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The World’s Largest and Tallest Athletes That Make Us Look Minute

Most athletes are generally large, However, not many of us ever thought they were ‘that’ large! Take NBA’s Isaiah Thomas of the Cleveland Cavaliers, for example, who’s a “tiny” mere 5’9″. Most of his opponents are on ordinary 6’7″. But then there are the exceptions of the “big athlete” rule; the ones that are beyond big. Some athletes are so massive, they need special requirements for their transportation.

When people discuss the biggest athletes and sportsmen of all time, they generally have a lot of achievements, victories, and awards in mind. But some athletes are “big” in another way altogether. Some of these athletes have reached the top of their sports goals and careers, while others have sadly failed to make their mark. Regardless, they will all go down in history for being literally bigger than average. These are the world’s biggest athletes from back in the day up to today. And they’re not all male!

Sun Mingming is as Big as it Gets

Do you remember the movie ‘Rush Hour’? Well, this walking giant is from the later part of the movie, but basketball fans will also know of him as Sun Mingming who played in the CBA. He’s the two-time champion from 2012 and 2014. Ming is the tallest basketball player in the world! He stands at 7’9″!


Source: Reddit

You are probably wondering how Sun Mingming would have a girlfriend, being that tall. However, based on research back in 2015, Sun and his wife, Xu Yan were the world’s tallest married couple in the world. The Chinese couple was recognized by the Guinness World Record in 2016! Here’s a fun way of looking at it, they have a combined height of 13 feet and 10.72 inches!