These Mom Memes Are Too Funny. You’ll Cry of Laughter

Asking Your Kid to Smile for the Camera

If you’re a parent of a toddler or young child, you might relate to this meme. Getting them to smile normally for a photo is apparently the hardest thing they’ve ever had to do.


Oh, and if you’re not a parent, this is just pure hilarity regardless.

Sleep like a baby?

Whoever said sleeping like a baby is a good thing? They wake up constantly and cry. That’s not ideal sleep. The better saying is “sleep like my husband”.


Husbands sure know how to sleep blissfully through the night, regardless of your baby crying every two hours.

The next meme is a hilarious one that every mom who has a child who speaks can relate to.


Oh, that first time you hear your child say “Mom.” It’s a wonderful and magical moment. But then comes the day that you hear the word about a million times and you want to rip your hair out.


Just remember, they love you and you love them. So breathe and count to ten.

Children’s Stories Keep Going and Going and Going

Kids love to tell stories, which is a wonderful thing. Let their imagination wander. But sometimes their stories just. Don’t. End. And they go on and on and on.


But you have to be nice and listen and entertain the idea of a pink horse running through the school and eating cotton candy with the teacher who turned into a panda bear.

The next meme shows the extent parents go to just to get a photo of their kids.


For some reason, if kids know their parents are taking pictures of them, they will sabotage the mission and make it impossible for you. So parents have to get creative.


And this hilarious meme shows the lengths we will go to get that photo taken, gosh darn it!

Just Hold My Hand!

Why is it that getting your kid to hold your hand AND walk along with you is the hardest thing to achieve? Why do they always use it as an opportunity to practice their acrobatics?


You can understand those parents that leave their kid on the sidewalk and walk away. Of course, not to abandon them. They come right back after three seconds. But still, it’s an attempt to make a point. Thing is, the kids don’t care.

If your kids like snacks, you’ll laugh at the next meme.

A Human Snack Holder

Doesn’t matter how fabulous you look, or think you look. If you get dressed up and go out with your children, you are most likely going to become a human snack holder.


For kids, it’s all about food. Snacks are the only reason they wake up in the morning. Who are you really? You’re just the snack provider.

Baby Bomb

Any parent can attest to the fear of having to transfer a sleeping baby into the crib. They fall asleep on you, which is lovely and relaxing. But good luck moving them into their bed.

Trying to successfully move a sleeping baby into the crib is akin to trying to dispel a bomb. The slightest flicker can send them into a crying fit of rage.

The next meme is a reference from our favorite TV show Friends.

Outdated Wardrobe

Hey, moms, it’s okay. You devoted years to raising the kids and sacrificed going out and being part of the human society. And that means when you finally do go out, your wardrobe is going to be outdated.

And sometimes it means a decade has gone by and you haven’t paid attention to your style and how it needs to be updated to the current decade.

Google Search

The things people search for on Google. Sometimes they can exemplify exactly how we’re feeling. Take this meme for example. On the one hand, being a mom is a gift. But on the other hand…


Sometimes, all a mom needs is to sleep for a week straight. Basically, moms need to be more like bears and hibernate for an entire season. That would be great.

Next up: a mom meme with the face of Robert Downey Jr.


That moment when you get to leave the house without the kids. It’s as though the world stopped, and everything is peaceful and serene. The birds chirp and you can hear classic music somewhere in the distance.

Clearly, it’s not something that a mom can experience every day, hence the magic of the moment when it does.

Danger Zone

You go to pick up your kids from daycare and they tell you that your little one skipped their naps. You hear the words, you understand them, but fear is rising within you.


Forget any plans you had for the afternoon, you’re now in the danger zone. Good luck. And remember: COFFEE.

Speaking of daycare, the next meme shows the unfairness of this world.

Life is Unfair

So you have the day off – yay! Oh but wait, so do your kids. That’s the irony and unfairness of life. You don’t get to enjoy a day off and relax in your pajamas. Oh, no. Your house has just turned into a daycare center.


And after this “day off”, you’re going to want an actual day off. Which means you might need to call in sick at work.

Sick but Still a Mom

We’ve all been there. You’re sick, hungover, or have a fever. Doesn’t matter – you’re still a mom and you have to provide your kids with the mamal amount of care. You have to feed them.

And as bad as you feel, and food is making you nauseous, you still have to make breakfast and feed them without looking as though the food is making you sick. Because then they won’t eat it.

The next meme is pure hilarity.

Lonely Cow

Don’t feel bad for the cow. He’s alone, sure. But he has a sense of peace and quiet. He can think to himself and take a nap if he wants.


Moms would kill to be this cow for just an hour of the day. That alone time is what every parent needs, but especially moms.

It’s Been a Long Day

Waking up in the morning is one thing. The time between the morning coffee and dinnertime can sometimes feel like an eternity. Ask any mom.

And when your husband comes home and asks what’s for dinner? Tell him to order in, because you’re worn out and possibly in need of medical attention.

Let’s Play a Game

Working at home with the kids? It can go a few ways. You might have kids that love to watch movies and paint quietly in their room all day and give you the freedom you need. Or…


Or your home might turn into a scene from a horror movie.

A Victory

Managed to get all your kids to bed at a normal hour? You deserve a medal. And if you’ve watched the amazing series Breaking Bad, you can enjoy this meme.

Because sometimes being a mom is channeling that Walter White energy and taking the mom life as a mission in which at the end of the day, you have two words to say; “I won.”

The next meme is too funny.

Bad Hair Day

Not everyone can afford taking their kids to the hairdresser every few months. So sometimes it means saving money and attempting to be the hairdresser at home.

But that also means that you might ruin their lives for a few months by giving them the worst haircut possible. At least there are things called hats.

Scientific Experiment?

After years of not sleeping a regular night’s sleep, one day you look in the mirror maybe you’re in the shower and suddenly it dawns on you. You figured it out – you know the reason.

You realized that moms are actually part of a well-designed scientific experiment. The hypothesis? That humans don’t really need sleep in order to survive.