The Incredible Cast of HBO’s Entourage: Then and Now

Entourage is one of the most highly rated TV shows ever made and ran for 96 episodes between 2004 and 2011. In its eight seasons, we got to see the story of Vincent Chase and his friends as they try and chase their dreams in Los Angeles.

Entourage / Constance Zimmer / Adrian Grenier / Beverly D’Angelo.

But what have the actors been up to since they left the show a little over ten years ago? Here’s a look at the star cast and their highs and lows. We’ll also check out some of the most interesting Entourage facts. Let’s get started!

Adrian Grenier as Vincent Chase

No one would believe that Adrian Grenier was a hippie who played the bongo while studying at Bard College. He graduated with a drama degree only to be welcomed by the movies with a minor role in the 1997 film “Arresting Gena.”

Adrian Grenier on the set of Entourage.
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His role in “The Devil Wears Prada” was also fairly minor, but his big break came as the leading role in “Entourage.” He brilliantly played the role of Vincent Chase, a young man who is the best actor of his generation, living in Hollywood surrounded by his eccentric entourage.

A Busy Actor and Activist

Although the success of “Entourage” was huge, the roles didn’t flow for Grenier after leaving the show with only one acting credit between 2011 and 2015. In 2015, he starred in the film version of Entourage, and after that, plenty of other roles followed.

Adrian Grenier attends an event.
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Today, Greiner is a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme and an activist with the project to reduce the use of plastic and save the world’s oceans. The brilliant actor has recently starred in the TV show “Clickbait” and continues to have an impressive career.

Jeremy Piven as Ari Gold

Director Doug Ellin cast Piven as Ari Gold for the entire 96 episodes of this hit show. The brilliant character earned Piven three Emmys and a well-deserved Golden Globe. It was no easy task to play a visceral and spontaneous talent agent, but Piven was a huge part of what made it so good.

Jeremy Piven on the series set.
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The powerful Hollywood agent will be remembered for his aggressive personality in the series. Although in the film, his character is less racy. It was a well-written character who helped to provide some depth to the series.

He’s Continued on a Great Career Path

At the end of the Entourage adventure, he moved to the UK, where he has the leading role in a series called “Mr. Selfridge.” The character is very different from Ari and plays a founder of art galleries in Oxford. He is already 39 episodes into this role.

Lee Levi and Jeremy Piven attend an event.
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Piven’s career started back in 1986, and he’s as busy as ever. Not only has he done a variety of work since the show, but he also has plenty more projects lined up. Entourage was just one of many impressive acting jobs that he’s had.

Kevin Connolly as Eric Murphy

His role as manager and best friend of protagonist Vincent Chase is remembered for causing friction among the rest of the Entourage characters. Eric “E” Murphy does everything he can to keep Vince afloat in Hollywood. Eric was in charge of every move during the show’s eight seasons.

Kevin Connolly on the set of the television series.
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The busyness of his central character in the series didn’t take time away from other collaborations. During the time he filmed Entourage, Connolly also collaborated in films such as “Secretariat” and “The Ugly Truth.”

Becoming a Hit Director

His television appearances have not stopped. He got a leading role in the show “Friends with Better Lives” and also has a recurring character in the series “Pitch.” While he’s been fairly active with acting, he’s also done work behind the screen.

Connolly speaks during a press conference.
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He’s directed several different TV shows and movies. His big break in directing came in the film “Gotti,” which was hugely criticized and had terrible reviews. Since then, he’s worked as a director on “The Oath” and “Snatch” for a few episodes.

Kevin Dillon as Johnny “Drama” Chase

Johnny Drama is one of the characters with which Kevin Dillon was more comfortable in his career. So much so that he came close to receiving a Golden Globe and an Emmy in 2008 for his portrayal of Vincent’s funny half-brother.

Kevin Dillon on the set of the show.
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The actor often comments that his success in Entourage is because he plays his own life and does it with total naturalness, except for Johnny’s passion for exercise, which Dillion doesn’t share. Another outstanding role he had was the one he played in the biopic “The Doors” in 1991, where he was John Densmore, the band’s drummer.

He loves That Malibu Life

Kevin Dillon continued to work alongside another Entourage actor, Jerry Ferrara. They collaborated as voice artists in the video game “Scarface,” based on the Al Pacino movie. His career dates back to the early ‘80s but is still going strong.

Kevin Dillon and his wife attend an event.
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He lives happily in Malibu with a beautiful family and his collectible cars. While not flooded with great roles, Dillon continues to work on a variety of projects. This includes plenty of movie roles on the horizon.

Jerry Ferrara as Turtle

Jerry Ferrara, before his role as Turtle in the HBO series, was a young supporting actor whose career was not well known. In Entourage, he is not part of the acting business but plays a role of a childhood friend of the main character.

A portrait of Jerry Ferrara as Turtle.
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Without him as a driver and errand boy, many of the adventures of the entourage would not have been possible. It is characters like him that are important in driving such a successful show, and Ferrara played the role of Turtle very well.

He’s Been in Some Great Films

In 2015 Ferrara began to join the cast of “Power,” the series produced by 50 Cent. Before that, he had one of his few leading roles in the comedy “Think Like a Man.” His acting career shows no signs of tailing off for a man who is now in his 40s.

Breanne Racano and Ferrara pose for the press.
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He also had the honor of sharing screen time with some acting gods in “Last Vegas,” where he starred alongside Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro, and Michael Douglas. He was also part of the cast of the “Sully” film, directed by Clint Eastwood.

Rex Lee as Lloyd

This character was the most eccentric part of the series. Rex Lee played Ari’s secretary and became one of the most popular characters for fans of the show. Excluding the five main cast members, he had the most appearances on the show with 79 episodes.

Rex Lee as Lloyd in an episode from the show.
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The character appears from the second season. Ari could be quite harsh with him at times, but they share some lighter moments. Lloyd ended up being an important part of the show right up until it ended in 2011.

The Shows He Starred In

After leaving Entourage, Lee was hired for two long seasons of ABC’s sitcom “Suburgatory.” He played a clueless school counselor named Mr. Wolfe. More roles followed, including the 2015 Entourage film where he reprised the Lloyd character.

Lindsey Lohan and Lee in a still from Glee.
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It was in 2014 when he landed another starring role in a TV show. He participated in the series “Young and Hungry” for five seasons, appearing in all 71 episodes. Another leading role came in “Vicious Mannies,” which shows his acting abilities are still in high demand.

Rhys Coiro as Billy Walsh

Walsh represents the serious role of a problematic and obsessive director. He is the alcoholic and the most hedonist of the group. He provided the show with a gripping level of instability and was brilliant in his 27 episodes on the show.

Rhys Coiro as Billy Walsh in a still from the show.
Source: Copyright: HBO

His main interest is money, and he’ll do anything to get it. Although at the end of the series, he redeems himself and directs his life to more noble objectives. It’s was a very well-written character and played to perfection by Coiro.

A Vast Number of TV Roles Followed

His success in the series has been built on with a wide range of different roles, and he’s worked on several TV shows. Since Entourage ended in 2011, he’s had reoccurring roles on an impressive 14 different series

Rhys Coiro attends an event.
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While he hasn’t received that many roles as a lead character, he’s shown his range and versatility since leaving Entourage. It seems as though the work isn’t going to slow down for him anytime soon.

Scott Caan as Scott Lavin

Looking back at Scott Caan’s pre-Entourage career, this rapper, director, writer, and actor had plenty of big-screen experience. Including his role in the famous “Ocean” trilogy, where he plays the role of Turk Malloy, the gifted mechanic.

Scott Caan as Scott Lavin in a still from the show.
Source: Copyright: HBO

In 2010 during his Entourage years, he was cast as Detective Danny ‘Danno’ Williams in the series Hawaii Five-0. His role in Entourage was fairly minor in his career, but he still played an important character over his 19 episodes.

He Finished His Legendary Role in Hawaii Five-0

After the end of Entourage, the ruthless Hollywood manager would continue performing in a recurring role of Detective Danno until the end of “Hawaii Five-0” in 2020. He became a father in 2014 after the birth of his daughter, Josie James.

Scott Caan in Hawaii Five-0.
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The same year he also worked on a music track for Stepbrothers Project Lord Steppington. He is now part of the cast of an upcoming CBS Crime drama, Topangaland. He’s another cast member who has remained very active.

Jonathan Keltz as Jake Steinburg

Jonathan has been into acting from a very young at only 16 years old. His debut was for a little-known role of Nate from the early 2004 Drama series “Degrassi the Next-generation.” From 2004 onwards, Jonathan has been involved in one series after another in both movies and television series.

Jonathan Keltz in a scene from the television series.
Source: Copyright: HBO

His total appearances in Entourage were 16 episodes as he played the role of one of Ari’s substitute assistants. This handsome young man would also be part of the cast in many television series and movies to come.

He Found Good Work After a Few Misses

After the end of Entourage, Jonathan had some struggles with his work. He was offered minor roles in television films mostly and single-episode appearances in other series. Despite his excellent performances in movies such as “Prom” and “21 & Over,” the movies themselves were not very successful.

Laysla De Oliveira and Jonathan Keltz attend an event.
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Keltz found his break in 2013 when he scored the recurring role in Historical Drama “Reign” as Leith Bayard till the series ended in 2017. Recently, he starred in “Nine Films About Technology,” A dark comedic take on the technological revolution and human society.

Fichtner as Phil Yagoda

It is impossible not to have come across this man within the last 20 years on this planet. William Fichtner is known for his roles across many movies and TV shows.

Fichtner is in a still from the show.
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From his role as the voice of Ken Rosenthal in “Grand Theft Auto Vice City” and “San Andreas” to movies such as “Black Hawk Down” and “Drive Angry,” he’s had a memorable career. Bill is a talented star, and despite only appearing for 13 episodes in Entourage, he is hard to forget.

Fichtner Continues to be a Star

Nothing much has changed for William ever since Entourage. He is still very active in filmography and is constantly working on new television and film projects all the time.

Fitchtner attends an event.
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He is part of the crew for two upcoming films, “Hypnotic” and “The Gettysburg Address.” Since the show ended, he’s also been in many hits TV shows, most notably appearing in “Mom” for 85 episodes in his role as Adam.

Gary Cole as Andrew Klein

If you thought William Fichtner was memorable to the millennials, Gary Cole takes it to the next level. Cole has been in multiple movies and television series long before his time in Entourage. While he may not have big flashy titles under his name like others, he was still a part of notable titles.

Gary Cole in a scene from the show.
Source: Copyright: HBO

Additionally, Gary has been in multiple animated series such as “Family Guy,” “Kim Possible,” and the DC animated universe, being the voice of many characters. He appeared in 12 episodes of Entourage in total.

A Master of Voice Acting

Post the show, Gary has continued to work in comedy movies and series. He also earned Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival Award for Best Actor for his performance in the 2014 movie “Cotton.”

Gary Cole poses for the press.
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Gary still voices multiple characters from new animated series such as “Bob’s Burgers.” If you love any animated show, there’s a good chance it has Cole’s voice in there. He’s a multi-talented and fantastic actor.

Perrey Reeves as Mrs. Gold

Perrey Reeves started her acting career in 1989. She was involved in one series after another from the moment of her debut. She starred in movies and television series alike. Reeves has been consistently active ever since.

Perrey Reeves as Mrs. Gold in a still from the show.
Source: Copyright: HBO

However, her most notable role to date is still Mrs. Gold, Aka Melissa Gold from “Entourage.” She appeared in 74 episodes, making her one of the most recurring characters in Entourage, 7th overall in terms of most episodes.

Starting a Beautiful Family

After the conclusion of the last season of “Entourage,” Reeves starred in the 2015 film Entourage and has also been busy starting a family. She got married in 2015 and became a mother to a daughter in 2017.

Perrey Reeves attends an event.
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She is still active in both movies and series. Currently, she is a part of the cast of “Paradise City,” a spinoff series from the 2017 series “American Satan.” Her career has thrived since the show ended.

Debi Mazar as Shauna

Deba Mazar had her first film appearance in 1981. But, it was not until 1991 that her career as an actress truly started. She had appeared in many series over the last 30 years. She had established herself as a veteran in acting, albeit she is still most popularly known for her role as Agent Shauna from Entourage.

A portrait of Debi Mazar as Shauna.
Source: Copyright: TV Guide

She appeared in 49 episodes in total, the eighth-most. In the show, her character was loved for her brutal honesty, along with never being afraid to speak her mind.

She Became a Star of Younger

Debi Mazar Returned to reprise her role as Agent Shauna in the 2015 Entourage film. After the end of Entourage in 2011, she started a cooking show called “Extra Virgin” with her husband, Gabriele Corcos.

Debi Mazar on the set of Young.
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After the end of the cooking series in 2015, she became a part of the cast of the television series “Younger.” The series came to an end in 2021, but given how popular she is, many roles are sure to follow.

Emmanuelle Chriqui as Sloan

Emmanuelle Chriqui is a stunning actress and has been active since 1995. She is popularly known for her role as Sloan in the show. However, she has also been actively part of many other films and television series.

Emmanuelle Chriqui as Sloan in a promo shot for the show.
Source: Copyright: HBO

She plays an important role as a love interest throughout the show. Her fame and natural beauty also made her top the list of the most desirable woman on in 2010.

Landed a Role in Superman and Lois

Like the rest of the female cast, Emmanuelle reprises her role as Sloan in the 2015 conclusive Entourage film. She has also been part of multiple top-grossing series such as “The Mentalist.”

Emmanuelle Chriqui attends an event.
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If she was not known enough from her “Entourage” days, she is now acting the role of Lana Lang Cushing in “Superman and Lois,” based on DC comics. His great roles have continued to flow since leaving the show.

Beverly D’Angelo as Barbara Miller

D’Angelo started as a theater actress way back in 1976, almost three decades before she joined HBO’s series “Entourage” in 2005 as Barbara ‘Babs’ Miller. D’ Angelo was already popular because of movies that made a hit, like ”Coal Miner’s Daughter,” where she was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress role.

Beverly D’Angelo is in a still from the show.
Source: Copyright: HBO

She played the role of Babs Miller in the show, as Ari Gold’s partner in the Miller-Gold Agency (MGA), where they agreed to split income into 49/51. Bab’s character appeared in 25 episodes from the first half of season 3 until the last season.

D’Angelo is Still Going Strong

Beverly is now nearing 70 years old but still looking great; she never stopped making films and acting on television even after the show. For movies, she became part of David O. Russell’s 2015 release, “Accidental Love; Dreamland,” in 2016 and in the 2018 indie comedy film “The Unicorn.”

D’Angelo poses for the press.
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As for TV, she was part of 2013’s “The Good Mother” and “The Michaels” in 2014. She also had multiple appearances in many other great shows. Even at her advancing age, it seems like her love for acting shows no signs of ending.

Constance Zimmer as Dana Gordon

Constance Zimmer played the role of a movie executive Dana Gordon who helped Ari Gold secure the Aquaman role for his star Vincent chase. But it was later on revealed that Dana and Ari used to be lovers, and they fall in and out of love in the entire series. Ari married Melissa and had a family, while Dana chose to remain single.

Constance Zimmer as Dana Gordon in a still from the show.
Source: Copyright: HBO

Although Zimmer’s role as powerhouse Dana was her most popular role to date, prior to the show, she was cast in many TV roles such as “Joan of Arcadia,” “Good Morning Miami,” “NYPD Blue,” “Boston Legal” and many more. All in all, Dana had 21 episodes in Entourage.

A Perfect Career and Family

After Entourage, Zimmer continues to have a strong presence in television series. She had 19 episodes with “House of Cards,” eight episodes with “Agents of SHIELD,” and many others.

Zimmer attends an event with her husband and daughter.
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She continued to have active TV appearances until the present day, starring in “Good Trouble.” She is now married to her director-husband Russ Lamoureux, with a daughter Collete Zoe.

Cassidy Lehrman as Sarah Gold

Cassidy Sage Lehrman is a very talented actress from Seattle, Washington, who became a local DJ at age 10, started writing a regular column about arts and culture for a local newspaper when she was just 12. She was determined to become an actress, so she auditioned for Mary Lennox’s role in the musical 2The Secret Garden” and got it. A few months later, she got her role on HBO’s show as Ari Gold’s daughter, lasting until the show’s end.

Cassidy Lehrman in an episode from the show.
Source: Copyright: HBO

Cassidy’s role often depicted her as the sensible daughter of Ari and Melissa Gold. And being a “Daddy’s little girl,” Ari always tried to protect her from any unwanted attention at a very young age, like sending off her daughter’s kid crush to Kazakhstan, in order to get rid of him away from Sarah.

Her Career Never Took Off

Cassidy is now nearing 30 years old; unlike other actors and actresses in the series, Cassidy has had minimal film and television commitments since. She had a couple of minor roles but hasn’t appeared in anything since 2015.

Cassidy poses for the press.
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She maintained a very low profile after the hit series. She loves to travel together with her older sister Jessica who is a documentary photographer and does volunteer work.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler as Herself

For 13 episodes, Sigler appeared as herself in the fifth and sixth season of the HBO series, being the daughter of Steve and Connie Sigler. Her father, Steve, was the founder of the Men’s Senior Baseball League. In Season 5, she played the role of Turtle’s love interest, portrayed by Jerry Ferrara, who became her real-life boyfriend afterward.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler in a promo shot for the show.
Source: Copyright: HBO

Before Entourage, she had already acted since 1997 in another HBOS series, “The Sopranos,” as the daughter of New Jersey Mob Tony Soprano. She held major roles in theater, acting like Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast.

She Is Now Married With Children

Jamie-Lynn Sigler eventually split up with Ferrara, dated football player Mark Sanchez, but eventually married Cutter Dykstra on January 16, 2016. Cutter Dykstra was the son of Lenny Dykstra, a former Major League Baseball player. They got engaged in 2013 and have since had two children.

A portrait of Jamie-Lynn Sigler.
Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Even after “Entourage,” Jamie-Lynn continued to be active in acting and has over 50 acting credits to her name. Many of those have come since the show ended, and the work still comes thick and fast for the popular actress.

Carla Gugino as Amanda Daniels

Amanda Daniels appeared in the show for the first time in the second half of season 3 as Vince’s new agent after he fires Ari Gold. Amanda and Vince eventually became short-time lovers, and they part ways during the episode titled “Return of the King.”

Carla Gugino is in a still from the show.
Source: Copyright: HBO

Carla Gugino was already a veteran actress before joining “Entourage.” She took main lead roles in many television series like the “Falcon Crest,” “The Buccaneers,” “Spin City,” “Karen Cisco,” and “Threshold” before joining “Entourage.”

Continuing an Impressive Career

Carla Gugino continues to show her acting prowess even after the show, taking part in many other TV shows. He’s had reoccurring roles in several hit shows, which shows her acting credentials.

Carla Gugino poses for the press.
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Carla also had a long list of movie roles under her name. Some of the most notable roles she portrayed were in “Watchmen,” “Gerald’s Game,” and “American Gangster.” The cast of “Entourage” has almost all gone on to great things, Gugino included.

Autumn Reeser as Lizzie Grant

Reeser had ten episodes with “Entourage” and first appeared in the sixth season as Lizzie Grant, a junior agent working under Miller Gold Agency’s TV division. Her superior is Andres Klein, with whom she had an affair but ended it later on after she realized she was putting her career at great risk.

Autumn Reeser in an episode from the television series.
Source: Copyright: HBO

Klein, later on, was terminated, but Ari did not give her the position as head of the TV department, so she resigned from Ari and then worked for Ari’s rival agency who was out to take revenge on him.

She Became an Important Union Voice

Reeser has a very promising acting career both before and after the show. She made quite a good number of television films from 2012 until 2020. Her latest engagement was a Hallmark film, “The 27-Hour Day”.

A portrait of Reeser.
Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

She was elected to the National and Los Angeles boards of “Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA)” in 2015. SAG-AFTRA is a labor union representing film and TV actors, employees, talents, and professionals worldwide.

The Most Interesting Secrets of Entourage

One of the best facts is that the role of Ari Gold is based on the real-life personality of agent Ari Emanuel. The writer Doug Ellin was going to base it on a former agent that he knew, but when he met Emanuel, that all changed.

A still from the show.
Source: Copyright: HBO

Emanuel was also adamant about who was going to play him in the show, as he wanted Jeremy Piven. He even called HBO from his plane over China to ensure it would happen. In the end, he got his wish, and his personality was immortalized in the film.

Vince Vaughn Was a Big Part of the Show

You may see that title and rightly think, “But Vince Vaughn wasn’t in it.” The reason he was an influence is that Ellin envisaged Vaughn taking on the lead role. Even though he didn’t, Ellin decided to call the main character Vince after him.

Adrian Grenier as Vince in a promo shot for the show.
Source: Copyright: HBO

Even though plenty of Entourage is based on the lifestyle of Mark Wahlberg, plenty of the character’s traits were based on Vince Vaughn. The famed Hollywood factor while having a big input on a show he was never a part of.

Finding the Actual Vince Was Hard

After the casting of Vince Vaughn didn’t come off, they had to find another actor, which proved to be very difficult. They needed someone who could pretend to be a big movie star without ever being one.

A photo of Adrian Grenier during a televised interview.
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That’s where Grenier came in. He convinced the producers that he was the guy who would make the audience believe he was a megastar. It was a bold move as he had a very different persona to Wahlberg, who was the inspiration for the show.

Ellin Worked Hard To Get It Accepted

Lesser men would have ditched the idea of Entourage and moved on to the next project. Ellin’s script was rejected by HBO, and he was told to improve it. Being told that someone hates your script would have been a huge blow.

Jeremy Piven in a still from the show.
Source: Copyright: HBO

Thankfully he persisted with HBO executives saying that it should be more fun. In the end, we got an incredible TV series which will long be remembered by the fans for its brilliant writing and amazing cast.