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Watch Out: The Most Dangerous Animals in the World

Have you ever wondered what the most dangerous animals in the world are? Do you have a pre-conceived idea of what “dangerous” means? There are many different species of animals that pose a grave threat to human life around the globe for one reason or another. These animals are everything from apex predators to insects. Some of them use sheer, brute force during their attacks, others are deadly in their camouflage and hiding techniques, and some are dangerous purely because of the diseases they carry. They all have one thing in common, however: the ability to end a human life – or sometimes multiple human lives – with little effort. Occasionally, this requires almost no effort at all – and the consequences of coming into contact with these animals can be catastrophic. So, what are these dangerous creatures that we share our planet with, and how much of a threat do they really pose? And how likely are we to encounter them? We’ve scoured the internet for information and statistics and compiled this list of the 50 most dangerous animals in the world.

Looking Through the Eyes of a Raccoon

Although raccoons may look cute, they can be a common problem for plenty of people and are now considered to be vermin by many. Found in North America, the northern regions of South America, Canada, and Mexico, they are scavengers that are more than happy to rifle through trash to find a meal.


source: divescotty.com

They come into close contact with humans regularly, and this can be a problem due to the diseases they can transmit if they bite. Although they rarely attack humans, if they feel cornered, they will fight their way out of trouble – which is why they pose a slight danger.