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19 Kids and Counting: What It’s Like Growing Up as A Duggar

19 Kids and Counting was a TLC reality show focused on a religious family with 19 children! If the fact that they are raising so many kids wasn’t intriguing enough, the Duggars brought their kids up in an unconventional way. Due to their religious beliefs, all the children were homeschooled and had to follow extremely strict guidelines when it came to dating and how they dressed.

A promotional photo of the entire Duggar family for their show “19 and Counting”.

Source: TLC

After a huge family scandal, TLC immediately canceled the show and replaced it with a spin-off titled Counting On. The new series followed the older Duggar kids navigating their adult lives and having children of their own. The Duggar family has changed and expanded since the show ended, and we got the scoop!

This is the family now, with some crazy facts about the show, rules the kids have to follow, and what it’s like dating a Duggar!