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Married Life Animated: A Cartoonist’s Real Depiction of What Being a Husband and a Dad is Really Like

I don’t know about you, but as a wife and mother, I always wonder how married life and parenthood is for other couples. They always say, “ You’re not the only one ” and “ we’re all dealing with the same issues .” But do other wives also have to ask their husband 1,893 times to pick up his underwear off the bathroom floor and put it into the machine?

Enter Curtis Wiklund from Michigan. This is an amusing glimpse into the talented cartoonist’s take on what married life and parenthood means to him. Curtis essentially took out his notebook and sketched every memorable moment of his married life. It’s always interesting to see how one person perception relates to others. Let’s just say that we would only wish to see his wife’s perceptions of the same moments!

The order is more or less chronological and involves all the typical, and not so typical, ups and downs that pretty much every couple experiences in the saga of life as a twosome that eventually becomes a threesome and ultimately ends up as family of five.

That Awkward First Kiss

So was it love at first sight for Curtis and his wife Jordin? This sketch might suggest that it wasn’t as endearing as he or she might recall years later after looking back with rose-colored glasses.


Source: curtiswiklundphoto.com

It looks like Curtis went in for the kiss and Jordin just wasn’t having it. Or at least that’s how he perceived it when he took to his sketchpad to literally mark the event forever. But whatever he did to get her to finally kiss him, he managed to seal the deal and start a life with her.