Back to the Future: Recreating Childhood Photos

When it comes to holidays with your family that you really only get to see about three or four times a year – and I mean everyone together – it becomes an event. And you know that someone (usually mom or maybe even your sister) pulls out the family photo albums. Now, if you’re anything like me, there’s nothing funnier than seeing the things we wore as kids and the hilarious situations our parents put us in. this is an ode to all the family photos out there.

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If Batman had Robin, and Sherlock Holmes had Watson, then it’s clear that every hero needs a sidekick. The parents of these brothers had that in mind when they dressed their boys up as big and little Superman for Halloween. But the kids weren’t as amused as the parents must have been. The photo was as hilarious back then as it is now when the boys took it for the retake. You have to appreciate the attention to detail, including their facial expressions. Well done, brothers.

Take Us For a Ride, Papa

Maybe the best part of recreating photos from their childhood is the sheer size difference. Whether they have to try and squeeze into the same outfit they once wore or get dad to hold a full-grown son on his handlebars, it’s certainly a challenge to recreate these memories. But the rewards outweigh the sacrifice.

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In the photo’s recreation, it’s obvious that both boys are now men, but the feelings remain present. Most parents look forward to the day when they don’t have to carry their kids around anymore. This dad probably figured those days were over.

Random and insane photo fact: did you know that every two minutes we take more pictures than the whole of humanity did in the 1800s?

Halloween Past to Present

Here we see Ben Kaufman, who took it upon himself to recreate a beloved photo from his early days as a dad. The first photo is of his son, Cory, and his daughter, Kelley, going out for Halloween in 1988. “We recreated the photo on Thanksgiving, 26 November 2015,” Ben said of the second photo. The house may be different but the sentiment is that same!

Source: Ben Kaufman

Random photo fact: It’s estimated that a few million pictures were taken in the 80 years prior to the first commercial camera being introduced. In 1999, during the peak of the film/camera industry, Kodak reported that people took around 80 billion photos. Today, it’s very hard to estimate just how many photos are taken annually.

A Little Bit Frightening

I think some childhood photos just shouldn’t be recreated. This is an example. The original is one of the most legendary childhood photos ever taken. Ever. I don’t even know where to begin describing the original. I’m just going to say that this kid liked attention. I wonder if he grew up to be an entertainer. This guy clearly has no shame and wasn’t embarrassed to do it all over again.

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Respect. It looks like you can take the child out of the wild, but then you can’t take the wild out of the child. That wedgie must have hurt a bit.

Random photo fact: Statistics from 2015 show that people shared 730 billion photos each year on Facebook, 255 billion on WhatsApp and around 22 billion on Instagram.

Don’t Drop the Baby!

Ok, is it just me or did big brother almost drop little baby when the original photo was taken? Parents just love taking sibling photos, even if it means endangering your helpless baby. I’m sure the parents just loved this photo too. Good on the boys for recreating the photo. But come one, you couldn’t even try wearing the same things? What, you couldn’t find a white and red checker print onesie in men’s extra-large? That just sounds like an excuse.

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Random photo fact: do you know what the Cheerleader effect is? It’s when individuals seem more attractive on group photos than on individual portraits.
According to research at the University of California, individual faces seem more attractive when presented in a group than when alone.

Every Kid Has a Chocolate Ice Cream Photo

Little kids aren’t the most graceful or hygienic, are they? Kids are just messy eaters and mom and dad usually have their cameras out and ready to capture the moment. And doesn’t every kid have at least one photo of chocolate all over their face? These brothers had a candid photo taken of them while one was eating ice cream. One brother notices the photo while the other couldn’t care about anything other than his ice cream. Can you blame him?

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Random photo fact: The largest photo competition ever received 353, 768 entries. According to the Gunnies Book of World Records, the largest photography competition in the world was in the Netherlands at the Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 competition. It’s an annual photo competition held by Wikipedia community members.

Sand Heads

Time at the beach means time to play with the sand. Sandcastles are one way to enjoy the beach. But burying each other in the sand is another way. These kids went to the beach and buried each other up to their chins in the sand. It doesn’t look like the little sister is too excited about being buried. Her brother, on the other hand, is a little more amused.

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Maybe the idea itself of getting buried in the sand is better than actually being buried. Either way, it made for a great old photo/new photo comparison.

Random photo fact: you know those old photos of people who seemed totally depressed? People never smiled in old photos because they had to stay still for hours.

Those First Sleepy Weeks

Every parent has a photo holding their newborn baby while sleeping or at least trying to sleep. Usually, they’re just too tired to stay awake. Am I right parents? This dad looks zonked out, but his son sleeping in his arms makes for a very cute photo. 25 years later and here’s the son still in his father’s arms. Wouldn’t it be funny if this wasn’t a recreation at all and the two actually sleep like this on a consistent basis?

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Okay, maybe not as funny as it would be tragic and sad. But a little bit funny.

Random photo fact: theories about why people never smiled in old photos were pretty funny. The most popular theory was that people didn’t want to show their bad teeth or there was the thought that people thought smiling made them look ridiculous.

Did He See a Mouse?

This one is too funny. Parents will try continuously to take cute photos of their babies, regardless of if the baby looks like he’s terrified. Although it likely wasn’t the look they were going for, it’s still such a cute picture. The now grown-up baby in full beard and all has a good sense of humor about the whole mess. It’s nice to know that they raised a good sport, which is how every kid should be. Not to take things so seriously. Right?

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Random and strange photo fact: Apparently, a photo of a cute child in your wallet can save you money. Why? If you want your lost wallet to be returned back to you, take some precautions and put a photo of a baby there. Even if it’s not your baby!

This Time Mom’s Not Doing the Laundry

Call me a typical woman or mom, but the first thing I thought of when looking at this photo was how the moms had to do the laundry for these boys. And then I thought how this time, the grown-up boys have to do their own laundry. A win for the moms! Youth is full of sweet moments and memories. What’s even sweeter is that these boys grew up and still remained good friends.

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And kudos to the one that initiated this remake. They may be at a different place but the sentiment remains the same.

Random photo fact: did you know that cameras actually existed before photographs were ever invented? They evolved from camera obscura and have been changing over the centuries.

Church Sundays

This proud dad with his three sons are standing in front of their church. Sundays were for going to church, whether the boys wanted to or not. And those Sundays would include some family photos once in a while. All the details from the boy’s clothes to the youngest brother trying to get his dad to hold him, were done well. Nearly a perfect match! They get points for getting very similar clothes, but dad – couldn’t you find a lighter gray suit?

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Random photo fact: The inventor of photography was better known for inventing propellers and boats. The first successful photograph was taken in 1816 by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. It took him 8 hours of exposure to light, and the picture came out fuzzy.

Halloween is Still Fun as Adults

Some of the best pictures to see years after they were taken are Halloween pictures. You can see what was popular at the time and how funny and sad our Halloween costumes were. These three boys look cute in their costumes on the left. They probably not only dressed up to make this photo but also went out for Halloween in those very costumes too. Maybe not for trick or treating, but to some club or bar. Halloween is still fun after childhood.

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Random Halloween fact: The tradition of wearing costumes on Halloween may come from the belief that supernatural beings (or souls of the dead), roamed the earth at this time. The practice likely originated in a Celtic festival, held on October 31 to mark the beginning of winter.

He Kept the Shirt!

These brothers look like they were always playing together and wearing similar outfits. And I’m going to guess that these brothers are still very close to this day. But I want to know is how did he find the exact same t-shirt? There’s no way he’s wearing the original one. It’s way smaller. Did he go and get it specifically made for the purpose of making this photo? Or did his mom buy the same one at the time for his dad and his dad miraculously kept it? Wow.

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Random photo fact: The left side of your face looks better on photographs than your right side. A study at Wake Forest University showed that the left side of our faces is seen as more attractive than the right side. The researchers suggest that the left side of your face tends to show a greater intensity of emotion, which observers find more aesthetically pleasing.

Back to the Future

This photo recreation has an awesome story behind it. Irina Werning is an international photographer and has a very popular series called “Back to the Future”, where she helps people recreate their favorite childhood memories. Not only does she shoot the photographs, but she also gets props and locations for the shoot and makes all of the costumes.

Source: Irena Werning

“I go crazy with detail,” she told The Daily Mail. “Every detail, every button, everything. I bought the fabrics making sure they were the right texture and able to create as they do in the picture, and then I make them…and I bought the bicycle for one of the photos on eBay and then made sure I had all the locations set before I arrived.”

Three Brothers and a Gum Ball Machine

Children can pull off any fashion style, like a sweater with a train on it? Hipsters today would kill for that sweater. And again, I don’t understand how he managed to get the same exact sweater in his size? It looks like the only discrepancy in the photos is the location of the gumball machine! But still these three brothers did an awesome job at recreating the picture and what came out is truly amazing.

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Random gumball fact: The first round and candy-coated gumballs were introduced in the year 1907. They were available through special gumball machines. Oh, and swallowed gum does NOT stay in your system for 7 years. Gum base is indigestible and will resist the body’s efforts to break it down like other foods.

School Photo Day

Sometimes the original photos is funny and then sometimes the recreated photo is even funnier. Like this one. The original is adorable and silly as well if you take a longer look at it. These boys look really sweet don’t they? This must be a family favorite, so when they wanted to do a recreation 30 years later, it was an easy choice. With the expressions on their faces and their clothes, it must have caused a few laughs. Thirty years can do wonders.

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Random photo fact: Family photos are said to be the best way to document our lives. Professional photographers will take into account many factors when taking a family portrait. The most important factor is the backdrop.

A Day at the Beach

There are a few elements that every recreated photo has. First, you need a similar background and somewhat matching clothes. But, the best-recreated photos are the ones where the subjects get the facial expressions spot on. The three sisters and their older brother did just that. Not just that, they even got a close but not exact umbrella on the left.

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This photo is just priceless. It’s like the youngest sister knew that her crying and frown would stand the test of time.

Random beach fact: White Sand is not so innocent. Most white sandy beaches are made from the excretion of the parrotfish. Ew. So, that beautiful white sand is basically pooped out by a fish that feeds on coral.

Mom Just Wanted a Nice Family Photo

Moms and dads are hard to shop for when holidays come around. Most parents say they don’t want anything. And when the mother of these boys said she only wanted a nice photo of all three of them, they jumped at the chance to do a little recreation. They went the full nine yards by having the recreation done in an actual photography studio and managed to get similar outfits. But the best part? Their faces that perfectly match their original expressions.

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Random photo fact: People started making funny cat photos in the 19th century. As it turns out, cats have been viral since the 1870s when photographer Harry Pointer became famous for his funny cat pictures. Pointer realized that people liked pictures of cats in ridiculous poses, unusual settings or with silly facial expressions.

Third’s a Charm

It seems like parents are always making their kids do awkward things for the camera. These parents forced their three sons to squeeze into a rocking chair for the purpose of an amusing photo. Their expressions go from great, to meh, to okay. With a priceless photo like this, it’s only natural that the brothers recreate it. Bonus points to the youngest dude for making identical awesome sweat pants he wore in the original. Good job guys.

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Random family fact: You spend more time with your siblings than anyone else. A study from Pennsylvania State University revealed that by the time kids turn 11, they spend about 33% of their spare time with their siblings. Even after they grow up, they still spend about 11 hours a week with each other.

I Have No Words!

I don’t even know where to begin! All I can say right now is “LOL!” Overalls with no t-shirt under? Okay, maybe kids can get away with that. But adults wearing overalls with no shirt under are called ____ (you can fill in the blank). This might be one of the funniest photos on this list. The original was already hilarious, but the recreation with the same outfits and the hair. The hair! And the background! This one definitely takes the cake.

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Random family fact: A study showed that siblings who are between 3 and 7 years old are involved in fights 3.5 times in an hour. The frequency gets even worse with toddlers who reportedly fight every 10 minutes.

Rainy Day Friendship

It’s always fun to see how everyone grows up. Look at the two smaller siblings on the right. They were once the shortest of the group, but now they’re soaring above the others. The youngest looks like he has 12 inches on some of the others. While their heights changed, their playful nature is still intact. But older siblings have a psychological edge in wrestling matches, so that tall drink of water still gets owned when it comes down to it.

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Random sibling fact: You’re more likely to follow gender rules if you have a sibling of the opposite sex. Research shows that girls try to adhere to traditional feminine traits more and their brothers try to be rough and tough.

Full Circle

This photo is great and not for just one reason. Finishing school can be tough but for those of us who have kids, it can be even harder. The photo on the left shows the dad on graduation day holding his little girl while she dons his graduation cap. As touching as that is, it gets better because the recreation is from his daughter’s graduation and now she gets to hold him!

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It ticks so many boxes of a great recreation photo. It is silly but shows off both of their senses of humor.

Random sibling fact: Siblings help you have better interpersonal skills. Younger siblings look up to their older siblings, thus learning how to cope with situations later in their lives. And being a role model to their younger siblings help the older sibling develop proper nurturing and compassionate skills that the latter wouldn’t possess otherwise.

Merry Christmas, Kids

The holidays bring out the best in everyone and it’s the best time to pull your Santa hat out from storage and let mom take photos. Right? For Rudolph’s sake, can you just sit still and smile? Getting your kids to sit for as long as it takes to get a normal photo is like climbing Mount Everest.

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You would think it would be easier as your kids get older, but nope, it’s still hard as heck. You might as well just tie them down because posing for pictures is the last thing on a little kid’s mind.

Random sibling fact: Having an opposite-sex sibling helps make you better at getting dates. Studies show that those who grew up with siblings of the opposite sex were better at both striking and maintaining a conversation on their dates due to the experience of what the opposite-sex likes and dislikes.

A Nervous Smile

If you take a look at this kid’s face, you can see that he doesn’t quite know what to do with his little brother. Maybe he wasn’t sure how to hold a baby. Heck, even grown fathers are scared of holding newborn babies. The face on the kid is priceless and what’s great is that he kept the same expression in the remake too. Or maybe the baby or the grown-up version passed the gas and this photo caught his reaction.

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Random sibling fact: Older siblings tend to be a bit smarter than their younger ones. Studies show that although younger siblings are born with higher IQ, when they turn 12, the tables turn around for the firstborns. They gain a 3-point IQ advantage over their younger siblings.

T-Rex Arms Are Still Funny

Children are and should be silly and playful all of the time. And parents love to have photos like the one on the left. No matter how silly they are, they preserve memories for parents and their siblings for years to come. We’re glad to see the brother and sister have held onto their playful ways and are closer than ever. But those T-Rex arms haven’t grown that much.

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Source: PinterestRandom family fact: Parents really do have a favorite among their children. Research shows that 65% of mothers and 70% of fathers show a preference for one child over another. Although parents deny preferring one child over another, the non-favored sibling actually is well-aware of this situation. I think most of us can attest to that.

A 30-Year-Long Friendship

As we age, staying in touch with friends is a struggle. With work, family and everything else that comes our way, hanging out with friends can fall in line with blue moons and a comet passing close to earth. That’s why recreated childhood photos are so special. The original photo shows them in elementary school. The original is already moving on its own and shows how close they were.

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Fast forward to the present day and not much has changed. Hopefully, in another 30 years, they can make yet a new recreation.

Random sibling fact: Siblings can make you skinnier! A Swedish study found that children who grew up with siblings were less likely to be overweight than those who grew up as an only child.

Childhood Photos That Survived History

This recreation looks pretty similar to the original despite one major feature. Now that the Berlin Wall is no longer separating East from West in Germany, it was a little tough to be completely accurate in recreating this one. Everything else about this photo was done perfectly, though. From the jeans, jacket, and sneakers to the hairstyle and pose.

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He will definitely keep this one for a long time. These recreations may not always bring back the best memories, but at least there is the appearance of brighter days. The Berlin Wall was a guarded barrier that both physically and ideologically divided Berlin between the years 1961 and 1989. The Wall separated West Berlin from surrounding East Germany, including East Berlin.

How Sweet!

This is the most heartwarming photos on the list. From childhood, this dad was a very significant person in his son’s life and despite working long hours, he always made time to kick the soccer ball around with his kids. Sixty years later and things haven’t changed. Sure, his son may have grown to be taller than him, but the bond over soccer is still strong. This one might be the most moving on the list for sure.

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Random dad fact: About 52% of fathers say they are the main grocery shoppers in the family, which is actually an increase of 10% from the stats in 1995. 11% of mothers research the products they buy compared to 24% of dads.

WWE Fans, Rejoice!

Hulk Hogan and WWE fans love this one. This super fan was lucky enough to meet the wrestling icon not just once, but twice! In the photo on the left, the fan looks like he wasn’t even a “tween” when he was first trapped in Hulk’s headlock. Clearly, this guy didn’t have enough, because he met up Hulk again and recreated the photo on the spot! Maybe every decade he and the Hulk can reconnect to make more. These photos make for pure entertainment!

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Terry Gene Bollea was better known by his ring name Hulk Hogan. He’s an American former professional wrestler, actor, TV personality, entrepreneur, and even a musician. He’s regarded as one the most popular professional wrestlers of all time.

Time-Proof Family Photos

If there are two items of clothing that don’t go together it would have to be forest green dress shirts and pajama pants. Now multiply that by three and you have this photo. Just look at these brothers’ pants. LOL. Young kids in matching outfits are darn cute, but three grown-up men in the same matching outfits call for some attention. And not the good kind of attention. But good job, bros, for making a stellar family photo remake.

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Random pajama fact: The first people to wear pajamas were men and women in the countries Turkey, Iran and India. The word “pajama” comes from the Persian word pae, meaning ‘leg,’ and jamah, meaning ‘clothing garment’. So there’s something you probably didn’t know.

I Will Do as I Please!

Little children are free of social constraints and due to that fact, they are wild and natural. They haven’t had many negative experiences and therefore don’t see the world like we do. This girl in the original photo looks cute with her white t-shirt, rebellious face and dad’s oversized boots. This was probably one of her parents’ favorite photos, and while the new photo doesn’t have quite have the same effect, it’s a nice way for her and her family to look back on the memory. The oversized boots are a really great touch.

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Random boot fact: Dr. Martens were originally practical working men’s boots due to their air-cushioned soles. The Dr. Martens boot was created by German inventors, Dr. Maertens and his friend, Dr. Funck.

She Still Fits

Babies are like tiny little dolls, so it’s natural for parents to love putting them in places to snap one (or 1,000) photos. A normal laundry basket for clothes is hours of entertainment for a baby. Look at that gigantic smile on her face. Pretty much everything entertains babies. A cute little giggle and this is clearly one of her parent’s favorite photos. She also nailed the recreation as well. The wallpaper is spot on!

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Random laundry fact: 70% of dirt on your clothes is invisible. After a few wears, your clothes might still look fine, but according to scientists, what makes them dirty isn’t necessarily dirt. It’s actually “human matter” like dead skin cells, sweat, natural oils and products like lotions, deodorant and soap.

We’re Gunna Need to get a Bigger Bowl

You know, they say the kitchen is the most used room in the entire house. And I think it makes sense. Even this baby likes the kitchen. Like the laundry basket, small spaces in the kitchen are also great for taking pictures of young ones. It may sound a little crazy, but parents have to take advantage of their kids’ small size when they can. They grow up way too fast!

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Look at this childhood picture! Long gone are the days when he could fit into that bowl, and while he may not be as small as he was in the original, the new photo is awesome. Nothing says I love you like putting them in the dishwasher to take a few photos!

The Crotch Grab

The family vacation photos that no one wants to take but mom says so you have to. Both of these photos are impressive in their own right. Getting your three sons to stand still for ten seconds in order to snap the photo is work. But then remaking it to be almost identical to the original is even more impressive! They got the outfits down pat and even the crotch grab! I think the little one in the original had to go pee and was waiting for mom to snap the photo first.

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Random sibling fact: Younger siblings tend to be more rebellious and extroverted. A study of 390 families by the Leiden University in the Netherlands found that younger siblings were more aggressive and rebellious as opposed to their older siblings.

Good Job, Mom!

Wow, mom is strong! Everyone knows this classic game of airplane but not everyone plays it when the kids are no longer light as a feather! This mom is a pro at the airplane game, both then and now. She should win an award for this picture since she was open to doing it again all those years later. Those kids look like they weight a lot more than they did as kids. She should also be inducted into the Mother’s Hall of Fame.

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Random mom facts: May 10, 1908 was the first-ever Mother’s Day. The holiday was founded by Anna Jarvis but it was only later made into a national holiday in 1914 by President Wilson. How’s that for a mom fact?

A Time Machine

This is a wonderful keepsake for siblings to have forever. It really makes you want to get your cameras out and snap photos with your brothers and sisters as well, huh? The best part of this one is seeing all the changes, however slight, in their appearances and also in their personalities. This photo and the remake are so moving. They will for sure cherish it forever.

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Random sibling fact: Siblings share bad habits with each other. Siblings who don’t have much of an age difference may have a tendency to behave differently as compared to their siblings. A younger sibling is twice as likely to smoke and drink, for example, if they have an older sibling who already smokes and drinks.

Growing Up Together

Not only do we get to see the kids grow up to be adults, in this photo we get to see the dog grow up too! It shows how important our furry friends are to us in our lives and how they shape the way we grow up. This puppy looks just as sweet as can be in the original, and just as much in the recreation.

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Random dog fact: Dogs have a sense of time. Studies have proven that dogs know the difference between an hour and five hours. If conditioned to, they can even predict future events, such as regular walk times. So, if you even needed another reason to love dogs, that might as well be it.

No Going Bald in this Family

Pictures like this only prove that brothers are attached by the hip for their whole lives. Takes these brothers who are all a few years apart and are still very close all these years later. Of course, they go and live their lives and have families of their own. They also grow to have a lot of facial hair. But that brotherhood is a bond that can’t be broken. Premature balding is obviously not an issue in this family.

Source: Pinterest

Random sibling fact: the number of siblings and birth order can impact your health. Research shows that younger siblings are less prone to getting eczema and other common allergies as opposed to their older siblings. Theories say that by the time the younger siblings are born, the home is already flooded with germs and allergies, which gives them a better and stronger immune system.

Her Glasses!

With double Band-Aided knees and huge glasses on her face, it looks like this girl was a book worm. That book she was reading was definitely for older adults! And now fully grown up, remaking this image wasn’t that hard. All she had to do was find some Band-Aids and any book. She also had to get some glasses, but that’s easy peasy.

Source: Pinterest

What a cute recreation, and she even managed to find cute Band aids! The ones that only little kids and hipsters wear.

Random fact about glasses: The first vision aid was invented sometime around 1000 AD. It was a reading stone, which is a small glass sphere that was placed on top of texts to magnify them for easy reading.

Some Small Changes

The bigger girl is holding a doll as if it was her own baby and the boy is staring off into space. What else is new, right? But things got serious when they recreated this photo. As grown-ups, the sister is now holding her actual baby. And now the brother has outgrown his sister. The two of them look like they really enjoyed this.

Source: Pinterest

And the plastic doll becoming an actual baby is a better touch than trying to locate the original doll.

Random sibling fact: Siblings tend to bully each other. A study done on 7,000 children aged 12 by the University of Oxford revealed that siblings started getting bullied by other siblings as early as the age of 8.

Silly Boy, Beer’s Not For Kids

Having a beer with your dad is a rite of passage, but that’s only suitable for when you’re of proper drinking age. Little Jacob just couldn’t wait to crack open a cold one with pops. The dad isn’t paying much attention, though. Jacob could have stolen a sip or two while dad wasn’t looking. One difference in the remake is that dad’s hair is no longer as, um, fluffy.

Source: Pinterest

Random dad fact: Children in homes without their fathers are about four times more likely to be poor. Kids raised in fatherless homes are also more likely to get married with less than a high school degree and also more likely to become teen parents. But it looks like this dad stuck around.

Hold My Feet!

You give someone an inch and they take a mile. Is that how the saying goes? The little boy in the back seat knew his feet didn’t smell great but he didn’t care. His brother and sister didn’t want to say anything at the time. This was a good photo to remake. He still has a mischievous smile. And this time, his brother and sister are even braver because his feet are bigger, hairier and extra smelly. Let’s hope he clipped his toenails.

Source: Pinterest

Random sibling fact: Parental conflicts makes sibling bonding stronger. Siblings tend to count on each other when their parents get divorced or experience abuse or major stressors. I can’t help but think about the TV series “Ozark.”

Like Two Peas in Pod

These two are bride and groom and as a treat for their families and friends, they decided to recreate these pictures. Why they chose these two, we don’t know. The groom is holding an award of some kind and the bride is really strutting her stuff. This is an unconventional recreation, but hey, there are no rules. They were adorable as kids and that’s the only thing that is important. One thing is for sure – that they’re meant for each other!

Source: Pinterest

Random sibling fact: Younger siblings might just be less risk-averse and more extroverted. Some believe that this is because the youngest family members are forced to speak up and take risks to get attention from their parents (especially in large families).

Bath Time Fun Time

When you’re a kid, bathing in yellow tubs seems like an acceptable thing to do. But as adults, it’s a lot more comfortable to bath in a full-size bath. These dudes had enough of bathing in small tubs. But they did chose to bring back the yellow tubs for a photo remake. One they could show to their mom and dad. The possibilities really don’t stop when you have an imagination.

Source: Pinterest

Random sibling fact: Around half of all siblings share the same level of economic and educational success. There were famous sets of successful siblings, like the Williams sisters, the Bush brothers, and Julianne and Derek Hough who are not the norm, some research has found. But it’s generally the case.

Balloon Popping Doesn’t Get Any Better

It doesn’t get much better than balloons when you’re a kid. And snapping photos with them is as cool and if you sit in a suitcase, it’s even cuter. But she needed a bigger suitcase for her remake photo. The suitcase is the cherry on top of this already amazing recreation! Does anyone remember rubbing balloons on your head? They stick because of the static electricity – just as a reminder in case you were wondering.

Source: Pinterest

Random balloon fact: Early balloons were made of pig bladders and animal intestines! The first rubber balloons were created by Professor Michael Faraday in 1824 to be used in his experiments with hydrogen. “The caoutchouc is exceedingly elastic”, he wrote in the Quarterly Journal of Science.

Just a Regular Friday Night

Nothing beats dressing up as a superhero. Who doesn’t want to have superpowers and save the world from evil? Being Batman is something all kids want to do. These two brothers loved getting to dress up again with the perfect excuse. The pumpkin is the biggest difference we can see in this recreation. Other than the fact they are a lot bigger. Oh, and a few props from the background are gone. But it’s the same house!

Source: Pinterest

Random Halloween fact: The idea of trick or treating is old. Packaged and store-bought costumes have only been around since the mid-1900s, but “guising” and “souling” were practices popular in the Middle Ages. Like caroling on Christmas, people would wear costumes and sing or dance in exchange for food and drinks.

Fashion Week

Looks like things haven’t changed that much except that boys don’t have to hide dressing up as girls anymore. Today, they can leave the house like that. This brother and sister must have loved doing this photo on both occasions. The original picture was their own version of fashion week.

Source: Pinterest

It’s just that the fashion was less than appealing. And what kids don’t love playing dress-up? I think they even kept those dresses and wore the same ones on the right.

Random sibling fact: The more siblings you have, the less likely you are to get divorced as an adult. For every sibling you have, your odds of divorce fall by 2%. More siblings can mean more experience in dealing with others, which has an advantage when it comes to negotiating the ups and downs of marriage.

Santa Wasn’t Thrilled

No matter what your age is, you can always ask Santa Clause for something to cheer you up. Whether it’s a toy car, candy, or money. You’re never too old to hit up old Saint Nick. But spoiler alert! Santa is a real person in those shopping mall pictures. He does fly around the world in one night with his flying reindeer and slides down chimneys with sacks of presents, but he’s not available for mall photos. That’s a stunt double.

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Random Santa fact: Santa University, has a program run by Noerr Programs Corporation, which is an events company that trains and distributes Santas to more than 278 malls and shopping centers across the country. Each of the Noerr Santas has to pass a background check and do several interviews. And a real beard is required.

Sibling Fights Forever

Siblings fight once in a while, or all the time. And it always seems to be about the dumbest things. But what’s going on with the kid on the left wearing the red shirt? What’s on his face? We can tell that he’s pinching his brother, though. Mom doesn’t want to be bothered. She and her daughter are more involved in the magazine they’re reading. Boys pinching and screaming is not something they want to be dealing with right now.

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Random sibling fact: The sibling relationship can’t be replicated. Your siblings knew you as a child. If you all reach old age, they’ll be with you until the very end, and that’s why there is an intimacy and a familiarity that can’t possibly be available in any other relationship throughout your life.

Who Needs Toys?

Why is it that kids would rather play with pots, pans, and Tupperware when they have a room full of toys? What a mess. Did you notice the cabinet on the left is locked up? Her parents definitely baby-proofed the house. Making this kind of a mess when you’re older is just unacceptable. Her only excuse is to say that she’s making a recreation of an old photo. Making a mess for a recreation photo is definitely a worthy cause.

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Random sibling fact: Men with sisters are better at talking to women. They have a greater degree of sensitivity and listening skills. Studies show that when you put people together for 5- to 15-minute conversations, the males who grew up with sisters tend to do better.

Poor Girl on the Bottom

Everyone loves the holidays. You get to be cozy and wear warm clothes and take awesome holiday pictures with the fam. Sitting on the bulk of your family as a young kid is a joy. But a decade and a half later, it’s gonna hurt! The poor girl on the bottom. She may be the oldest but who said that putting all that weight on her is fun? How did the big baby (man) manage to find such huge red overalls? Do they even sell those in stores?

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Random mall Santa fact: their number 1 rule is to ALWAYS STAY IN CHARACTER. If you’re wearing the red suit, you have to behave like Santa at all times. This means a jolly temperament and never yelling at a child, no matter how frustrated you may be.

Car Wash

There’s a fine line between chores and child labor. Having to wash a car isn’t as fun as it looks in the movies. Now try washing someone else’s car as a baby. This boy probably only did this for the photo op. The older boy version on the tight is a little more fitting. But he doesn’t look as excited to be washing the car. It’s probably not his either.

Source: Awkward Family Photos

It’s probably his dad’s and his dad used this photo remake as an excuse to get his car cleaned.

Random car wash fact: You can save on medical bills by cleaning your car. Cars can get messy and with mess comes germs, which can lead to the spread of illnesses.

Googly Eyes

We aren’t sure if the people in the original and the recreation are the same. But all that really matters is that they redid it. And if you saw someone with googly eyes walking down the street, you would be a bit bemused or even scared. This is where creepy and funny come together nicely. There is no telling what things these two do to show off their sense of humor.

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Hopefully, they only put the eyes on for this picture and then threw them away.

Random sibling fact: Middle children get the shaft in terms of parental attention. Middle children (and second borns) tend to invest in friendships outside the home and are much less connected to the family. Birth order research consistently shows that these children generally are first to flee the family nest.

She Still Needs a Bib

Food is just too good sometimes. So much so that it makes you think about life. And who doesn’t like a plate of spaghetti? Slurping up noodles is yummy and also makes you take a break in the middle to catch your breath. Take notice of Big Bird on her bib and then on the one she made in her remake. She made sure she had him in the reboot. And she also had to rub spaghetti on her face! A shower was what came next.

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Random spaghetti fact: Spaghetti is the plural form of the Italian word “spaghetto,” which is a diminutive of “spago,” which means “thin string” or “twine.” Oh, and January 4th is National Spaghetti Day, people!

Yearbook Revival

Some things just stay the same. Has this been his look for his whole life? Or was it just a part of the recreation? His hair and his teeth got better thankfully. But that smile is the same. He must have kept the tie in storage knowing that one day it will come in useful. And look, it did. Good job man, for pulling off the photo recreation as well as you did!

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Random yearbook fact: The year book must have a theme and the theme of the yearbook should define that school year. You really need to know what’s going to be popular and interesting for the student population for that year and then use it as a theme.

Pick Us Up, Daddy!

Who doesn’t love looking back and remembering the best vacation times we had with our families? Sure, there was bickering with siblings and cooling sunburns with aloe, but those were times, weren’t they? Dad probably threw out his back for this recreation photo, but he’ll live. And look at the result – they will have a hilarious photo to show him while he’s lying down and recuperating. That’s a lot of weight that he had to hold up.

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Random dad fact: The top 10 best TV and movie dads according to Salon magazine are: 1) Atticus Finch, To Kill a Mockingbird; 2) The Little Tramp, The Kid; 3) Charles Ingalls, Little House on the Prairie; 4) Nathan Lee Morgan, Sounder; 5) The Father, The Road; 6) Stan, Killer of Sheep; 7) The Father, Children of Heaven; 8) Furious Styles, Boyz N the Hood; 9) Shukichi, Late Spring; and 10) Andy Taylor, The Andy Griffith Show.

The Trio

In this photo, we see Joe, Jeff, and Tom. Jeff and Joe are Tom’s nephews, and Joe is actually 3 days older than Tom. Tom wrote in and told us that all through the 60s, they would hang out and play together whenever Jeff and Joe would come to visit. The bottom photo was taken 50 years after the original. Wow does time fly!

childhood photo recreated
Source: Tom Riehl

Okay people, we have reached the end – for now at least. I hope you enjoyed seeing this hilarious family photos and their even more hilarious recreations. I also hope that this inspired you to get your family together and do a remake of your own! Go for it – you won’t have much longer when you think about it!