Facing the Reality of Surprise Babies: The Surreal Story of a Mother-Of-Five

Suzanne Holdsworth, a mother of five, had a second “surprise-baby,” something she only learned about due to her labor pains. The baby named Araya was her subsequent child who came as a surprise: three years earlier, she had a surprise delivery, giving birth to Leora. Surreal

A Wedding Surprise or Gift?

Just after her 2015 wedding after a six-year courtship with Chris, Holdsworth recalls being desperate to lose weight to look glamorous in her wedding gown. However, Suzanne would later realize that she was not just the ‘fat bride’ at the onset of her wedding, but she was actually 6-months pregnant with Leora, child number four.

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As Suzanne states, “6 years into our relationship, I got an unexpected proposal from Chris to marry him, which I, of course, gave into. I had the excitement of marriage life, little did I know that there was an additional shocker in the event of my nuptials.

Wedding Goals and Wedding Gowns

Suzanne iterates, “Over a certain period, I had added on weight, being a thirteen-stone with size sixteen. My ultimate goal was to be slimmer before my wedding, thus taking on strict diets. My to-be husband was very encouraging since he got me a cross-trainer as a birthday gift.”

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However, unaware of her unexpected pregnancy, she kept on drinking. As she recalls, she had a craving for white Chardonnay, and so she regularly met with her mum at the local tavern for a drink. She would also have a drink with hubby in the weekends.

Losing Weight for her Nuptials: A Hard but Fulfilling Task

Holdsworth struggled to get a suitable wedding gown for her shape and size, but she lastly managed to get just the right piece online. However, she still had the goal of losing one more stone ahead of her landmark day.

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She recalls, “I was indeed a mission-seeking bride. I had secured some appetite-suppressing pills while having a re-energized work-out schedule. At some point, my babies became my exercise bulks.”

The Achievement of a Goal

After her regular isometric routines, Suzanne’s hard-work and resilience paid off; she realized she was losing some heft in the last days before the wedding. She remembers how she would wake up each morning to check her weight at the weighing scale.

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Suzanne’s determination grew with each pound she lost. Half a year before her nuptials, she resents her gown to the tailor to have it slimmed to her newly-acquired figure. To avoid too many subsequent trips to the tailor, she had the gown-bodice laced-up in the back to give room for future loss in weight; the lace would basically make the dress tighter.

Progress with the Wedding Bells Ringing

By the eve of the wedding, Holdsworth had let go of over 2-stone. Actually, she had lost such a significant amount of weight that her gown was already too big by 2 sizes, with the lacing meant to tighten the back as she slimed having noticeable gaps.

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Now with a baggy wedding gown, Suzanne and her maids tried pinning it down as best as they could. While the dress never actually fitted to her liking, Suzanne recalls being happy since she had actually gone beyond her weight-loss targets.

A Glamorous Wedding Day

Chris and Suzanne exchanged their vows on a beautiful day in July 2015 at a Lake-District hotel. Joshua, their son, was the page boy, while Poppy and Emely helped as flower-girls. The event consisted of sixty guests including their nuclear-family and their close colleagues.

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In the mood of celebration, Suzanne had some beers, adding some vodka shots in a bid to try getting a bit tipsy.

Readjusting to Life After the Nuptials

After finalizing her wedding celebrations, Suzanne resumed her primary task as a mum, but with a burst of energy mainly due to the recent weight reduction. However, things took an unexpected crack one morning after taking the children to school.

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With constant stomach pain and queasiness, her husband called for the medics whose initial diagnosis was the possibility of a raptured appendix. After a sharp pain and beckoning the medics to open her trousers, she sat up to see a shocking scene: one medic was holding her baby.

Coming to Terms with a Shocking Episode of Delivery

It took Suzanne a minute to realize that the baby being held by the medic was actually hers. Shock and disbelief filled the room with Suzanne contemplating about her being pregnant without her knowledge. She replayed her lifestyle during the entire pregnancy: regularly drinking, working out feverishly to lose weight and even overworking herself.

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Suzanne, her husband, and the new member of the family were rushed to the local hospice for immediate checkups; both were okay, with Leora weighing slightly more than five pounds. But all that she could think was how all that came to be especially since she never felt tired and was receiving her periods.

Another Surprise Brewing One Year Down the Line

Just a year after the delivery of surprise baby Leora, Suzanne and her husband had the least expectation of yet an extra newcomer. In May of last year, while she was busy with the preparations for some birthdays, she felt a tad tired than usual, but she merely brushed it off being a working mom.

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Suzanne also realized that she had gained several pounds, but it had not dawned on her had she could be having yet a second mysterious prenatal period. As she recollects, “I observed that my cycle was off, and given its irregular nature, I thought it could just be late.”

No Periods: An Alarmed Suzanne

Two weeks after realizing that her periods were already late, Suzanne got alarmed of the possibility of another unplanned birth. Upon confirming that she was indeed having another baby, she went for a scan to ascertain how old it was.

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She thought that her growing baby was weeks old. But to her shock, the sonographer announced that it was 7-months old. She was indeed utterly shaken! She now realized that the irregular bleedings she was having were actually not menses.

Preparation for the Second Surprise Kid

Upon getting over the shock and breaking the news to her husband, she was happy that she at least had eight weeks of preparation to prepare before the baby came. They also had to rebuy every infant item since they had gifted all away.

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With the assurance of the health of the baby, Holdsworth carried on, and at about thirty-eight weeks, she received an induction to her labor. One intense hour later, Araya, weighing just above six pounds, was born. “She was a complete beauty,” she underlined. But she could still hardly believe herself as a mother of 5.


The newborn of the family is now above ten-weeks-old, loved by all, chiefly Leora, currently 3 years old. She actually helps her mother change Araya’s dirty diapers and feeding her. Suzanne is now contemplating about getting an infused family planning coil. She iterates that she genuinely loves her entire family, including her 5 babies, but another surprise might just prove too much to handle.

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