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Back to the Future: Recreating Childhood Photos

When it comes to holidays with your family that you really only get to see about three or four times a year – and I mean everyone together – it becomes an event. And you know that someone (usually mom or maybe even your sister) pulls out the family photo albums. Now, if you’re anything like me, there’s nothing funnier than seeing the things we wore as kids and the hilarious situations our parents put us in. this is an ode to all the family photos out there.


Source: Pinterest

If Batman had Robin, and Sherlock Holmes had Watson, then it’s clear that every hero needs a sidekick. The parents of these brothers had that in mind when they dressed their boys up as big and little Superman for Halloween. But the kids weren’t as amused as the parents must have been. The photo was as hilarious back then as it is now when the boys took it for the retake. You have to appreciate the attention to detail, including their facial expressions. Well done, brothers.