripped audiences with thrilling war scenes. The movie went on to gross $500 million in the box office. Inspired by Homer’s “The Iliad,” this epic sword-and-sandals tale of love, greed and honor chronicle the ancient war between Greece and Troy.


Still, there was just one minor snag that caught the attention of some viewers. In one scene, Orlando Bloom is seen standing under a pink parasol. However, this kind of umbrella was not the kind of thing you would expect in the time of warriors and gladiators. No, they would have probably just had material bind onto stone pillars around them.

The Last Samurai

The 2006 war movie, The Last Samurai was a massive box office hit. It was acclaimed by critics and fans alike for the directing, acting, plot, costumes and visual effects, and grossed $456 million around the world. If you haven’t seen this movie, you definitely have to. Regardless, there was just one costume blunder that was overlooked.


The movie featured Tom Cruise (hello, hello there), who played Captain Nathan Algren. Throughout the film, he was all dressed up in samurai attire. The only thing was that the armor he was wearing dates back to 1600 and the movie was set in 1876, so it was a little outdated. So I was wondering if he might have inherited it from a long line of ancestors?

There Will Be Blood

There Will Be Blood is widely considered a cinematic masterpiece and scored two Oscars. The 2007 movie starred Daniel Day-Lewis, who played a ruthless oilman or ruthless oil prospector if you will,  searching for wealth in South California in the late 19th century. He was searching to be the most relentless and powerful oil tycoon.


There was just one detail that caught our eye. In most of the scenes, Daniel is wearing boots with a pattern on the bottom, known as waffle shoes. However, these boots weren’t invented yet. Now, my question is, where the hell are these movie police officers sitting? Come one! Who are we to nitpick when the film is just so great and everyone enjoyed it so much!

Saving Private Ryan

In 1998, Steven Spielberg’s iconic WW2 movie, Saving Private Ryan opened to universal acclaim. The film was filled with plenty of gripping action and scored $481.8 million in the box office. It also received 11 nominations at the Oscars. It was a strong, powerful war movie that hardly pulls any punches. It perfectly balances the inhumanity of war and the humanity of its protagonists.


The movie police somewhere out there just had to point out one minor detail though. In most of the movie, the soldiers are seen wearing black boots. However, the standard boots during WW2 would have been brown boots. However, this technical detail didn’t have any influence or impact on the movie’s success at all. Thank goodness, oh the horror!

Gangs of New York

In 2002, Martin Scorses’s Gangs of New York exploded onto the box office, amassing $193 million. It featured some of the biggest names in Hollywood, like Daniel Day-Lewis, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Cameron Diaz and was set in 1863 in the New York slums. This one is a classic that actually traces the birth of America truthfully, not in civilized boardrooms where the principles of democracy are debated and pondered upon.


The movie was nominated for ten Oscars and was praised by critics and fans around the world. The only snag was in the costume department. The fireman wore pretty modern-looking uniforms, and we’re sure these weren’t what they would have worn in 1863. Now this one, I’d have to agree! They could have made an effort regarding his modernized uniform!

I Know What You Did Last Summer

The teen horror flick, I Know What You Did Last Summer was a huge box office hit when it was released in 1997. I think this one is too bloody and brutal for kids. The movie featured big names in the industry, like Sarah Michelle Gellar. Still, at one point viewers got to see a little more of her than you might expect.


During one classic scene, Helen, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar can be seen climbing a rope. However, it seems that the cameraman took some creative liberties while she was reaching for the rope. Sure enough, viewers got to glimpse some more of Sarah’s skin under her poorly fitted dress. We aren’t sure if that was supposed to happen o if it was a mistake.

Julius Caesar

In 1953, the movie adaptation of the classic Shakespearean play, Julius Caesar premiered in theatres. According to MGM records, the movie made 3,920,000 worldwide. It won many fans and even scored a few Academy Awards. Still, while the film was authentic to the era in many ways, there was just one tiny costume glitch.


Okay, the television and film police found the needle in the haystack! If you look closely, and I mean really closely at the blonde woman in this scene, you can see that under her robe she is wearing a pointy bra. (Or she could just be cold!) These bullet bras would have been fashionable in the 1950s. However, these types of bras wouldn’t have been around in Julius Caesar’s era.


The 1989 war movie, Glory is set at the time of the American Civil War, and featured some of the biggest names in Hollywood, like Matthew Broderick and Morgan Freeman. The movie fared well in the box office and was nominated for five awards.


However, there was just one technological glitch. In this scene, one of the soldiers in the foreground is flaunting a pretty futuristic piece of technology. In the American Civil War, we’re quite sure that digital watches weren’t around yet.


In 1997, Titanic took the world by storm and was a massive commercial success. The movie starred Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio and their romance stole everyone’s hearts. In addition to grossing over $1.84 billion in the box office, the film was also nominated for 14 Academy Awards.


There was just one pretty humorous mistake by the makeup team, which was Kate Winslet’s traveling beauty spot. In some scenes, the beauty spot is on the left and in others, it appears on the right, just like magic.