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The Story Of Tippi Degré: The Girl Who Was Raised In The Jungle

Tippi Degré was raised amongst wild animals and had been given the nickname the “real-life Mowgli.” People became extremely fascinated by Tippi, especially after she wrote a book about her life and appeared in a number on documentaries. Her story and childhood pictures are truly unbelievable. It’s not common for parents to decide to raise their kids in the jungle; that’s why Tippi’s story is so intriguing.


Source: YouTube

While she was growing up in the jungle, Tippi had many adventures and unique experiences. She was raised outside of society alongside wild animals and encountered a few (friendly) tribes. After ten years, her family moved her back to mainstream society. Although adjusting to regular life wasn’t easy, Tippi managed to maintain a fairly normal job while pursuing her love for animals. From her childhood in the wild to her life now, this is the incredible story of Tippi Degré.