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Top 5 Tips for a Sustainable Garden

1. Avoid Chemicals

One of the most important tips to sustainable gardens is avoiding chemicals. Especially if you are growing your own food, it is essentials that you avoid chemicals.

These chemicals do more damage than nurture. You might find them handy and easy going, but in reality, they slowly and steadily pollute your soil and even the underground water.

A woman is spraying a homemade pesticide on her garden

Source: Pinterest

Instead, switch to organic gardening. It is not only safe and natural but also much more cost effective. Making use of natural compost can provide rich nutrients and also increase the soil quality.

If you face any instances of plant diseases, or insects and pests harming your plants, there are safe and organic solutions you can use to treat them. These organic solutions will ensure complete treatment in an effective and sustainable manner.

It is always better to opt for organic fertilizers and pesticides than to make use of the chemical-based ones.  The less you use chemicals, the more sustainable and healthy you garden will be.