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The Female Powerhouses of the Animal Kingdom: Photos of Pregnant Animals

If there’s anything mothers like to talk about, it’s their pregnancies and their kids. 40 weeks of being pregnant is not as fun as people make it out to be, at least in my experience! But the miracle of life is, nonetheless, pretty miraculous. And that’s regardless of how miserable it can make us.

But considering we’ve dwelled enough on our human pregnancies, maybe it’s time to be in awe of the female powerhouses that exist in the wonderful world of animals. These animal moms have pregnancies that range from two weeks (amazing!) to two years (can you imagine!?). From goats to prairie dogs to lionesses and jaguars, these mothers are all amazing for doing in nature (and with no epidural). All the power to them.

Jaguars are Pregnant for Three and A Half Months

This jaguar mom is in full protective mode, staring down at anyone or anything that could be a potential threat to her and her developing cubs. Amazingly, jaguars carry for three and a half months to full term.


Source: Aakanksha Singh/Wikimedia Commons

Female jaguars actually reach maturity at two years of age. When they’re fertile, they let males know by leaving scent marks and certain noises. Their gestation period also lasts about 105 days. They can give birth to up to four cubs at once, but the average female jaguar will deliver two. And the mothers raise the cubs on their own.