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The Puppy Who Didn’t Grow Up To Be A Dog

Getting a puppy is very exciting. The puppy is going to grow up to be a dog that will love you and be your friend, or so you think. Well, this woman got the surprise of her life when her puppy didn’t turn into, well, …a dog!

Yay! A New Puppy!

A woman got super excited as she chose her very first Japanese Spitz puppy. She was so looking forward to raising her pup. All white and fluffy, this gorgeous pup stole her heart. It was love at first site. Little did she know what her pup what actually going to turn into!


Source: imgur.com

What creature had she brought to her house?

Ms. Wang lives in China. There’s an abundance of Japanese Spitz and are a super-popular breed. She was absolutely ready to be responsible for the life of her new pet, feed it and take it for walks. Little did she know that her little ball of fluff would be so hard to please.