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Facing the Reality of Surprise Babies: The Surreal Story of a Mother-Of-Five

Suzanne Holdsworth, a mother of five, had a second “surprise-baby,” something she only learned about due to her labor pains. The baby named Araya was her subsequent child who came as a surprise: three years earlier, she had a surprise delivery, giving birth to Leora. Surreal

A Wedding Surprise or Gift?

Just after her 2015 wedding after a six-year courtship with Chris, Holdsworth recalls being desperate to lose weight to look glamorous in her wedding gown. However, Suzanne would later realize that she was not just the ‘fat bride’ at the onset of her wedding, but she was actually 6-months pregnant with Leora, child number four.


Source: Pinterest

As Suzanne states, “6 years into our relationship, I got an unexpected proposal from Chris to marry him, which I, of course, gave into. I had the excitement of marriage life, little did I know that there was an additional shocker in the event of my nuptials.