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Listen to Your Mother! Mother Nature, That is. Nature’s Signs of Impending Doom

Nature is a powerful thing. It’s all around us and has both beautiful and deadly aspects to it. While animals, oceans, and the sky are all wonders to be looked at with amazement, they should also be respected for their ability to provide signs that can be either trivial or down-right life-saving.

From birds flying South before a storm, to cracked snow before an avalanche, to lakes nearby volcanos, nature has its way of sending us signals that can either be taken seriously or ignored. And it comes down to make a life or death decision in many cases. As you will see in this article, there are natural disasters, some being the worst in American history, that could have been foreseen and unnecessary death and disaster could have been prevented.

See which of nature’s signs you’ve already witnessed in real life and which you have yet to see. And remember, it’s these signs that can potentially save your life one day.

You’re Not in Kansas Anymore

It may seem like a no-brainer, but some people may see a huge wall cloud and be amazed, even thrilled, and want to stick around to see what’s going to happen next. But this is a sight to run away from, not move towards. Wall clouds sit lower than the rest of the impending thunderstorm and can even get up to five miles long in length!


Source: Colt Forney

How does it even happen? Well, quickly rising air makes the pressure drop below the storm, and thus forms the wall cloud. But be warned: it’s dangerous because if the cloud is rotating, it could produce a destructive tornado.