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American Restoration: The Truth Behind the “Reality” Show

One of the most successful shows on the History Channel is American Restoration. Initially, the program focused on Rick’s Restoration in Las Vegas, which specialized in repairing vintage items and making them look as good as new. Rick Dale made his reality show debut on Pawn Stars before the History Channel gave him a show of his own. The world got to watch Rick, his crew, and his family on screen, giving new life to old, worn-out objects.


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But in Season Seven, the entire premise of the show changed dramatically. Rick’s Restoration was replaced by five different businesses, each with their own specific specialty, and a new cast came along. It’s rare for a television program to change course so radically, but that’s exactly what happened with American Restoration. And that’s just one of the many scandals surrounding the hit reality show.

As we already know, reality shows aren’t as real as they are made out to be. Here are some behind the scene secrets of American Restoration.