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Meet the Lovely Wives of the Most Famous NFL Players

You know the stats of your favorite NFL players: their teams, how many times they’ve been traded, and how many wins they have under their belts, and so on. NFL players are known for how they play on the field, but not as much is said about their time off the field. Do you know who your favorite players are married to? Some of them are married to equally successful women, such as supermodel Gisele Bündchen or singer Ciara.


Photo by MediaPunch, Shutterstock / Mediapunch, Shutterstock / Paul Zimmerman, Shutterstock

When you think of a football player’s prized possession, you probably think of the Super Bowl ring. But some of these players’ prized “possessions” are their lovely ladies who stand by, cheer them on, and support them every step of the way. (And no, I’m not saying that women are possessions. It’s a figure of speech).

Also, since tying the knot isn’t for everyone (including superstar football players who could pretty much get any girl they want), you’ll also see some longtime girlfriends of football players, too.