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40 Awe-Inspiring Photos That Reveal the Reality of Russia

When we think of Russia, certain images appear in our minds. Influenced by movies, TV, and other forms of media and even political propaganda, we’ve developed a lot of associations and stereotypes about Russia, but the reality of the world’s biggest country is actually very different from what you might be imagining.

The country was famously closed off to foreigners for nearly a century, finally opening up again in the 1990s. For such a long time, we knew so little about Russia, its people, its culture, and its traditions. Now, with more and more travelers choosing to visit the land once known as the USSR, we’re starting to get a clearer picture of what Russia is really all about. These photos give us a powerful glimpse into Russian life.

The Importance of Fishing

Since Russia has such a huge coastline and such easy access to so many bodies of water, fishing has always played a key role in the country’s development and culture. Fish is very commonly enjoyed by Russian people.


Source: pixmafia.com

This intriguing photo shows us a Russian lady wearing some kind of fish-themed outfit. She’s sitting next to the water, with fish-style earrings, little fish on her tights, and even bits of seaweed over her face and shoulder.