It’s Not All Smoke and Mirrors Anymore: It’s Green Screens and CGI

The Hollywood movies we all love to watch look completely different while in the making. And the movie industry has come a long way due to major advancements in technology, including impressive CGI (computer-generated imagery) and green screens.

While we used to have to use our imagination or settle for less than impressive “special effects,” now we don’t have to. Because Hollywood has done such a convincing job for us. But if you’re even somewhat curious, you must have wondered, “How do they do that?” Well, most of the time, they’re actually in a big hangar in front of a green screen. Check out these cool behind-the-scenes photos revealing the magic of Hollywood.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Source: @BehindScenesPic/Twitter

If you were happily under the impression that the world of Harry Potter was a real place, I’m sorry to burst your bubble. The truth is that green screens, and hands, are the real deal. But we should be happy that this works because it means the wizarding world can come to life on our screens!

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