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No Photoshop Required! These Cats Have Unique (and Real) Markings

Cats are interesting creatures. Aside from fish, felines are the most popular pet in the US now. Their personality shows through the cute faces that they make and their style. Just like us, they come in all different colors and shapes. Each of the cats that I will show you are unique, whether it’s from the type of fur they have or the crazy markings that are natural. This isn’t just about the color of their fur.


Source: Pinterest, Jeanette Unland / Imgur / Pinterest

Some of these cats have eyebrows that will remind you of American Pie, tattoos, and other shapes. Was this cat dug up during an archaeological dig in Greece? Perhaps this cat got lost on the way to the movie set of Harry Potter. A lot of these you might think were photoshopped, but these cats were actually born this way.

Keep reading to see the crazy and unique markings on these cute cats and kittens!